3 – In the Beginning, GOD!

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Before you meet with your study buddy……

Read Genesis 12-20:18 for yourself to keep the flow going between each monthly study. It seems like a lot, but since it is a narrative about God’s relationship with Abram/Abraham, you will be enthralled and will sure to keep your attention! Read a chapter a day, or however works best for you and your schedule! For today, we will focus on chapters 12-14. (For those who like to write, summarize each chapter in a sentence or two!)

Study Buddy Study

Today we meet Abram; a man of faith but also marked with repeated failures. This study will consider God’s call to Abram. This sets the stage for Abram’s descendants-the origins of the nation of Israel. We will also consider how our patient God deals with Abram’s failures and his messy, dysfunctional family to redeem humanity in His chosen way! (Keep in mind while you study: Who is God? Who are we? Where is Christ in all of this?)

1. Read Genesis 12:1-4, Hebrews 11:8-10, Galatians 3:7-9. What did God promise He would do for and through Abram? What do we learn from Abram’s response to God? Reflection: What promises do you need to hold onto as you seek to obey God through His word?

2. Read Genesis 12:10-20 What do we learn about Abram in this passage? How has God protected Sarai in this situation? Reflection: Is there a time when God preserved and protected you despite your own or others’ foolish, stupid, fearful or dishonest behaviour? Share with your study buddy.

3. Read Genesis 13: 5-18 What problem did Abram and Lot have? How did Abram resolve the problem? Where did Lot choose to settle? God reiterates his promise to Abram. How is this repeated promise (Genesis 12:1-2) significant to Abram at this point? Reflection: How does this passage encourage and teach you in YOUR journey with God?

4. Read Genesis 14:17-20; Hebrews 7:1-3, 15-22 (Salem’ has been considered another name for Jerusalem) Melchizedek, the King of Jerusalem at the time of Abram, was also a priest of God Most High-the very God who called Abram. This figure came out of nowhere it seems! To be a king AND a priest was unheard of at this time in history. But when they met, Abram acknowledges Melchizedek with a tithe from the booty from his military victory. What does scripture say of Melchizedek’s significance? Where is Jesus Christ in all of this? Reflection: Praise God for the Ancient Words, ever true, and how they all bring together His rescue plan which points us to Christ!

Give thanks and pray:

  • Thank God for his faithfulness to His promises to save us from sin, death and judgement.
  • Thank God for the times He has preserved and protected you despite your own and other people’s sin.
  • Ask God for strength and faith to obey God’s call as we grow and serve Him in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Daily message – 31 Oct 2020

First, the law of God exposes the fraudulence of our virtue by showing us the true holiness of God. We don’t deserve as much as we think we do. Second, the Bible simply changes the subject to how much God loves the undeserving. In other words, the gospel helps us to stop barricading ourselves against God, because it’s evil people in denial whom God loves so massively.

— Ray Ortlund, “The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ”

Daily message – 29 Oct 2020

People must indeed be taught that God’s favour is offered, without exception, to all who ask for it, but since only those who are inspired by God’s grace do ask, every particle of praise must go to him.

— John Calvin, “The Institutes of Christian Religion”

Daily message – 28 Oct 2020

The New Testament is full of commands to do this or that for “one another.” Love one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, etc. It’s impossible to “one another” yourself. It’s impossible to follow Jesus alone. We can’t claim to follow Jesus if we neglect the church He created, the church He died for, the church He entrusted His mission to.

— Francis Chan, “Multiply”

Daily message – 26 Oct 2020

One of the marks of our times is that we redefine evil things as good. We change the labels, as if that could change the realities. We tell ourselves we’re better than we really are. This too is “loving the darkness rather than the light.

— ” Ray Ortlund, “The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ”

Notices for 25 Oct 2020

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On Tuesday 10 November there will be a Men’s Ministry evening at the Prior’s Farm. There will be prayer, worship and a short address as well as a chance to catch up over fish and chips. Please register free via EventBrite.

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Daily message – 24 Oct 2020

(quoting Bernard): We are under a yoke of voluntary bondage. As regards bondage, we are miserable, and as regards will, inexcusable, because the will, when it was free, made itself the slave of sin.

— John Calvin, “The Institutes of Christian Religion”