Notice sheet for 16th July 2017


Children’s Dedication

This morning at the 11:15am service we will be holding a dedication service for the four Scarth children.  We look forward to welcoming James’ and Laura’s friends and family to this very special occasion.

Church Meeting

The next church meeting will be held tomorrow, Monday 17th July at 8pm at Priory Street.  Amongst other items, we will be holding elections for elder roles at CBC.  Please make every effort to attend if you are a member.  The agenda and minutes from the previous Church Meeting are available at the back.

TLC Summer Party

The organisers of the TLC summer party would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in making it such a special afternoon for our seniors.

Midweek Service

The text for Wednesday’s service at 2pm on 19th July is 1 Sam. 18-20. Eric Seager will be leading and David  Morrell preaching.  Please stay for light refreshments after the service.

Message from Steve and Ruth Lancaster

“Greetings from Tanzania to the folks at CBC & Rudloe! On behalf of the AIM team here in Morogoro we want to say a huge THANKS to you for your continued support of the work here at Sanga Sanga. THANKS for sending out a team of willing and enthusiastic builders! All went well and the team did an awesome job in helping to raise up a new shower block, which Martin & Jo will have the pleasure of seeing through to completion! THANKS for the money that you raised for enabling this year’s project to happen, and THANKS also to those who sent cards & letters. Once again, we feel blessed to have such a supporting church behind us!  The work that the team did last year is still very much appreciated, and the three accommodation banda’s that they helped to build are now being used on a regular basis. Last month we were able to host three kids’ camps using the banda’s, and our vision of seeing Sanga as a place where God’s Word is taught is happening more and more. During this past week, we’ve also held a pastors’ conference with over 30 pastors on site, where the teaching has been based on what it means to be a leader with integrity. Things are certainly happening here at Sanga! We thank you for the valuable part you are playing in enabling this to happen. Asante Sana.” 

Tea/Coffee @ 11:15am service

There is an opportunity to serve at the 11:15am Sunday service!  If you would like to help with the teas/coffees please contact Claire King.

…This week…

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 9:30am; Church Meeting, 8pm

Tuesday: Rudloe Tots, 10am (final one)

Wednesday: Midweek service, 2pm

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am; Corsham Money Debt Advice Centre, 7:30pm

Friday: Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 9:30am; Encounter, 3.45pm; Engage, 4:30pm; Energize, 5:30pm

Saturday: Prayer for gospel expansion 8.30am; men’s breakfast at the Greenhouse, 9am

….At a quick glance…

24th July: WEC training commences at CBC

26th July: WEC open evening at Priory Street

30th July: WEC evening, 6pm

2nd August: Midweek service, 2pm

3rd August: WEC training concludes

11-18th August: Uganda Mission trip

22-24th Sept: Men’s camping weekend, Grittleton 

Please note:

With effect from today, Sunday 16th July, Church on the Green are meeting at the community centre at 10am at

2 Portal Ave, Corsham SN13 0LQ (Crumpets Coffee Shop) at 10am.

Godly Perseverance: A Heart Issue


“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:1-3

Last week on Grace Place, we began the first of our summer reflections on godly perseverance from Hebrews 12:1-3. So true to my Father’s relentless love for me, I learned a lesson this week which is the very foundation of running the race with perseverance:  Godly perseverance can only be sustained with a pure heart.

Let me explain: Last week my scheduled activities were heavy, temperatures warm, and there were also many opportunities to “one another”- listen, share, comfort, encourage and sometimes challenge. I found myself wilting; not only with the heat, but with my heart.

My attitude began to suffer. All my sinful “selfs” began to rear their ugly heads– self-pity, self-righteousness, self- justification, pride. I began to complain to the Lord; maybe not vocally, but in my heart. I was persevering in ministry for the Lord wasn’t I? But does all of it really make a difference? I don’t see much fruit.  I just want to be home with my feet up! Besides, I don’t have much energy and I don’t like THAT one bit! Yikes! Not a pretty picture. On the inside, my heart was whining and rebelling like a spoilt child.

I was later reminded that my attitude was not unlike the older son in the parable of the prodigal son. The older son felt hard done to. He felt he had persevered for his father in his work and loyalty and received nothing in return. But as the father in the parable reminded the older son, (Luke 15:11-31), my heavenly Father reminded me of His great love, patience and faithfulness.

