Imperfect DiscipleSalt of the earth. Light of the world.

We are only these together. No Christian alone is the salt of the earth. No Christian is individually the light of the world. The church is the salt of the earth. the church is the light of the world.

I know the church can be very difficult to get into. And yet, as difficult and complex as messy discipleship is, it’s incredibly easy to reproduce. ‘Crummy’ discipleship is imminently replicable! Wherever people have to hear each other, see each other, and deal with each other in the context of God’s glorious gospel, things will get messy. The good news is that messy is easy to replicate. So none of us is far from real discipleship. We don’t have to be experts, just pointing each other to Jesus.”

Jared Wilson, The Imperfect Disciple.