HOWTO publish notices

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In summary:

  1. Open this website and click the Login button top right
  2. Click on ‘Corsham Baptist Church’ in the top (black) bar and select ‘Dashboard’
  3. Select ‘Posts’ in the left sidebar
  4. Find the most recent notices and mouse-over it to see several options including ‘Copy’ appear. Click ‘Copy’.
  5. This will place you in the a new Post filled with last week’s info. This can be dangerous but I prefer it to starting completely from scratch.
  6. Edit as necessary
  7. When you’re done, click ‘Preview’ top right and then ‘Preview in new tab’
  8. Proof-read and check you’re happy.
  9. Return to the first tab and click Publish.
  10. Return to the Posts list, select the Quick Edit for last week’s notices and remove the ‘Make this post sticky’. Finally, turn it on for this week’s.

Emailing the Notices

This is now handled automatically by the Email Subscribers plugin. This plugin contains:

  • Audience: Email addresses of all those subscribed to any list.
    • Currently we have an ‘All‘ list and a ‘Test‘ list. All is everyone we know of who has consented to receive notices, including some who have not consented to be in the Church Directory. Test is a very narrow list as it sounds.
  • Campaigns: Rules for what to send to whom.
    • Principally at the moment this sends any post in the ‘Notices’ category to the ‘All’ list.
    • However, Broadcast campaigns are also possible that send specific emails to specific lists (i.e. similar to service like MailChimp)