Children’s focus

As restrictions continue to ease, the church leadership are very aware that adults have the choice of coming to Priory Street or, shortly, Rudloe Cafe on Sundays but that is a big ask for younger children. A small group met recently to try to work out what is possible and this is the result (from Rhiannon). For some of you perhaps this is an opportunity to get involved? But for everyone please lift up these plans and events and especially our youngest members in your prayers. For them, the last 14 months has been a significant chunk of their lives. I’m sure you’ll agree with the parent who reported:

[Our children] walk past the church and say ‘There’s our old church’, which breaks our hearts.

Over to Rhiannon:

Hi all

I’m excited to let you know that I am going to trial a couple of things with the children in mind to provide an opportunity  for children to access in person meeting at church.

Firstly, I want to thank you for your patience, encouragement and support over the last 14 months with the online activities and more recently, the live Zoom sessions.  I am aware that accessing things online has not been ideal but I’m thankful that it has been helpful to many of you.

So what is the plan?

The hope is that restrictions will continue to ease however, I want to approach the next few months with a positive but cautious approach, adhering to government guidelines at all times.  We have a great opportunity to trial some different approaches to children’s ministry so, with that in mind, what we start back with may undergo changes and develop as we work out what is best for our children and end up looking different rather different from the initial plan.

Over the next few months we will be meeting on the farm for the first Sunday of the month, during theses services you will be able to collect an activity pack for your child, which will include colouring sheets, puzzles etc for them to complete during the service or at home later in the day. Hopefully, this will encourage the children to engage in the sermon at the right level. Please remember to bring your own pencils / crayons as there won’t be any provided in order to minimise contact between us.

On Sunday June 20th at 10am there will be a children’s service (the usual service with John preaching from Mark will be moved to 5pm on that day).  This will be a short service that will be focussed on the children, there won’t be a sermon for adults, it will all be aimed at the children so that they can be reminded of what it’s like to be in church with their family, and of course for us to welcome some children into the church building for the first time!! I’m working on the final structure of the service but there will be sung worship (led from the front as we aren’t able to sing aloud yet) interactive story, craft to complement the story and lots of fun and enjoyment celebrating being able to worship together in person. As we will be restricted with numbers able to attend you will need to book your place for the service and details of how to do this will be in the notices nearer the time so keep your eyes open.

I hope that you are all keeping well and positive and I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon.
God bless

Annual and Ordinary Church Meeting

On Monday 17th almost forty households met in the Sanctuary with a further score online to reflect on the year concluding Aug 20, thank Norman and Roger for service (almost) completed and to hold elections for several posts going forward.

With apologies for the plainness of most of these slides, I nonetheless commend them to you as they contain a number of useful links. Minutes will be available shortly.

Notice of nominations for elders and deacons

If you’re a regular here you’ll know that we have not held ‘normal’ church meetings for a while and indeed we did not hold our Annual Church Meeting last year. However, the leadership have met and feel the time is now right to catch up a little.

We plan to hold a church meeting and annual church meeting including elections for the leadership positions that have reached the end of their terms.

Our church rules lay out that we will announce that nominations for posts are open for two weeks and nominations must be complete three weeks before the meeting where elections will be held. To nominate a candidate you must first seek the consent of that person and then you and a second member must sign your support for the nomination. You can return these to the church office.

After nominations close existing leaders will interview the nominees to ascertain they have suitable spirituality, gifting, experience and character for the role.

It’s proposed that the church meeting will be held in the Sanctuary at Priory Street with appropriate Covid-precautions on Monday 17th May. It is important to the congregational nature of our church that we jointly undertake to discern the will of God. Votes will take place by secret ballot. If you have any questions please address them to a member of the leadership team. Because of the unusual situation at the moment we need to ask people to book and those bookings must be complete a week in advance (10th May) in order for us to make any changes, for example if every member wished to come we may not be able to accommodate them all with the current distancing requirements but we do urge and encourage you to give prayerful consideration to making nominations and to come to participate in the meeting and the vote.