As I read of the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11, I was greatly convicted. They followed the invisible God, clinging to his promises, knowing God could be trusted to keep them. Today, we have been given so much more this side of the cross! All of God’s promises are yes in Christ Jesus. (2 Cor. 1:20)

Through my tears, I repented of my sinful heart. Peace and rest flooded my soul. I realized, AGAIN, that there is the bigger picture of God’s promises going on beyond what I can see in my little world. You know, sisters, our perseverance may be spot on, but if our hearts and motives are not in line with God’s heart, we will suffer, become disillusioned and weary. We must persevere, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because of Jesus-for His purposes. His glory. Our good. Although we may never see the fruit as we read in Hebrews 11, we can have full assurance that God’s promises and purposes will come to pass in and through us because of Jesus, the author and perfectereyes on jesus of our faith.

Will you help me to keep my eyes on Jesus as I persevere in HIS name; not in MY name?

So where is your heart with what God has given to you to persevere with this week?

I am praying for us all reader, that we will fix our eyes on Jesus as we persevere for Him.

Love, Kathy xo

Farewell Kenya, Hello Tanzania

Tim Stephenson,
Mass of purple Bougainvillea flowers

[Note from Tim: Sorry for back-posting, this is a bit of a catch up for those that may not be keeping up to date on social media]

Hi Everybody,

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for all the emails we have received encouraging us and assuring us of your prayer support. We are certainly keeping you in our prayers if you’ve been in touch with requests. It was wonderful to see the pictures from the baptisms and picnic in Rudloe on Sunday – we were praying for you – and we will be thinking of everyone from Church on the Green next Sunday when you start meeting at Crumpets Cafe! (As a side note… I love crumpets!) It’s great to hear your news so please email if you have time as we should have Internet in Tanzania.

Thank you for your prayers for James’s back – it has been much better this week. Thank you also to those who have been praying for my health. Some of you may know I had to make a trip to the clinic as I had a gut problem and needed a course of antibiotics. I completed the course today and feel MUCH better. What a blessing to have such a good clinic/hospital nearby right when I needed it! Please pray for continued good health.

Flat grassland in foreground, rising to rows of mountains disappearing in the distance

Views of the Rift Valley from the minibus.

We had some great teaching on disciple making this week focusing on Luke 10:1-20 in the Bible. Jesus sent out 72 followers to share the good news of the gospel to villages and towns he would be passing through and we studied the instructions he gave them to think about how best to share the good news in the contexts where we will be. I had never really thought about the bit where he advises them not to move from house to house but to find a ‘person of peace’ willing to invite them in and be open to the message and stay there to disciple them. We discussed how much more effective it is to develop deep relationships and share more of God’s word with one person / family so they come to truly believe and be confident in their faith, able to put it into practice in their life, rather than spread the word too thinly. In the Bible passage it says the disciples returned from their mission ‘full of joy’ at all they had seen God do. I’m excited to see what God will do whilst we’re in Tanzania!

Please pray that our journey will go smoothly, our luggage will miraculously not exceed the weight limit and we’ll have a great few days in Dar es Salaam getting to know the team we’ll be with and sorting out Tanzanian phone numbers and any other details. I will be acquiring culturally appropriate clothing for the village so I may look a little different in the photos for our next update!

Some highlights of this past week besides the great teaching we’ve continued to receive have been learning to make chapattis, eating at an amazing Ethiopian restaurant and visiting AIM’s ‘On Field Media’ office.

Banquet of colours and flavours in the Ethiopian restaurant we visited

An amazing Ethiopian restaurant

Right, I must go to sleep as we have an early start tomorrow but I just want to send our love to you all. We think of you and miss you. Thank you for your support. Please be praying for us, the people in our destination village and for our fellow team members on the Go Program as they make their way to their placements. We’ll keep in touch as well as we can.

Lots of love,

James and Esther xXx

Notice sheet 9th July 2017


Picnic and Baptisms!

This afternoon we will meet on the green in Rudloe at 1pm for a picnic which will be followed at 2pm by two baptisms.  These are the first baptisms to be held at Church on the Green!  Please note : there will be no evening service tonight.

Children’s Dedication

Next Sunday morning, 16th July, at the 11:15am service we will be holding a dedication service for the four Scarth children.  We look forward to welcoming their friends and family to this very special occasion.

Church Meeting

The next church meeting will be held on Monday 16th July at 8pm at Priory Street.  Amongst other items, we will be holding elections for elder roles at CBC.  Please make every effort to attend if you are a member.  The agenda and minutes from the previous Church Meeting will be available next Sunday.

TLC Summer Party

Our annual TLC summer party is taking place next Saturday 15th July from 3-5pm.  Please speak to Michael or Wendy Prior about invitations.  There are still several opportunities to serve at this event.  Full details are on the sign-up sheet at the back of church. Please speak to Joan Cooper for more info.

