Daily message – 29 Sept 2020

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The principal cause of boredom is the hatred of work.

— Elisabeth Elliot, “Keep A Quiet Heart”

Notices for 27 Sept 2020

Tim Stephenson,

Church on the Farm – next week

Due to weather and increasing virus infections Church on the Farm Oct 4 will be slightly different. We will be directing people into more formally defined rows to double-down on distancing between household groups. Also, rather than staying for a picnic we will ask you to leave fairly quickly afterwards. Please do book here and bring things so we can celebrate communion together.

If anyone would like a lift please contact the office and we will arrange those.

Please feel no pressure to come to the farm if that makes you uncomfortable – a warm welcome is available online from Church on the Screen.

The return of The [Sunday evening] Gathering!

We will be restarting the monthly prayer meeting with options to join in the Sanctuary and from home via computer or regular telephone on the first Sunday of each month.

On the third Sunday we will be Gathering to Praise. This will be a combination of worship and testimony premiering on YouTube at 6pm and available for you to rewatch whenever you like. At this extraordinary time God has doubtless been teaching you, refining you or blessing you so why not encourage your brothers and sisters by sharing it? Contact Rob.

Mercy Ships need tradespeople

You will undoubtedly have heard of the Mercy Ships work to bring a mobile hospital as well as healthcare training to parts of Africa from our great friends Stuart, Lynne and Matthew. Now you too could get involved for as little as two weeks commitment. Read more here.

Meal train

Could you spare some time to help support vulnerable members / new mums / those out of hospital and needing food by co-ordinating the CBC and Rudloe Meal Train? The job involves a person or family being nominated, often by other church members, you making contact with the nominee to find out food preferences, days of delivery, number to cook for then activating your meal support team. These are groups of people within both churches who do a wonderful act of service for their brothers and sisters and the wider Corsham family. You would be called upon around once a month and it takes maybe an hour or so to activate the links on an existing website. You would need access to a car in order to deliver some meals yourself and for those of your team who cannot drive. For more information please speak with Joan C and Sarah B for hand over details.

Women of CBC!

Our monthly Bible studies are back on 28th Sept! This year we will be studying Genesis; ‘In the beginning, God’ and we’re excited to be going back to the very beginning of God’s word together.

As church is likely to be looking different for the immediate future, we want to encourage you to get together with a Study Buddy prior to our monthly meetings.  You will receive a short study each month with questions that you can work through together: encourage and build each other up in Christ; all the while learning more about our awesome God. You can meet in person (follow government guidelines) or zoom or chat over the phone. Download your study here or go to Grace Place.

Please do register here if you plan to come to the building.

When we meet together, we will build on the study with a more in-depth view of Genesis. Please do register here if you plan to come to the building. Or contact Anne or your congregation rep for Zoom details.

We look forward to studying and growing together as we delve deeper into the scriptures. God bless you ladies.
The Women’s Ministry Team

Coming up…

Please remember bookings are needed for all events at the moment so we do not exceed capacity. You can do this by leaving a message on the office phone or use the contact form.

If your small group wants to meet in person and does not have enough space to meet at the recommended distance the Sanctuary @ Priory Street is available. This needs to be booked and virus-limiting precautions taken but we will seek to make it available to as many as we reasonably can.

Daily message – 26 Sept 2020

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Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live…. Do you believe this?” (John 11:25-26).

— Well, do you? Sinclair Ferguson, “In Christ Alone”

Daily message – 25 Sept 2020


A word like this, to you it is given, takes the ache from battle-wounds.

— Amy Carmichael, “Gold by Moonlight”

Daily message – 24 Sept 2020


Though God seeks to win men to knowledge of himself by countless acts of love, yet they insist on going their own way, making terrible mistakes.

— John Calvin, “The Institutes of Christian Religion”

Fancy using your trade skills in a completely different way?

Tim Stephenson,
Paint brush, pliers and other tools

Our great friends and partners at Mercy Ships need our help – and it involves two weeks in the Canary Islands next summer…  Mercy Ships deploy hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need. But a ship takes a whole lot of maintenance, and every summer their massive hospital ship goes into shipyard – this is a critical time when serious renovations and heavy-duty projects are tackled. 

Plumbing, welding, painting, installing new equipment; all together, they need 50 people to step up and offer their trade, to keep the medical ministry moving and make an impact for the Kingdom.

They are looking for people who can just spare 2 weeks (or more) in summer 2021 to work on the world’s biggest hospital ship in the Canary Islands.  Your trade is a mission skill, and they need you to use it to serve God.

Check out this video clip of one of their ships in dry dock undergoing annual maintenance

Want to know more? Why not get in touch with the team at Mercy Ships for a chat  volunteering@mercyships.org.uk

We are proud to stand with Mercy Ships as they are changing the lives of the poor but the success of their mission depends on guys like you – let’s do this!



