HOWTO publish notices

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In summary:

  1. Open this website and click the Login button top right
  2. Click on ‘Corsham Baptist Church’ in the top (black) bar and select ‘Dashboard’
  3. Select ‘Posts’ in the left sidebar
  4. Find the most recent notices and mouse-over it to see several options including ‘Copy’ appear. Click ‘Copy’.
  5. This will place you in the a new Post filled with last week’s info. This can be dangerous but I prefer it to starting completely from scratch.
  6. Edit as necessary
  7. When you’re done, click ‘Preview’ top right and then ‘Preview in new tab’
  8. Proof-read and check you’re happy.
  9. Return to the first tab and click Publish.
  10. Return to the Posts list, select the Quick Edit for last week’s notices and remove the ‘Make this post sticky’. Finally, turn it on for this week’s.

Emailing the Notices

At this stage this is a manual task consisting of:

  1. Copy this template into your email tool

Corsham Baptist Church

Dear church


Our full calendar of events is at:

We think you are part of our CBC family because you have provided this address to us in the past for the church directory. If that is no longer true or you want to update what we contact you about please accept our apologies and update us here. (Please note it will take us a short while to action your update)

  1. Copy the notices page between the blue and grey bars
  2. Address to and bcc the all list found here (it’s restricted so you have to request access).