Message from Steve and Ruth Lancaster

“Greetings from Tanzania to the folks at CBC & Rudloe! On behalf of the AIM team here in Morogoro we want to say a huge THANKS to you for your continued support of the work here at Sanga Sanga. THANKS for sending out a team of willing and enthusiastic builders! All went well and the team did an awesome job in helping to raise up a new shower block, which Martin & Jo will have the pleasure of seeing through to completion! THANKS for the money that you raised for enabling this year’s project to happen, and THANKS also to those who sent cards & letters. Once again, we feel blessed to have such a supporting church behind us!  The work that the team did last year is still very much appreciated, and the three accommodation banda’s that they helped to build are now being used on a regular basis. Last month we were able to host three kids’ camps using the banda’s, and our vision of seeing Sanga as a place where God’s Word is taught is happening more and more. During this past week, we’ve also held a pastors’ conference with over 30 pastors on site, where the teaching has been based on what it means to be a leader with integrity. Things are certainly happening here at Sanga! We thank you for the valuable part you are playing in enabling this to happen. Asante Sana.” 

Tea/Coffee @ 11:15am service

There is an opportunity to serve at the 11:15am Sunday service!  If you would like to help with the teas/coffees please contact Claire King.


Julie King has set up the Traidcraft table for the last time to sell off remaining unsold traidcraft items.  Please make a few purchases before heading off to the picnic at Rudloe!

Please note:

Today is the last Sunday that Church on the Green is meeting at the Rudloe Community Centre.

From Sunday 16th July they will meet at the community centre at

2 Portal Ave, Corsham SN13 0LQ (Crumpets Coffee Shop)


…This week…

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 9:30am; missions’ prayer meeting, 7:45pm

Tuesday: Rudloe Tots, 10am

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am; Corsham Money Debt Advice Centre, 7:30pm

Friday: Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 9:30am; Encounter, 3.45pm; Engage, 4:30pm; Energize, 5:30pm

Saturday: Prayer for gospel expansion 8.30am; TLC Summer party, 3pm


….At a quick glance…

16th July: Children dedication – Scarth family, 11:15am service

16th July: Praise and worship evening, 6pm

17th July: Church Meeting, 8pm

19th July: Midweek service, 2pm

22nd July: Men’s breakfast at The Greenhouse

24th July: WEC training commences at CBC

26th July: WEC open evening at Priory Street

30th July: WEC evening, 6pm

2nd August: Midweek service, 2pm

3rd August: WEC training concludes

11-18th August: Uganda Mission trip

Run With Perseverance The Race Marked Out For Us

Kathy Larkman

Kathy Larkman

“..Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles us, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…” Hebrews 12:1-2a

Ed and I had the opportunity to attend Wimbledon a couple of days ago to watch Andy Murray play Alexander Bublik. It is so amazing to witness such a high level of competitive tennis! I can only imagine the sacrifices he has made in the name of the game-the preparation and training, both physically and mentally; to consistently persevere day after day. And this is BEFORE he even walks on the court to play his matches! Andy has persevered over the years. He has pressed on. He has dug deep on those days when he didn’t feel like it; when he lost a match; when he was injured. We are drawn to and inspired by people like Andy who persevere. How do I know that he has persevered? The proof is in the fruit. Andy is ranked number one in the tennis world.
running the raceA definition that I think describes well what perseverance is: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, especially in spite of difficulties or discouragement. Determination, tenacity and patience also are closely related qualities.
So, it is interesting that the Hebrew writer speaks of the analogy of “running the race.” Paul also uses this analogy in Philippians, Galatians, 1Corinthians, and 2 Timothy. He was from a culture where the hearers could relate to what he was trying to convey about the Christian journey because sporting events were as important then as they are today. If we are inspired by those achievers in sports and feats of courage, how much more as followers of Christ should we heed those who have persevered in the faith in living out their lives for the glory of God and sharing the hope of the Gospel! This is the highest calling; a grind of day in and day out selling out to God as we persevere and press on.
Through the summer months, we will consider godly perseverance: What does scripture teach us about perseverance? What is the fruit of godly perseverance? How does God enable us to grow in it in our everyday lives? Like Andy in his world of tennis, let’s run the race that God has marked out for us in such a way as to take the prize!
My prayer for us this summer is that we will learn to persevere more and more,  and that we will keep our eyes fixed on the author and perfecter of our faith, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, stay cool and drinks lots of water in these warmer temperatures!

Love, Kathy x


Acclimatising and learning

Tim Stephenson,
GO 2017 team

[Note from Tim: Sorry for back-posting, this is a bit of a catch up for those that may not be keeping up to date on social media]

Hi again everybody,

Lots of love to you all. I can’t believe how quickly the last week has flown by or just how much has happened in it. I hope you are all well but please let us know if there’s anything we can be praying about for you. We think of you and miss you.

