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Jeremiah: Daily readings week commencing 18th Sept

Jeremiah by Michelangelo on roof of Sistine Chapel

As you read each passage, pray for God’s help. Ask yourself:
What does God reveal about Himself?
How is my own heart revealed?
How does this passage underline the wonder of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, and your own need of Christ as Saviour and Lord?
Turn these truths into prayer and praise.

18 September Jer 10:1-16

The Israelites were drawn to their neighbours’ gods as they sought foreign alliances rather than trusting that the Lord was all they needed. Jeremiah ruthlessly exposes the folly of this. When we give our heart to an idol, we inevitably worship something that is not only far less than God; it is also less than ourselves (vv.4-5, 14)!

19 September Jer 10:17-25

God’s people will become refugees and exiles (vv.17-18). Babylon will invade and destroy the land (v.22). Jeremiah is grieved but acknowledges that the people of Judah have brought this discipline on themselves (vv.19-21 – notice especially the responsibility of the leaders, v.21). Vv.23-25 confess our need of both God’s schooling and His eventual rescue.

20 September Jer 11:1-23

God sent Jeremiah on a preaching tour of “the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem” (vv.2,6,9,12-13). He reminded them of the terms of their covenant with the Lord, but they would not listen. The people of Jeremiah’s home town (Anathoth) plotted to kill him as a traitor rather than accept the word of the Lord (vv.18-23).

21 September Jer 12:1-17

Jeremiah argues with God (vv.1-4). God’s bracing reply is that things will get worse yet (vv.5-6). Jeremiah’s tragedy is but a miniature of God’s own (vv.7-13). Yet in the longer view, the possibility of restoration is open not only to Israel and Judah, but to any nation that turns from idolatry to seek the Lord (vv.14-17).

22 September Jer 13:1-14

Just as Jeremiah’s linen belt rotted, so flirting with idolatry and foreign alliances had ruined the spiritual fabric of Judah’s life (vv.1-11). God’s judgement on them would be potent indeed (vv.12-14).

23 September Jer 13:15-27

The door of escape through repentance is briefly opened (vv.15-16). But for a people that will not listen to God’s gracious word, there remains only judgement (vv.17-27). Note the bitter fruit of placing our trust anywhere other than the Lord (v.21).

24 September Jer 14:1 – 15:4

Judgement through drought (14:1-6) leads Jeremiah to intercede for his people (vv.7-9). However, Jeremiah is told not to pray but to weep over them because their judgement is now set (vv.10-18). He reminds the Lord of his covenant with His people (vv.19-22). The Lord replies that not even Moses and Samuel could help them now (15:1-4) – a reminder of how much we need Jesus!