Two elders’ terms (Norman and Ian) and one deacon (Roger) have been completed. In addition to which the leadership wish to stregthen the team with an additional elder and an additional deacon. So that means each member may nominate up to 3 elders and 2 deacons. Ian has indicated he is willing to stand for another term but Norman and Roger have decided not to stand again and so we thank them for their faithful service. Roger has however indicated that he would be prepared to serve until Jan 2022 to provide continuity and handover. That may mean he does stand for a shortened term but the church should be aware this is time limited.

Graphic representation of timeline in the text

You may read teaching and information on the role of elders and deacons or paper copies are available from the office on request.

UPDATED 23 Apr 21: The correct teaching that Eddie prepared a few years back is now linked above.

HOWTO stream a service

Going forward we plan to stream at least one service on a Sunday as well as having people in the building so this is a checklist of what is entailed. This is deliberately a summary rather than exhaustive instructions, if you would like to serve in this ministry please contact us and we’ll provide dedicated training.

We have found it works best to have 3 people to staff this activity

Sound tech

  1. Turn on a) PA switch b) Lights switch c) socket labelled PC
  2. Turn on Sound desk (large red button)
  3. Check all muted
  4. Check that any recorded components of the service can be played in the room as well as streaming (This is a function not only of the channels, mix and mute settings on the desk but also the recording format! Running recordings through YouTube transcoding gives the best chance for something that will work)
  5. Perform a sound check ahead of the service so you know if anything is particularly quiet or loud.
  6. During the service, adjust the gain and volume to try to keep all components roughly the same level.
  7. As the sermon starts, press record on the small handheld recorder (this is just a backup).
  8. Get further advice from someone who knows what needs to be checked!

Video tech

  1. Turn on PC (small button on rear of box) and monitor
  2. Login to PC and start OBS Studio and Firefox
  3. Sign in to YouTube using your manager account and navigate to ‘Your videos’
  4. Download all pre-recorded media (e.g. worship / prayer / communion videos, notices etc.) and in OBS select the appropriate Scene, then the Source and browse for the relevant file.
  5. Navigate to ‘Live’ tab where you should find 2 ‘upcoming’ streams, one production (Public) and one test (Unlisted)
  6. Click the ‘Options’ menu of the test stream and then ‘Get shareable link’. Post this link to chat group for those at home to provide feedback
  7. Open the test stream by clicking on the ‘Live control room (((-)))’ icon and copy the stream key
  8. Back in OBS paste this stream key into Settings > Stream > Key and then click ‘OK’
  9. In OBS click ‘Start streaming’, which will also activate ‘Start recording’.
  10. Then in YouTube click ‘Go live’ (top right). It can take a minute or so for YouTube to enable this after you start streaming from OBS
  11. Monitor the stream through own headphones on a second device
  12. TROUBLESHOOTING: For audio in the building there are several settings on the sound desk as well as on the PC. In OBS the key one is to right click in the graphic equaliser, choose Advanced Audio Properties and ensure ‘Monitor and Output’ is selected. Also ensure in the Windows tray that the Audio Output is set to ‘Speakers (USB Audio Codec)’
  13. In OBS, transition to each scene to check sound and video (esp. resolution) are all working
  14. Perform live camera lip-sync and sound check. If audio arrives before picture increase the number in Sync offset within Advanced Audio Properties
  15. Stop test stream, in both OBS and YouTube
  16. Connect live stream key to OBS and repeat as above.
  17. Turn on the projector
  18. Start the stream a few minutes before scheduled start time (T).
  19. Right click in the right-hand studio monitor and select Full screen projector > 27E1 to display the stream for the people in the room.
  20. Transition through each part of the service in turn providing warnings to the live person in the room when taking over from pre-recorded elements at 30sec, 10sec, 3,2,1 to any live components. Speak each of these loudly except the 1, which can be signed with a thumbs up or similar.
  21. At the end of each live component notify participants clearly when the stream has transitioned.
  22. At the end of the service, remember the stream lags by as much as a minute. Check it has displayed the post-screen for at least a few seconds before ending the stream.

Service co-ordinator

  1. Be responsible for Covid-secure procedures (see here for latest updates)
  2. Support and advise techs as appropriate to their experience and confidence
  3. Keep to time
    • T-60 minutes: open up
    • T-10 mins: pray for team and congregation
    • T-2 mins: start stream at ‘pre-live’ screen
    • T: start countdown
  4. Monitor chat group for feedback from the wider team
  5. Exude calm

Need some fuel for a Monday?