Thank you for your prayers that we would be able to absorb as much as possible from the training; our schedule seems quite intense and we found ourselves taking quite a few involuntary naps at the beginning of the week when we were getting used to the altitude and sensory overload of this beautiful place. A typical day here begins with breakfast at 8am, worship and devotion time (a different team member each day shares something God has been doing in their life, teaching them or an encouraging truth about God) from 9 until 10. This is followed (until 11) by a chance for people to share their testimony about how they came to know God and how they got to this point of wanting to serve God in mission. Following a cup of chai or two the real study begins at 11.30 and we have 3 hour and a half sessions throughout the rest of the day led by either long term / experienced missionaries or African nationals who are pastors, university lecturers or who have a particular ministry focus where they are.

These sessions have been incredible – we’ve learned so much, taken so many notes and had great opportunities to ask questions. So far we have spent a lot of time increasing our cross-cultural awareness and this has been closely knit with learning language skills. This is to equip us to be as effective as possible at building relationships, seeing people as individuals and not ‘projects’, and not assuming they represent an entire people group, culture or religion. It sounds simple but I can see how my western-ness is so ingrained and I need to try to see things from a different perspective. We’ve also covered the Biblical, theological and historical foundations of mission seeing how God has always had a plan to restore all his creation to himself – it is his mission and we’re invited to be part of it. As we’re also going on placements to many places where Islam is the main religion we also had some amazing sessions learning about Islam, the Qur’an, how Muslims think of Christianity and their beliefs about Jesus. This was not a time where we prepared arguments or tore down anyone’s beliefs. It was about how we can bridge gaps between Muslims and Christians, learning to understand them, seeing them as individual people and not just set of beliefs, learning to love them and also being ready to ‘give an answer for the hope that we have’ in Christ in a loving and respectful way. One of my favourite sessions took place today because it was about worship which I love. We looked at how we can participate even when we don’t know the language and how we can see beauty in another culture’s way of praising even if it’s very different to our norm.

Just in case you were thinking all this sounds a bit heavy I just wanted to reassure you of how much fun we’re having and how amazing the relationship between team members is. It’s hard to open yourself up and be vulnerable when you’re sharing your personal story but it’s incredible how it draws you together and shows you how you can enjoy, support and encourage each other. How often do we really do this in life? What are the benefits we miss out on?!

We spent our rest day (Saturday) visiting an elephant orphanage and the Nairobi giraffe centre. It was as brilliant as it sounds! It was also great to go to the local church on Sunday and be amongst the community.

James and I were also very privileged to spend several hours with Rachel from the family James stayed with for 3 months in Kenya in 2014. I loved meeting her, hearing about the work this family is doing, receiving great advice and laughing a lot / ‘setting the world to rights’.

Please can you pray for both me and James and our families too as we have both received sad news from back home this week. Sadly my Grandpa who was 94 passed away on Sunday morning and James’s great grandmother who was 95 passed away on Monday night/early this morning. Please pray for God to comfort us and give us peace as well as helping the families to draw together. We send all our love to our families and want you to know we’re with you in spirit and praying for you as well as sending tons of virtual hugs.

Sorry this has been such a long email but we just want to share as much as we can. Please pray for us as we’re now half way through our training and we’re turning our thoughts to our placement in Tanzania and wanting to be as prepared as possible for it and grow closer to Lauren, the other team member who is going with us. She is WONDERFUL and we’re so happy to be going with her.

Please also pray for healing for James as his back has been very painful which is causing suffering and frustration. Thank you!

Lots of love,

James and Esther xXx

Ministry reports for 2016-17

Tim Stephenson,

Message from our Pastor

Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story …”

Dear Brothers and Sisters

God’s people have always delighted to retell the stories of what the Lord has done, and rightly so. It is a great way of offering worship to God and encouraging one another at the same time.

As you read these reports, do so with thanksgiving and prayer. We are not patting ourselves on the back in this booklet; rather, we are counting our blessings and acknowledging that every good gift has come from the hand of our loving Heavenly Father. We know also that we continually face challenges and long for more gospel fruit to be grown in our lives. But we have every reason to be thankful for the past and confident in God for the future, so read these pages in a spirit of worship, and give God the glory.

With gratitude to God for your partnership in the gospel

(Pastor) Eddie Larkman

Pastor at Rudloe and leader of Rudloe Tots

The past year has been an amazing opportunity to watch God at work answering prayers and growing the fellowship in Rudloe.

As leaders at Church on the Green, Paul, Adrian and myself have begun meeting to pray twice a month for the whole of the congregation at Rudloe, and I have begun to visit each family or individual in the congregation alphabetically to go through a catechism question by question and, I pray, to encourage each person in our congregation in their walk with Christ. As part of my wider role within CBC I have had the opportunity to visit the LIFE group leaders along with Vicky Stephenson the LIFE groups’ coordinator, which has been a great encouragement.

