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Lord God we thank you for this night, a chance to worship you and reflect on your goodness with our sisters that we long to be with in person but are glad to be gathered with in this way. As we have just sing, we thank you that our Saviour reigns.

Thank you for carrying us faithfully through this strange year and for the chance to end this year with our eyes fixed on you and your glorious plan of salvation in Jesus. Things may feel stripped back this year but they are no more stripped back than your simple birth in a stable. May we use this quieter, barer Christmas to focus on what really matters – you.

Thank you Jesus for emptying yourself, laying aside your divine privileges and entering our world as a human to die our death on the cross. This really is joy to the world. You are the perfect expression of God’s faithfulness and love to us. 

So wherever we are this Christmas; whoever we spend it with – or don’t get to spend it with – help us to remember how loved we are by you. We cannot doubt your love for a moment because you sent physical evidence of it into our world in Jesus. And therefore we can trust the wonderful truth that we are reconciled with you and we will be with you forever when we hail you are our King.

May our hearts make room for you this Christmas. More room than ever before. Because the glorious truth is that you are for life, not just for Christmas. You are our Saviour for always. 

Thank you Lord Jesus.


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