Notices for 2nd October 2016

Harvest Collection

Today is our Harvest service across all CBC congregations. We are taking collections of both non-perishable food and a monetary collection. The food will go to the Corsham Foodbank and the money will be shared between Tearfund and the Oasis Refugee Centre in Vienna. Please use the gift aid envelopes.

Youth Weekend Away

Our young people will be going off on their annual weekend away to Wales from 21st – 23rd October. Please pray for Dan and the other leaders as they prepare for this weekend.


The next Child Protection Training will take place on Saturday the 8th October. The session starts at 9:00am in the coffee hall.

Church Meeting

Our next Church Meeting will be held on Monday 17th October at 8:00pm. The minutes and agenda will be available in due course.

Infant Dedication

There will be an infant dedication service for Alfie Kelly on Sunday 16th October at the 11:15am service.

Midweek Service

This will take place on Wednesday 5th October. The text is Phil.3 1-11. Eric will be leading and David Morrell preaching.

Visit to The Oasis

Please keep Eddie and Kathy in prayer as they go on a short visit to The Oasis Centre near Vienna from Tuesday to Friday this week.

Toddler Group

Sue Sapiano is stepping down from LEADING Toddler Group on Thursday mornings (school calendar). A new leader is needed for this successful friendship evangelism outreach. Will you prayerfully consider it? Please speak to Sue Sapiano or Kathy Larkman.

“One Anothering”:

Gift of God’s grace for our growth in Christ

This is the name of the ladies’ bible study for the school calendar year 2016-2017! Our women will come together to address the theme of “One Anothering” from scripture and how God actually uses our relationships with one another to conform us into Christ’s likeness. Every relationship, even difficult ones, is a gift of God’s grace for our growth in the knowledge and likeness of Christ. If you would like to be involved, please contact Kathy Larkman, Anne Holmes or Vicky Stevenson. Also check Grace Place blog for additional information.

Please take a sheet about the studies from the table at the back as well as a note on one-to-one meetings which we call Study Buddies.

New Ministries

Every Saturday morning we meet to pray for gospel growth in our town and surrounding areas. CBC has started a few new ministries which aim to reach out to both children and adults in our community. Please continue to pray for, or become involved in, these new gospel works:

   Engage @ Priory Street, 4:30pm Fridays

   Energize @ Priory Street, 5:30pm Fridays

   Café on the Green @ Rudloe, 2:30pm Saturdays


This week.

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 10am

Wednesday: Morning prayer, 7:15am; midweek service, 2pm

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am; Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 7.30pm

Friday: Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 9.30am; Engage @ 4.30pm; Energize @ 5.30pm

Saturday: Prayer for gospel expansion 8.30am;

Safeguarding training @ 9:00am


…Looking ahead…

16th Oct: Infant Dedication, 11:15am; Bible Sunday at St. Bart’s Church

17th Oct: Church Meeting, 8:00pm

19th Oct: Midweek service, 2pm

21st-23rd Oct: Youth weekend away

24th Oct: Ladies’ Bible Study, 7:30pm

29th Oct: The Ark, 10:00am

31st Oct: The Light Party, 5-7pm

2nd Nov: Midweek service, 2pm

5th Nov: Craft Club, 10:00am

6th Nov: Prayer meeting, 6pm

13th Nov: Remembrance Sunday

Please continue to follow our short term missionaries, Neal and Lesley Grindrod in Austria via their blog

Paper copies of their latest blog entry are available at the back.


Jeremiah: Daily readings week commencing 2 Oct

As you read each passage, pray for God’s help. Ask yourself:
What does God reveal about Himself?
How is your own heart revealed?
How does this passage underline the wonder of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, and your own need of Christ as Saviour and Lord?
Turn these truths into prayer and praise.

2 October Jer 21:1-14

Although there are many examples in Scripture of people turning from their sins to the Lord and finding deliverance, this chapter reminds us that we cannot take God’s grace for granted. Zedekiah was Judah’s last king. He and his people had refused to listen to the Lord, and now it is too late. Jerusalem will fall to Babylon. The moral basis of God’s judgement is made clear in vv.12-14.

3 October Jer 22:1-12

Jer 22 reviews the unhappy history of Judah’s kings after the godly Josiah. Verses 1-9 highlight the choice open to Judah after Josiah’s death: to continue his reforms and live (vv.2-4) or to reject them and die (vv.5-9). Verses 10-12 contrast Josiah’s worthy reign with that of his son Shallum (also called Jehoahaz) who reigned for only three months and died in exile (see 2Kings 23:31-34).

4 October Jer 22:13-30

The sad parade of wicked kings continues with Jehoiakim (vv.13-23). He exploited his people to boost his own ego (vv.13-14), in stark contrast to his godly father (vv.15-17). God’s judgement on him would be severe (vv.18-23). The chapter closes with his son Jehoiachin (vv.24-30), who was king for only three months before being taken captive to Babylon (2Kings 24:8-17). Yet we will meet him again 37 years later in Jer 52. In the midst of terrible judgement, there is still a glimmer of hope!

5 October Jer 23:1-8

“Shepherds” of God’s people in the Old Testament generally refers to the kings and their officers. Their repeated failings are summed up in vv.1-2. This is what led to the Babylonian exile. But God looks forward to a new beginning for His people. It will be glimpsed when He brings them home from Babylon once more (vv.3-4, 7-8). But the ultimate fulfilment awaits the coming of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ (vv.5-6). His wise rule will enable His people to flourish.

6 October Jer 23:9-24

God’s people have always been plagued by false teachers. Jeremiah identifies some of their characteristics: they abuse power (v.10); live a double life (v.14); downplay judgement (v.17); offer their own opinions instead of God’s word (vv.21-22); and fail to take God seriously (vv.23-24). Their punishment will be heavy indeed (vv.12,15,19-20).

7 October Jer 23:25-40

God utterly detests people claiming to speak His word when they are doing nothing of the sort. Peddling our own ideas in His name is dangerous vanity, exposing those who do it to God’s hostility (vv.30-31) and ultimately to “everlasting shame” (v.40). In contrast with the deluded blabbering of the self-appointed prophets, the revealed word of God is nutritious (“grain”, v.28); purifying (“fire”, v.29); and powerful (“like a hammer”, v.29).

8 October Jer 24:1-10

There is a future for the people of God after all! But unexpectedly, the future lies with those already exiled in Babylon (“the good figs”, vv.5-8). For King Zedekiah and his officials who have rejected God’s word (the bad figs”, vv.8-10) there is only destruction. The future is always with those who humble themselves under God’s word – something we need to remember in our own day.