In the last year, Church on the Green have started a cafe running every Saturday afternoon, and we’ve seen people in the community not only attend the cafe, but come along to other events we’ve put on, including our Christmas services. We’ve also been reintroducing prayer and God’s word into Rudloe tots, and been encouraged by the opportunities to share Jesus that have resulted. I’m grateful to everyone who’s gone to such effort to run these ministries.

We still don’t know what’s going to happen to the community centre in Rudloe, but as I write this we’re in the middle of a day of prayer lifting that very request up before God, and we trust that he will answer according to His good and perfect will, and in a way that will result in His gospel going out into Rudloe.

We’re planning to have (at least) one baptism service this coming year, and will be praying that God will bring more people to know him in this place. In the meantime, with God’s help, we will continue to pray, preach and teach the word, share fellowship and reach out with the gospel in love.

Please pray:

  • For gospel opportunities and the boldness, perseverance and courage to take them.
  • For the community centre and its future.
  • For the cafe, tots, and other outreach events.
  • For the community of Rudloe and its representatives in government and local authorities.
  • That we would continue to deepen in fellowship with Christ and with one another.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Rob Durant

Elder at Church on the Green, Rudloe

This past year has been a year where we have witnessed on many many occasions God’s steadfast faithfulness to Church on the Green. To list a few, we have seen God at work through the miraculous healing of Dave Matthews, His continued provision of a place to meet (despite the continued uncertainty of its future), a body of believers knit closely together in God’s family, the church family supporting one-another both spiritually and practically. Of course there have been times when it has been easy, and times where it has been hard as the usual ups-and-downs of life have ebbed and flowed, but consistently we have known God to be faithful.

As an elder at COTG I am joyfully-burdened with a responsibility to care for the spiritual wellbeing of our brothers and sisters in Christ; seeking to disciple our current church family and seeking to share the hope we have in Christ with unbelievers, that we might see and rejoice in new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Personally this has out-worked itself in a number of ways:

  • Teaching God’s word through preaching, leading Junior church, and leading a life group;
  • Helping to lead the church in worship, and families at Heart4Rudloe;
  • Regular prayer for all of our congregation with Rob and Paul;
  • Regular involvement with Heart4Rudloe and Cafe on the Green, reaching both believers and unbelievers with the Gospel;
  • Various events with the goal of sharing the Gospel message with the community of Rudloe.

I am in deep gratitude to God’s provision and my brothers and sisters who have loved and supported us throughout the year. The flourishing of our congregation in Rudloe is not something we can lay claim to by our own merit, but something that we give thanks to God for and as we have tried to obediently walk with him over the past 12 months, he has blessed us by his grace!

The coming year

Looking forward to the coming year, please pray for more and more fruit in both my life and the lives of those in our congregation and surrounding community as God is at work. My prayer is that we will see growth in Christian maturity within our fellowship, and will have multiple opportunities to rejoice over new followers of Christ. We want to see the Gospel proclaimed in Rudloe and people saved! Please pray for the protection of the congregation as we follow Jesus over the next 12 months.

Adrian Pillinger

Church Secretary Report


Corsham Baptist church is:

  • A member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
  • A charity since 9 August 2012, registered charity number 1148492.
    • The West of England Baptist Association (WEBA) takes responsibility as custodian trustees for the church, manse and 16 Arnolds Mead properties.
    • The charitable purposes include the provision and upkeep of the Place of Worship and burial grounds, the carrying on of all religious services, the payment, housing and pensioning of two Ministers of Religion.


Membership is open to all who profess faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptised as believers by immersion. At the end of 2016 there were 187 members on the roll. During the year 14 people came into membership, no people were removed from the list, and there was one death. There were four baptisms and four babies were dedicated.


The average number of people attending Sunday morning services in Priory Street and Rudloe in 2016 was 250. The actual figure varies significantly depending on a variety of factors. At the annual Christmas nativity services there were more than 240 present. An average of 36 people attend the fort-nightly midweek service.


The church is governed by the Church Meeting, which seeks to discern the mind of Christ for the church. Church Meetings are held once a quarter. Church members may serve as Deacons or Elders on the Leadership Team. Elections are held in accordance with the Church Rules. Elders and Deacons are elected for a three-year term, with no limit to the number of terms they may serve.

