Copying sermons from the Denon rack recorder

Recordings are made during each 11:15 and 6:30 service using a digital recorder installed in the cupboard behind the main recording desk.  To copy the recording from the recorder you will need a FAT32/64 formatted USB memory stick or drive.

The recorder looks like this:

Denon Sermon Recorder

  1. Turn the PA on (you will need a PA person to show you where the switch is)
  2. Turn the recorder on using the button on the left under the “DENON” logo. Wait a few seconds for the display to come on
  3. Get a memory stick or drive and plug it into the top USB socket labelled “DRIVE” at the left hand end of the recorder.
  4. Press the button labelled “LIST” to the right of the display and list of recordings will appear.
  5. Use the knob at the far right end of the recorder to scroll through the list and highlight the recording you want.  The name of the file will show its date and time starting with date from the left i.e. mmddyyyyhhmmss. Note the date is American in format.
  6. Press the “COPY” button to the right of the USB socket and the display will now ask you where to copy the file.
  7. Use the knob to highlight “USB” in the list and then press the knob to select it.
  8. During copying the display will show  “Executing” and then “complete”
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 above for any other recordings you need.
  10. Once the copying is complete turn the recorder off, remove the USB stick or drive and turn the PA off.
  11. You should now have the sermon on your memory stick/drive.