Following his “Hope in Uncertain Times” last year, Nigel Coles has teamed up with The Fuelcast again for a new 6-part series titled “Way, Truth & Life”.

This week, faced with a barrage of Covid statistics, Nigel asks “What on earth can anyone say that can make any difference?” And yet faced with their own crisis, Jesus said to his followers “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Who is this Jesus?

From Tanzania to Corsham Baptist

Picture of Steve and Ruth

As you may know Steve and Ruth landed back in the UK after their Tanzanian service just before Christmas and had to quarantine over Christmas period.

They are now wrapping up their time with AIM and readjusting to life back in the UK. One aspect of this is, following Paul and Barnabus’ example in Acts 14:26-27, has been reporting back to various churches on their work and what God has been doing. They hope to return to living in Corsham in mid-March.

You can see the full report below.

Lent Lessons from Luke

Lent is the period of 40 days, excluding Sundays, leading up to Easter. Traditionally, Christians use this time to remember Jesus’ period of preparation for His ministry when He withdrew to the desert.

These days Lent tends to be associated most with cutting things out (chocolate, coffee, meat etc.) and that is appropriate as Jesus fasted during His time in the desert. Luke 4 tells us that Jesus ate nothing for 40 days and at the end He was hungry. (As an aside, if you think that is the most redundant statement ever written, perhaps it is to underline that Jesus, though fully God, was also fully human with all the implied frailties).

But I’d argue it’s perhaps even more important to add things in. Jesus is clearly putting in some serious prayer and meditation as we see with some of the temptations that are recorded for us. Each and every one is met immediately with a verse of scripture. Such fluency, and confidence, does not come without work methinks.

So what will you be putting in this Lent? Each Wednesday one of us from 9:15 or Church on the Green congregations will provide a little video reflection to help get you thinking. You’ll be able to find them here or on the CBC YouTube channel.

Entire playlist from the beginning
week 1
week 4
week 2
week 3

Compassion – Jan 2021

Periodically, we have guest speakers from our various mission partners and this week it is time to hear from Paul Wagstaff of Compassion, who has recorded a specific video for CBC where he reports back on the impact of donations from people in our church.

Paul also speaks of storms he has experienced as we do too and asks what we seek to anchor ourselves to in order to weather them.

The disciples in Matt 8:23-27 knew they were in a storm but they were oblivious to where their hope came from even as Jesus lay in the boat with them. Watch Paul’s full message below.

The link Paul mentions at the end is:

Next Sunday evening at 6pm we will have the opportunity to pray for these children and the work of Compassion in our monthly prayer meeting.

Notices for 31 Jan 2021

This week

Just to remind you there are no in-person meetings at the moment.

Church update and Q&A

You’re probably aware that we would typically hold a church meeting in January but that is not possible at the moment. More than ever the Leadership want all of you to feel involved and connected even if it must be at a distance.

So on Monday 25th Jan we’ll be releasing a video update here. Please try to watch at some time during the week and join us at a live follow up on Monday 1st Feb at 8pm.


Join us to listen to Paul Wagstaff of Compassion, this Sunday evening @6pm.

Souper Friday making an impact

If you missed this, you can listen to the Souper Friday interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire below:

The Ark Sat 30th Jan 10 am

Pray for the team as they lead the Ark activities on Saturday morning.

Lots of family fun : puppets; songs; things to make and a powerful story of Jesus’ parents searching for him after they became separated in the crowd in Jerusalem. All details here:

Mission Prayer During February

Please note this will take place on Tuesday 9th Feb 7:45pm.

Contact Wendy Rowe for details

Happy Birthday

Paul Lobley is celebrating a very special birthday on Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Paul!

Birthday cake with candles

Call for Volunteers from LINK

Are you able to drive people to their Covid vaccination appointments? If so, please contact the local Chippenham Link transport scheme  or the national Community First number: 01380 722241

Activities during lockdown

  • Souper Friday continues to reach out to our community and neighbours ;
  • Community Money Advice is handling work remotely, but do get in touch if you are aware of or are having money difficulties ;
  • Several small groups meet and share online.