The Elders and Deacons, with the Pastors and Youth Pastor, meet together as the Leadership Team to seek the mind of God for the running of the Church. The Leadership Team meets once a month as a whole group and once a month in sub-groups. The Deacons were:-

  • Martin Sheringham (Fabric) elected until October 2018;
  • Paul Garcia (Deacon at Rudloe) elected until April 2017;
  • Wendy Rowe (Mission) elected until July 2018;
  • Roger Hammett (Treasurer) elected until Oct 2019;
  • Joan Cooper (Pastoral) elected until July 2018;
  • Matt Grylls (Music and Worship) elected until April 2019;

The Elders are Alan Christie until April 2018; Alan Kember until April 2017 and Adrian Pillinger until April 2019. The Oversight Team has the responsibility for the spiritual oversight and pastoral care of the Church. In 2016 the members of the oversight team were Eddie Larkman, Rob Durant, Dan Ovens, Adrian Pillinger and Alan Kember and was chaired by Alan Christie. It meets twice a month. Reverend Eddie Larkman and Reverend Rob Durant are the Pastors of Corsham Baptist Church. Eddie leads the Leadership Team and the Oversight Team and takes responsibility for all the affairs of the church.

A Church Secretary and Treasurer are appointed annually and are members of the Leadership Team, with no limit to the number of terms they may serve. Roger Hammett is the Treasurer and Alan Kember is the Church Secretary.

The day-to-day management of the Church is carried out by the Pastors, Eddie Larkman and Rob Durant, supported by Mrs. Louise du Toit as P.A. to the Pastors.

The following ministries of the Church are led by Ministry Leaders proposed by the Leadership Team and confirmed by the Church Meeting:

  • Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre Alan Simon
  • Toddler Group Sue Sapiano
  • The Ark Alexa Simm
  • Prayer ministry Helen Christie
  • Men’s and prison ministry Ian Holmes
  • Women’s ministry Anne Holmes
  • P.A. Steve Chilcott
  • Health & Safety Tim Mills
  • Midweek Service Eric Seager
  • Life Groups Vicky Stephenson
  • Buildings’ manager Louise du Toit

Church Funds

The accounts provide a summary of the main funds, differentiating in particular between designated funds, unrestricted funds and restricted funds. The main source of income is via regular monthly standing orders and the weekly offerings from members and regular attendees.

Church Review

Ministries and Activities

The Church continues to provide a benefit to the community by holding two services of public Christian worship on a Sunday morning at Priory Street at 9.15am and 11.15am; one service at the Rudloe Community Centre at 10am and one service on a Sunday evening at Priory Street at 6pm. There is also a Wednesday service held every fortnight at 2pm at Priory Street.

The Church seeks to implement good practice with regards to Child Protection and Protection of vulnerable adults. The Church has a child and youth protection policy based on the Baptist Union’s “Safe to Grow” policy, both of which are available upon request.

The church employs several members of staff to run Church ministries on a part-time basis.

Dan Ovens is our Youth Pastor. Dan and Natalie Ovens and their three children are living in 16 Arnolds Mead. Rhiannon Price is our Children’s Worker, appointed in April 2016.

Our priority is to continue to run the ongoing ministries of the Church, which express the truth of the gospel of Christ and the love of God, to a needy world. These include Toddler Groups which meet weekly in Priory Street and Rudloe; Holiday Bible Clubs/the Light Party – outreach mission for children run at the church and Rudloe during the April and Christmas school holidays; ‘Encounter’, ‘Engage’ and ‘Energise’ – outreaches run weekly for young children in the community; ‘The Ark’, an outreach to parents of young children in the community run once a month on a Saturday morning in the church hall; ladies’ bible studies; a craft group; men’s meetings; Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, Corsham Foodbank and Cafe on the Green in Rudloe.

One-off events/services in 2016 included:

  • Mission Sunday – international tea
  • Persecuted Church Sunday
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Harvest Sunday


CBC provides grants to HMF, AIM, Bible Society, Open Doors and BMS. We also have strong links with Compassion and the Oasis Centre in Austria.

The church supports one couple on the mission field in Tanzania. They returned for home assignment in March 2016 and returned to Tanzania in September 2016.

The church supports a couple who are home missionaries for WEC.

The church continues to support the work of International Teams at “The Oasis” in Traiskirchen near Vienna in Austria. One of our couples went on short term mission for three months to support this work in late 2016 and were visited by six church members during this time.

A team went to Africa in the summer of 2016 to assist with the building project at Sanga Sanga in Tanzania where our missionaries are based.

The church continues to support the partnership with Compassion UK by sponsoring children at the Kilifi Project in Kenya. 30 children are sponsored by individuals in the Church with one child being sponsored by the Junior Church.

Life Groups

There are 15 Life groups which meet during the week at various times and days at the church or in homes in Gastard, Corsham, Neston, Katharine Park, Chippenham and Rudloe.

Life Group leaders meet regularly with the pastor and Life Group co-ordinator to discuss the groups.

