Daily message – 19 Jan 2020

Tim Stephenson,

The self-justifier can be easily identified. He will be slow to listen, quick to speak, and quick to become angry – the very inverse of what James commands (James 1:19). … Self-justification reveals a lack of understanding of the forgiveness we received through the cross. The cross of Christ means that the score is settled.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message – 18 Jan 2020

Tim Stephenson,

If we grow forgetful that we are justified in Christ, our relationship with God and with others will feel the effects. We will begin to slip into patterns of denying or minimizing our sins, rather than acknowledging and confessing them. We will begin to keep score. We will become acutely aware of the offenses of others against us, and our anger will be easily stirred when they are committed.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message – 17 Jan 2020


I admit that, while my reading of Scripture grants me intellectual assent to the necessity and rightness of God’s wrath against sin, my emotional response is more that of a child not grown to maturity, still fighting for a clear perspective. While I can identify with the desire to edit God’s wrath from the Bible, or to contain it to the Old Testament, to do so would compromise his holiness and my posture before it. There is no way to reach genuine repentance without striving to grasp the justice of God’s wrath. As long as I view his wrath as excessive or cruel, I labour under a limited understanding of the danger and depravity of sin. And I labour under a limited understanding of Calvary.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”



colossiansTree[5971]How is your reading of Colossians going? Our study this month is from Colossians 2:1-10. I have my date in the diary to meet with my study buddy next week. Have you been able to? I am really looking forward to studying this passage with my study buddy as it helps me to talk it through to understand what is going on in the text. I encourage you to do the same!

mark meynell“The threat to the Colossians’ faith is what particularly provokes Paul to write this letter. There are those who undermine Jesus’ finished work by saying that a believer needs to supplement what Christ has done, perhaps through wisdom that is to be found elsewhere(compare 2v3-4) But such people deceive by their ‘fine sounding arguments.’ The heart of this message is therefore in 2v6-7- don’t move on from Christ; go deeper into Christ.” Mark Meynell

Daily message – 16 Jan 2020


Because of Christ, we receive training from God’s law as those who can no longer be condemned by it. We may be slow to recognize it as an expression of his love, but it gives us good government. It teaches us to walk as children of the light, to walk as Christ walked.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message – 15 Jan 2020


We can know this: no one gets away with anything. Nothing is hidden from his sight. There is no such thing as a secret sin.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message – 14 Jan 2020


Those who do not cast themselves upon the perfect sacrifice of Christ will spend their lives attempting to make atonement by offering their own good works to a God of their own imagining.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Notices 12th January 2020



At the start of this new year, you are all encouraged to come along to tonight’s prayer meeting 6-7pm.  Gathered to pray… for the YOUNG PEOPLE…Imagine how encouraging it would be if we gathered together as parents, young people and church members and collectively asked God to move powerfully among the young people of our church and in the community. Think what God might do and how He might respond if different generations came together to pray and seek His face.

So come along and let’s expect God to move in power in our children and their friends in 2020! See you there!

Open Doors

Prayer leaflets and the latest Open Doors’ magazine are at the back of church.  The next prayer meeting for the persecuted church and missions is taking place on Monday 20th January at 7:45pm at the home of Vanessa Naish.  The country to pray for specifically this month is North Korea.

The Ark

The first Ark of 2020 is on Saturday 25th January. We’re looking forward to meeting again after our Christmas break. Do come along, with an adult, if you’re aged about 0-7Ish (but any age is welcome) for Bible stories, craft, songs, puppets and refreshments. 10.00am at Priory Street. Happy New Year!

Fight Night

This will take place tomorrow night when the men of the church meet for prayer at 8pm.  Please speak to Ian Holmes or a member of the men’s team if you would like more information.

Women’s Bible Study

The first women’s bible study of the new year will take place on Monday 27th January at 7:30pm.  Study notes are on the table at the back of the church.  Please speak to Anne Holmes if you would like a “study buddy” or would like more information about women’s ministry at CBC.

Talking Jesus

Do you want to learn how to talk to your friends, family, colleagues or strangers in a non-threatening way about Jesus?

The launch of a new XEE course is planned for the morning of Saturday 15th February,2020. Please put this date in your diary.

More information will be coming in the next few weeks. Meanwhile if interested please contact Norman Fuggle for more information.

Souper Fridays

On Friday 17th January we are launching an exciting new ministry at CBC. Every Friday from 1pm to 2.30pm a simple lunch of soup, bread and a drink will be served in the hall on a drop-in basis. This is being set up as an outreach to the community but is available to ALL. Please invite your friends and neighbours whether they attend one of our services, or groups, already or not! We look forward to welcoming you. Flyers are available at the back of the church.

…This week…

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 9:30am; fight night prayer, 8pm

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am

Friday: Encounter, 3.45pm; Engage, 4:30pm; Energize, 5:30pm

Daily message – 13 Jan 2020


The Scriptures find the justice of God a virtue to be extolled, not a blemish to be concealed. And if we give ourselves a moment to remember that we have been justified before the just Judge, we, too, can celebrate the good government and just law of our God.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”