LIFE groups

We want all members of our congregations to belong and build up relationships with one another that will serve to build up Christ’s church. Small groups of various kinds are available one is which is LIFE groups. The acronym reminds us that the goals are

LIFE stands for Loving God; Individually known; Family sharing together; Evangelism
LIFE groups: Loving God; Individually cared for; Family; Evangelism

LIFE groups meet in various homes in Corsham and surrounding towns usually on week day evenings.

  • A Men’s group meets at Priory Street most Mondays ;
  • A Tuesday group for those leaving youth meets in Corsham ;
  • A Tuesday evening ‘micro’ group meets in Gastard ;
  • A Wednesday afternoon group for older folks meets in Corsham ;
  • Two Wednesday evening groups meet in Corsham to support 9:15 and 11:15 congregations ;
  • A further evening group meets in Katherine Park on either Wednesday or Thursdays ;
  • A Wednesday evening group meeting in Rudloe ;
  • A Thursday evening group meeting in Corsham ;
  • A Thursday evening group meeting fortnightly in Chippenham.

Most of these groups are able to welcome new people so, if you’re interested in joining a group, please get in touch using the form below. Alternately, maybe a less frequent Formation group would suit you better?