Future Plans and Priorities

To build upon our vision “to be a gospel-centred church”. Our aim is to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to “the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Contribution of Volunteers

A large proportion of those who worship at the Church participated in the ministries of the Church, in serving, giving or praying. This continues to be a key aspect of church life for all involved in CBC.

Leadership Training

Eddie also ran regular preaching workshops for those in our congregation who have an anointing to preach.

Other organisations with which the charity operates

The church is a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and of The Evangelical Alliance. The Church also works with the Corsham Foodbank and the Corsham Ecumenical Group of Churches in organising the annual Good Friday Walk of Witness, the Christmas Town Carol Service, Bible Sunday, Christian Week of Prayer and Women’s International Day of Prayer.

Church Details

Custodian Trustee

The Custodian Trustee for the Church is the West of England Baptist Association. The Association holds in Trust the title deeds of the following properties:-

  • Corsham Baptist Church, Corsham, Wilts, SN130AP
  • Church Manse, 24 The Tynings, Corsham, Wilts, SN13 9DE
  • 16 Arnolds Mead, Corsham, Wilts SN13 0BL

No property valuation has been undertaken on the properties in the last financial year, and the values given in the accounts show the insured values.

Church Address Church Solicitors

Corsham Baptist Church As recommended by WEBA

Priory Street, Corsham

Wilts, SN13 0AS

Tel. 01249 701078

Church Bankers Church Auditor

Lloyds Bank Ms Nicky Chandler

High Street Mander Duffill

Corsham 65 St. Mary’s St.

Wilts Chippenham, Wilts SN15 3JF

Alan Kember

Youth Ministry

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity’

Our young people are certainly living out this Scripture! In the privileged position I have of spending so much time with them, I am constantly encouraged by their faith and example. It is a joy to witness them look out for, get alongside, pray for, and share godly wisdom with one another. All this, in addition to the countless ways in which they serve the wider church through junior church, worship band, PA, welcome team etc. out of their love for God.

Looking back at 2016 and giving God thanks:

Some highlights have included celebrating the baptisms of Karen, Dulcie and Xander, seven young people serving enthusiastically at New Wine in children’s teams, taking a group of young people to Soul Survivor, and our annual youth weekend away – drawing near to God and having a lot of fun with a group of 32 others, as we considered our true identity in Jesus. This weekend is always a very precious time and the calibre of leaders that come to make it all happen are exceptional!

Looking forward to the rest of 2017 and prayer points:

  • I am enjoying watching the young people contribute in our youth-led study groups through sharing scriptures, testimony, reflections and prayers as well as leading the teaching. The courage, honesty and wisdom that it has taken for them to prepare and lead in different elements of the studies has been a blessing. Please pray that God would continue to lead and use the young people as they prepare and deliver their contributions to the group.
  • Later this year, several young people are signed up to serve at New Wine, attend Soul Survivor (at its new location in Stafford), and help at Noise Bristol: joining with nearly 1,000 volunteers showing the love of God in practical ways.
  • Please pray that God would use these endeavours to deepen young people’s faith in Him and that as they let their light shine, those around them may see their good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.
  • I am currently involved with some community youth-work that takes place in the Community Hub on Fridays, I have been exploring opportunities at Lackham College with Adam (the CofE Vicar), and I am looking to run a volunteers’ retreat later this year. In addition, as I get involved in Corsham School, we have experienced some staffing changes and a new head will be starting at Easter.
  • Please pray about these opportunities as I continue to explore them and get involved. Please also pray for Corsham School and our witness there at this transitional time.

For further details of our weekly programme, to stimulate prayer, please refer to the church website, youth board in the hall and youth flier at the back of church.


Dan Ovens

Overseas Mission

Overseas mission aims to support those who are called to serve Christ overseas.

The last year has been busy and exciting as we see mission grow in our church with more people involved in short term missions. We thank God for His provisions.

We agreed to support the following mission organisations with specific projects: Compassion, BMS, Open Doors, AIM – Sanga Sanga Conference Centre, Bible Society – Austria, Oasis Centre in Austria – Refugee Outreach and Tearfund.

Steve and Ruth Lancaster are long term missionaries serving in Tanzania with AIM. We had the privilege of having them back in the UK for their home assignment for six months. We welcomed them home with a barn dance and whilst in Corsham Steve preached both here and at Rudloe. They both shared how God has been working in their ministries at different groups/events. Steve and Ruth are now back in Tanzania. Steve preaches and trains Tanzanian pastors to minister to their churches. Ruth teaches English to Tanzanian ladies and runs the admin/ finance books for the Sanga Sanga Conference centre.

