HOWTO post resources to our Junior Church page

Cathy and I have experimented this week and put together a new children page on the CBC site as well as a new link from the homepage.

This is a bit of a learning curve for us all but we think we can achieve the basic goal of being quickly and easily able to share something you’ve found useful yourself with other parents.

Please note that this will be immediately and publicly visible on both the website and social media. So we do need to ask you to be wise in what is shared and only to allow official Junior Church teachers to post (as they have received safeguarding training and provided a DBS certificate).

Here is how it works

  1. Address your email to the special address (ask Tim S or Cathy D)
  2. Write the title of your post in the subject of the email
  3. Provide a photo of your activity
  4. Write a warm and friendly introduction to the activity. Write in simple words and short sentences that young children will understand if read to them or perhaps even be able to read themselves at the upper age range.
  5. Include links to the original resources you used. Please be especially careful not to include copyright material directly. For example, if you used some colouring page that is copyright then link to where you found it rather than attach it to the email. If you’re reading stories the performance is your copyright and linking to 10 of those or somewhere people could buy the book will be appreciated by the copyright holder and, I hope, avoid complaints.
  6. Include category information in square brackets, i.e. one of the following.
    1. [category children,baking]
    2. [category children,craft]
    3. [category children,stories]
    4. [category children,worship]
  7. Don’t include anyone’s full name or email address (not even your own). If you want to invite replies ask people to look up in the church directory or use the contact form on the site.
  8. To attribute your post please include your username, which is typically in the form first name last initial, as follows (with your own name not mine!).
        [author tims]
  9. You may use other shortcodes than simply category if you like as described here.

A note about videos. Videos are obviously very engaging. If you want to link to videos that’s best done as mp4. If your phone does not record mp4 please send it to me (Tim S) and I will convert it. 

If you have any questions or would like some help let me know. We can either have a training session or you can copy emails to me and I will provide hints and suggestions.

God bless this endeavour

Daily message – 24 Nov 2020

God hold us to that which drew us first, when the Cross was the attraction, and we wanted nothing else.

— Amy Carmichael, “Gold Cord”

Daily message – 23 Nov 2020

By dying he prevented us from dying. By his death he purchased life for us. But in allowing himself to be overcome by death, it was not to be swallowed up in its abyss but rather to annihilate it so that it could not annihilate us. … he laid it low, when it was hanging over us and crowing as though we were already defeated.

— John Calvin, “The Institutes of Christian Religion”

Daily message – 22 Nov 2020

Jesus warned his disciples … not to expect a greeting from others; they were to give a greeting first.

They were to be “there you are” kind of people rather than “here I am” kind of people and thus to behave like Jesus …

— Gerald Sittser, “Love One Another”

Notices for 22 Nov 2020

This Sunday

An early Christmas present from Church on the Green!

Our Online Advent Calendar, starting 1st December

Looking for something to encourage and build you up as we move into the Advent season? Starting on December 1st, Church on the Green are putting an online advent calendar on our website ( including scripture and a short devotional video to bless you each day.
All welcome! For more information, watch the trailer below.

Activities for children of all ages

LOTS is happening with the various children’s ministries…

  • Journey daily with Rhiannon as she gets ready for Christmas on the CBC Junior Church channel.
  • Next week (28th) is The Ark weekend, watch out for new activities and videos on their Facebook page.
  • Christ Centered Christmas Bake off – Tuesday 22nd December: Start preparing now for the first CBC Bake off!!  Please confirm entry and get details here:Baking – Corsham Baptist Church. We need Judges!! (Help out, email Cathy D). Prizes to be won for the bake!!
  • A Christmas Trail is being organised by our lovely John & Nathalie P and Abi B. Details to follow. If you have some Christmas decorations to donate, or would like to help us organise, please let them know, it would be really helpful.
  • A new Junior Church resource page has been created to pull all these things together. If you have an activity your little ones (pre-school and key-stage 1) have loved and that helps them love Jesus then share it with one of the Junior Church teachers and you can be a published artist, author, baker or musician! If it goes well we hope to start a new theme in the New Year.

So let’s get festive and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who remains sovereign. May these seasons be marked, not by being miserable but how we shine and continue to uphold the Lord our God.

