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Mission Shaped Ministry Course – Taster Day – Sat 11th Nov

Tim Stephenson,
Mission Shaped Ministry flyer

The Mission Shaped Ministry course helps to make ‘Mission Impossible’ to become ‘Mission Possible’. It helps to find effective ways in which you can share your faith with friends and neighbours, without scaring them away.

It shows you that mission is not difficult and anyone can do it!

What could God be calling YOU to do to change your town or village?

The course will focus especially on mission and ministry in a rural context, in market towns and villages like Chippenham and the surrounding area.

This taster session is taking place on 11th November 10am-1pm in Chippenham. The speaker is Tim Lea from Fresh Expressions.

The course will launch on 27th January 2018. Please speak to Phil Osmond, visit or contact the course runners directly at for further details of this exciting initiative!

Reformation remix – THIS Sunday


This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation starting with Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg. We owe a great deal to this period of church history, and to mark the occasion the Bible Society have created a show to tell the historical story in a very engaging and entertaining way. Corsham Baptist Church is hosting a live performance of the show (October 8th) and regardless of whether or not you’re are a keen historian this show is not to be missed! – You’ll come away with a better understanding of this important period having also been well entertained by the impeccable acting, humour and music.

You can checkout more information and show your interest at

God doesn’t believe in karma

Tim Stephenson,

Today’s question Jesus asked:

“Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?”
Matt. 18:33

The amount discussed in the parable is huge, something like 20 years salary. God has forgiven us a similarly immense debt. We live in a culture of “you get what you deserve” and “what goes around comes around” but it’s wrong.

God does not believe in karma!

And if God is so abounding in mercy, how can we hold on to our grudges?

Have you not read?

Tim Stephenson,

From Simon Ponsonby’s morning talk at New Wine today.

When the Saducees tried to catch Jesus out, His response was telling:

“…have you not read what God said to you…?” Mat 22:31

Jesus has read it, that’s why he was able to quote 24 books of the OT during his ministry [says Simon P, I’ve not checked!]

The devil’s read it, that’s why opponents of Christ from ancient Rome to ISIS are so keen to ban it.

But what about you? “To drop the Bible is to lose the plot”, says Simon, to coin a phrase.

Know me more…

Tim Stephenson,

At New Wine this week, I thought I’d try to distill the essence of Simon Ponsonby’s morning message: questions Jesus asked. Question 1:

“Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?” John:14-9

The Lord invites and wants us to know Him better. No matter if he’s talking to Philip and the other disciples that had spent night and day with him for 3 years or someone in Corsham with a few tentative questions.

Either way, His answer is not a dismissive “Haven’t you got it yet?”, remember it was Adam and Eve that hid from God, He went looking for them.

Meet a missionary

Tim Stephenson,

Sorry for the terrible alliteration in the title, it just seemed irresistible ;-).

You will have seen in the church notices that Gill and Steve Bryant are holding an open evening with the WEC course participants this evening and we (the wider congregation) have been invited to join them.

So why not take this opportunity to find out more about both Steve and Gill’s work and that of the participants? Perhaps God is calling you to support this work in prayer, financially or some other way?

7.45pm at Priory Street

Let there be science: An evening with David Hutchings

Tim Stephenson,
Background galaxy, foreground a planet

Science and faith are so often seen as enemies in our culture. Perhaps you’ve encountered them as opposites that must be reconciled for a person to call themselves a Christian and a scientist? Or is that just an impossibility in your mind? But David Hutchings argues that there is an innate, God-given curiosity in us that is the very essence of science and they are highly compatible.

Join us to hear David for yourself and quiz him afterwards:

Saturday 13th May at 7:30pm

Corsham Baptist Church, Priory Street

Update: Many thanks to David, the recording of the evening is now available below.
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15th March: Day of prayer for Rudloe Community Centre

Rob Durant,



On the 15th March, Church on the Green are holding a day of prayer for Rudloe Community Centre and its future, but anyone’s very welcome to get praying and play a part in God’s mission in Rudloe.

There will be two times of joint prayer at Rob’s house (from 9 – 11am, and 7.30 – 9.30pm) and then we’d encourage you to pray wherever you are throughout the day.