Date for your diary: A very 2020 Nativity

On the morning of Sunday 20th December, we are going to be hosting a very 2020 style Nativity service over Zoom – we’re not going to let a piddly thing like a worldwide pandemic spoil our fun this Christmas! Details for logging in and times will be announced nearer the time, but for now there’s a few things you need to know…

  1. Everyone (and I mean everyone) from any service is very welcome
  2. Everyone (and I mean everyone) should dress up in some kind of Christmassy or Nativity-esque way – use your imagination
  3. And we need a little acting help (four households and one single)

We’d like volunteer households to take part mostly, kids and adults together. There are no lines to learn, just be prepared for some spontaneous miming! And if you are a single person, or the rest of your family are boring spoilsports, there is a role for a single person too.

Please get in touch with Matt G from the 9.15 service (address in the directory or use the contact form).