HOWTO post to the CBC YouTube channel

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This is a short checklist to follow to post on the CBC YouTube channel. If you encounter any issues please contact the site admin.

  • Shoot video (e.g. with camera, Zoom, mobile phone)
  • (optionally) Stitch separate videos together or make minor edits (using iMovie, OpenShot etc.). In general, less is more, so subtle ‘fade’ or ‘wipe’ transitions are sufficient and avoid detracting from the content. If you are editing, please add this end screen containing CBC details for at least 10 secs.
  • Upload to CBC YouTube channel here. You can set some of the following properties within the upload wizard but not all. Therefore, I accept defaults in the wizard and set them afterwards. If this is your first time you may need to request access, again the site admin will be able to help you here.
  • Once uploaded, please provide settings as follows on the ‘Basic’ tab:
    • Title: typically this will be ‘Sunday service for <date>’ for services or ‘Series name – part X’ for midweek posts.
    • Description: We have been using ‘Worship by <name>, preaching by <name>. The next in our series on <series>. We are holders of CCLI streaming licence no: 48626. If possible, especially on mid-week posts, it helps to add a short teaser sentence. The simplest way to do this is by posing a question answered within the video.
    • Thumbnail: Each series has its own thumbnail, branded with the CBC or CotG logo. For example:
    • Is this video Made for Kids? No
  • On the ‘More options’ tab, provide these:
    • Recording date: Use the actual date in case some large event happens between recording and broadcast.
    • Location: Corsham (typically). Don’t be more specific, such as for example “Eddie’s house”.
    • Licence: Creative Commons if available, or otherwise Standard YouTube. If worship is included this typically precludes Creative Commons because the music is copyright.
    • Distribution: Everywhere
    • Category: People and blogs
    • Original language: English (United Kingdom)
    • Caption certification: None
    • Comments: Hold all comments for review
    • Visibility: Schedule as Premiere. Using schedule encourages as many as possible to meet at the same time even if apart. Using Premiere allows you to copy the URL and share it ahead of release (for example on the CBC website) and also provides a countdown, which is a ‘soft start’ allowing people a moment to settle.
    • Playlists, End screen and Cards: Not currently used.