This post by kathylarkman was originally published at GRACE PLACE

ROMANS 1:20 is referred to in our first study buddy questions to begin our awesome Bible Study for this school calendar year. It says to us that “since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” NIV The creation story of Genesis has truths to teach us about the character of God, about us, and about Jesus!

Praying and cheering you all on as you get together with your study buddy to ponder God’s revelation of Himself! (if you don’t yet have a study buddy, contact Anne Holmes).

Monday, 28 September is our first meeting. Watch this space, your email, and Captivated on FB for upcoming details for signup.

Lots of love,

Women’s Ministry Team

Daily message – 23 Sept 2020

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God knows me more than I know myself. God loves me more than I love myself. God is more committed to my ultimate joy than I am. So I can trust Him.

— Sam Allberry, “7 Myths About Singleness”

Daily message – 22 Sept 2020

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If men and women were surer of their God there would be more genuine manliness, womanliness, and godliness in the world, and a whole lot less fear of each other.

— Elisabeth Elliot, “Keep A Quiet Heart”

Making the Message of Mark Matter

Steve and Ruth Lancaster,
Picture of Steve and Ruth

This post by Steve and Ruth Lancaster was originally published at Life in the Lancs Lane

Monduli seminar
The Monduli conference – the heart of
Masai land

We’re now midway through our conference season and preparing for our fourth event, this time in the wilds of Magambua (23rd-25th Sept), a 3 hour drive from the nearest tarred road. So far the IBM events have gone really well, with 90 pastors (and wives) in attendance. During the 3 day course we journey together through the gospel of Mark, although with only ten teaching sessions we’re only scraping the surface of some of the major events.  Here’s the breakdown, with a few added comments:

1: Intro to Mark.  A man who was possibly a failed missionary but was given a second chance by Barnabas, and who later became very useful to both Paul and Peter.

2: The Parable of the Sower.  A session that promotes more discussion than any other, quite possibly because many of our pastors are also subsistence farmers!?

3: Jesus calming the storm.  A key lesson for me this term, as I keep trying to apply the truth that Jesus is in the boat with me as I face the waves.

4: The feeding of the 5000.  Jesus doesn’t actually need the five loaves and two fish to do his work, but he chooses to use the small amount the little boy can offer to feed thousands!   

5. Peter’s confession of Christ.  If Jesus really is who he says he is, then we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him.

6: The donkey-riding King!  King of the Universe – yet he comes in humility and gentleness.

7: The authority of Jesus and the rumble in the temple!  What do we need to remove from the courtyards of our lives in order to give room for more reverence and worship to God?

8: Anointing the anointed.  The deep devotion of one woman who was prepared to give something of immense worth to Christ. 

9: The power of the cross.  Jesus (who didn’t deserve to die) was crucified, whilst Barabbas (who deserved to die) was freed.  Our middle name is Barabbas!   

10: He has risen!  Some of the most important words ever uttered by an angel!

Steve’s just relieved he didn’t get
the jacket!
At the three conferences so far, the day that stands out from the rest is the third day of teaching.  From a teaching/preaching perspective it has felt as though there has been an extra ‘uummpphhh’ to sessions 9 and 10.  Swahili utterance has felt more fluid and there’s been a real feeling of the message hitting home. The singing that follows these sessions has borne testimony to the fact that hearts and minds have been challenged and blessed, as we’ve considered the awesome power of the cross and the empty tomb.  It’s our hope that the teaching the pastors receive will enable and inspire them personally, but that they might also be mobilised to pass on what they’ve learned to their congregations.  

The Long Goodbye!  At each conference so far the closing minutes have involved a farewell presentation to us from the pastors and their wives, even though we haven’t shouted from the rooftops about our departure home to the UK!  I’d rather pop out the back door once the conference has finished!  A lengthy speech is normally followed by a procession of swaying gift-givers who parade to the front and wrap us up with tribal blankets!  At the Monduli event we were robed in Masai gear, followed up by the longest of photo-calls! 

At the Monduli seminar – clearly the couple on the 
right didn’t get the joke!

At the Pwani event, in an attempt to get us to rethink our exit strategy, pastor Reuben quoted from Acts 18:20 where the Ephesians pleaded with Paul to stay: They asked him to spend more time with them.  I politely quoted the end of the verse which says, but he declined!  Such farewells are indeed a blessing and enable us to realise that the work God has given us to do has not been in vain.  Such farewells also help us to finish well and give us the platform to say good goodbyes!  It also gives me the opportunity, in my closing speech, to lift up my Enabler in all of this. 1 Peter 4:11 says whoever preaches must preach God’s messages; whoever serves must serve with the strength God gives, so that in all things praise may be given to God through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs glory and power for ever.  In a season which has seen a few struggles, I am so aware that it is He who has given us the strength to do our work here, and therefore the glory belongs to Him.