The Gathering Weekend website is now in the past tense!

Graham speaks in Springfield gym

Wow, what a weekend! Hopefully as you go back to the office, shop, school or where ever you are today you have a little extra spring in your step from spending a little more time in fellowship together not only within your own congregation but also catching up will old friends or making new ones?

Hopefully you didn’t forgot your ‘gospel glasses’ in the rush to get out of the house this morning?

If that last comment makes no sense to you or you just need to bask a little longer in the teaching head over to The Gathering website where you will find recordings from throughout the weekend. If you have any difficulties get in touch with us here.

Listen to recordings

And if you fancy a more cryptic challenge, see if you have find somewhere on the website that talks of TGW as not having happened yet and let Rob know. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!

Update: LIFE group notes from Eddie: Download