Midweek Congregation News – Issue 3


You may remember I asked in the last MWS News what each of us is most looking forward to when lockdown ends. Here are some of our answers so far (but keep them coming!) –

  • Being able to hug our grandchildren again (David)
  • able to go for a walk and stop for a coffee (Sue)
  • Hugging the grandchildren again (Michael and Wendy – that’s 3 votes already for hugging grandhchildren!)
  • Meeting up with friends (Carol Barrow)
  • Going for a drive and seeing the countryside (Vanessa)


  • Brenda Cuthbertson, who came to MWS a few years ago and attended the luncheon club died on the 3rd May, a month after her 90th birthday. Please pray for the family.
  • Lizzie Morris would also value our prayers for an urgent operation on her eye.


A number of our midweek congregation live at Wadswick, so we thought it might be interesting to share something of their experience during the current lockdown. Pat Fuggle (Norman’s wife) writes…..
The lockdown has not been such a shock for us as it has for some. We are very fortunate as we have deliveries from the local milkman, green grocer, butcher and fishmonger. The onsite restaurant still provides takeaways.

  • The gym has been turned into a small shop for basics.
  • As a community, we’ve been encouraged to wave to each other from our balconies at 11.00am each day to check we’re all ok!
  • We also come out at 8.00pm each Thursday to applaud the NHS and carers, many of whom are looking after us.
  • The prayer group we run obviously can’t meet physically so we have been emailing each other with prayer needs and encouraging scriptures.
  • On Good Friday Norman and I attached a rough cross to our balcony and on Easter Day decorated it with flowers to celebrate the Risen Christ. Pat Fuggle

“BE STILL” appears 7 times in the Bible.

Probably the most often quoted is “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46v10. But how often are we still? Often we are so busy “doing” that we don’t deliberately just stop and be still. I believe this is different from just relaxing.

I read a variety of fictional, religious and biographical books or do jig-saws and watch TV to relax, but this is not being still. Neither is listening to sermons online, joining online prayer meetings, reading the Bible on Skype or considering how to reopen the midweek service after lockdown – all of which I’ve recently been involved with.

In all this so called “business,” I know there must be times when I am just still. One of the church services I listen to is from my son, who also writes a daily thought for the day. He wrote today, “Remember that our walk with Christ is a continual relationship and there is always more to learn.” So may I encourage you to “Be still and know that I am God.” Norman

“Letter from a Lockdown Layabout”

Nora describes herself as a “lockdown layabout” but she doesn’t sound like one! Plans for her day include –

  • Prayer and Bible reading
  • Making a “cut-and-come-again cake” (whatever that is!), to thank you for plants left at her doorstep.
  • Clearing up
  • Knitting a jumper and a beanie for so-called “fish and chip” babies in Africa who are born with nothing but AIDS and are home sent wrapped up in newspaper.

She also starts her day with a great prayer: “Lord, lead me to the people you want me to talk to today by telephone!”


…in the wake of V/E Day (its 75th anniversary was last Friday), some of you may remember Vera Lynnn’s iconic song, which seems just as relevant today as it was 75 years ago!

We’ll meet again

Don’t know where

Don’t know when

But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Keep smiling through

Just like you always do

‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away