Steve and Gill Bryant are long term missionaries working with WEC and are based here. They train and support missionaries working with children. Last year Karen and Adrian Hurley were able to lead a holiday club during their training course at Bulstrode in July. This was a great support to Steve and Gill as it meant the children were well-catered for whilst the parents received their much needed training. Steve also travelled overseas supporting mission schools, delivering safeguarding training and support. They have been writing articles related to education, including for the online magazine ‘Educare’ and are in the process of updating and having a book published.

Neal and Lesley Grindrod spent three months in Austria working with the Oasis mission team in Traiskirchen supporting refugees practically and sharing the gospel with them.

Mission Sunday was celebrated with an International Tea and Steve Lancaster preached on Jonah chapter 3 – Proclaiming God’s message in a Hostile Environment.

A few of our young people have served overseas, some making use of our Killingback Fund. These were

  • Hannah Little (Tanzania building team and France – The Jungle Camp),
  • Matthew Little – (Building team in Mexico with Urban Saints/ School),
  • Callum (Tanzania building team),
  • Anne Saunders (Rio de Janeiro – Street Child United.)

A team of builders went out to Tanzania for about two weeks to build dormitories for those staying at the conference centre. These are already in use.

2017 – Overseas Mission work for 2017 is looking exciting. Please pray for those involved, preparations, safety and good health whilst they serve the Lord. Please do come and join us at our monthly prayer meetings.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Wendy Rowe

Ladies’ Ministry

We meet monthly for bible study, usually the last Monday of the month. These meetings are open to all women in the church and are very well attended by a broad age range.

This year we have been looking at “One Anothering”, God’s gift of grace for our growth in Christ; areas including praying, forgiving, encouraging one another and bearing one another’s burdens. Our studies have been thought-provoking, challenging and encouraging us to “one another“ in alignment with the gospel message.

To encourage us to be accountable and to share life together around the word of God, we offer “study buddies”. Women meet together in pairs to study and pray for just one hour each month. This has been a huge blessing to those who take part and currently 42 women are committed to meeting with their buddies and as they study, pray and share one another’s lives, they are seeing God grow them as they journey together. If you would like to be paired with a buddy please let me know.

Our blog for women has been running for over a year now with contributions from Kathy Larkman, Sharon Durant, Vicky Stephenson, Pam Mitchell and Lesley Grindrod. This is another way for the women in our church to stay connected and be encouraged. There is a weekly post and the opportunity for feedback. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, grab a “cuppa” and visit Grace Place.

If you would like to know more about women’s ministry, please see me at the 11.15am service.

Anne Holmes

Men’s Ministry

This reporting period saw the CBC Men’s Ministry Team expand to reflect a younger and more dynamic demographic profile. With the team expanded to seven, the ability to spread the work load and associated logistics means that the Men’s Ministry is on a secure ‘footing’ to continue to move forward in helping men in their walk with Jesus. The new team has a vision to be imaginative in the way men’s events are structured; the following highlights have occurred so far:

  • Curry night in June 2016;
  • Curry night in September 2016 (looking at prayer and the associated traumatic events of Alfie Kelly’s life-threatening illness and Dave Matthews’ horrific motorbike accident);
  • Pizza & quiz night in December 2016 (social);
  • Curry night in March 2017 (looking at Cheap Grace vs Costly Grace);

Coming up we have …..

  • Walk (and refreshments in a local hostelry) scheduled for Easter 2017;
  • BBQ in June 2017;
  • Men’s Weekend in September 2017;
  • A traditional meal of something spicy in November / December 2017.

At least two groups of men continue to meet and study the word together on a regular basis. These might be defined as:

  • The Last of the Summer Wine Group (an older bunch!);
  • The Monday Night Group (an eclectic bunch – always looking for new members).

Prison Ministry remains active. Work continues in three prisons: HMP Erlestoke; HMP Bristol; and HMP Ashfield. CBC men take the lead for delivering Christianity Explored (prison version) and Discipleship Explored (prison version) in each of these establishments. Corsham men also remain active in preaching and leading services, most notably at HMP Erlestoke and HMP Bristol.

Ian Holmes

PA Ministry

The church sound system serves two purposes: to amplify sound for those attending services and to record sermons for those who do not attend.

It is manned by a team of faithful volunteers who skilfully balance the requirements of musicians, singers, speakers and listeners to make sure we hear everything we all need to without drawing our attention to the technology. We are always looking for new volunteers so if you are interested in helping, please contact Steve Chilcott.

In the past year we have replaced the recording system and added a crèche speaker. By the time you read this, we will have replaced the main hall speakers to improve the overall sound!

Please pray for:

    • The sound system operators. It can get quite complex at times;


  • The leadership as we decide how to maintain and improve the system.

Steve Chilcott

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