HOWTO post resources to our Junior Church page

Cathy and I have experimented this week and put together a new children page on the CBC site as well as a new link from the homepage.

This is a bit of a learning curve for us all but we think we can achieve the basic goal of being quickly and easily able to share something you’ve found useful yourself with other parents.

Please note that this will be immediately and publicly visible on both the website and social media. So we do need to ask you to be wise in what is shared and only to allow official Junior Church teachers to post (as they have received safeguarding training and provided a DBS certificate).

Here is how it works

  1. Address your email to the special address (ask Tim S or Cathy D)
  2. Write the title of your post in the subject of the email
  3. Provide a photo of your activity
  4. Write a warm and friendly introduction to the activity. Write in simple words and short sentences that young children will understand if read to them or perhaps even be able to read themselves at the upper age range.
  5. Include links to the original resources you used. Please be especially careful not to include copyright material directly. For example, if you used some colouring page that is copyright then link to where you found it rather than attach it to the email. If you’re reading stories the performance is your copyright and linking to 10 of those or somewhere people could buy the book will be appreciated by the copyright holder and, I hope, avoid complaints.
  6. Include category information in square brackets, i.e. one of the following.
    1. [category children,baking]
    2. [category children,craft]
    3. [category children,stories]
    4. [category children,worship]
  7. Don’t include anyone’s full name or email address (not even your own). If you want to invite replies ask people to look up in the church directory or use the contact form on the site.
  8. To attribute your post please include your username, which is typically in the form first name last initial, as follows (with your own name not mine!).
        [author tims]
  9. You may use other shortcodes than simply category if you like as described here.

A note about videos. Videos are obviously very engaging. If you want to link to videos that’s best done as mp4. If your phone does not record mp4 please send it to me (Tim S) and I will convert it. 

If you have any questions or would like some help let me know. We can either have a training session or you can copy emails to me and I will provide hints and suggestions.

God bless this endeavour