Women’s Bible Study – Mon 30th

Study notes are available for the November meeting which will be online only.

Souper Friday – volunteers needed

Full details about this exciting and very relevant ministry can be found here.

Coming up…

Due to the lockdown throughout England, there are no in-person meetings at the moment but that does not mean church is closed (though the building mostly is).

Daily message – 21 Nov 2020

cover page showing image of lavender field

Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy.

— Elisabeth Elliot, “Keep A Quiet Heart”

Daily message – 20 Nov 2020

We might look at our unholiness and think: “I’m no good at this. I will only fail and fail and fail. Therefore, holiness doesn’t matter.” But the gospel teaches us to think: “I’m no good at this. I do fail and fail and fail. Therefore, the promise of Christ is what matters. He will make me holy as He is holy, for His own glory. I will believe the gospel. I will put my trust in the mighty love of Christ.

— Ray Ortlund, “The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ”

Further, Faster … Or Fewer, Deeper?

This post by Nigel Coles was originally published at Seventy Two

My life during this pandemic has been like living on a pendulum. Challenges and opportunities, losses and gains, sorrows and joys. It’s neither one thing nor the other for long. I know I’m not alone, but hopefully the balance for you is tipping in the right direction.

One thing I either regret not having so much of or am glad it’s hardly present varies from day to day and that is the amount of time I spend in the car on my own. Since March I don’t miss the average of around twelve hours a week spent driving from person to person or team to team. However, I do miss the oasis of time it provided; to think, pray and listen to music and podcasts. It’s the lost listening time I’m yet to adequately find an answer to. One of my favourite podcasts is the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. The tagline he uses is ‘conversations to help you go further, faster’. That’s me, I want to go further, faster. However, the lessons I’m learning from following Jesus right now are more akin to ‘fewer, deeper’. My reflection, from numerous recent conversations with other Christian leaders is we’re so addicted to ‘further, faster’, we don’t know how to step off that particular treadmill.

The virus has pulled the rug from underneath us, so if our leadership has been too reliant on people feeding into our need to be affirmed in our strengths (which have often revolved around up-front-performance in preaching & one-to-one ‘likes’ from pastoral care), then we’ll be questioning why we are here leading a church. The virus has been challenging where our personal identity and security really lie, or is our problem the virus is revealing our realities?

For me, when circumstances begin to reveal my weaknesses to the point they start pricking at my awareness bubble, I invest even more energy into that, which is becoming more and more obvious, is not working. A simple example, which has acted like a mirror for me is my MacBook. For some reason my storage capacity has been getting less and less. I’ve deleted as many things as I can, but it seems as though data breeds like a virus on my laptop, so no sooner do I delete files, they appear to breed, until I get the dreaded message ‘you do not have enough memory to remain online, Outlook is shutting down’. Even I was shocked to just check my diary – it was on May 4th, no less than six months ago, I was advised by a guy from AppleCare, to get a complete, ‘clean re-install’. I said then I’d do it ‘next week’. It seemed OK next week, so I didn’t bother, pretending the problem had gone away.

During this same period, I’ve listened to the near euphoric accounts of the number of views Ministers have been notching up from their streaming of Sunday services. In many situations, although not all, euphoria has been replaced by realism, realism has been replaced by disappointment and now disappointment is being challenged by anxiety: ‘what if no one comes back’?

My question to anyone who’s willing to listen is the same I ask myself: where do I need to go deeper, even if that means impacting fewer?

In terms of my personal leadership, that’s meant intentionally cutting hours, reducing appointments, risking frustration from other people. In terms of challenging others, I’ve seen relief and release, almost as if people needed permission from someone else.

For church leaders the out-workings of such conversations has revolved around small groups. It’s been hard to penetrate the defence mechanisms many of us have been building for many years. We’ve invested a lot in gaining real ‘likes’, collected on the door after preaching on Sunday mornings or visiting over a cup of tea on a Thursday afternoon. It’s hard breaking the co-dependency between many a congregation and their Minister. There’s a powerful, collusive, bond between a congregation shaped by a consumerist culture and a Minister who’s keen to serve (and please?).

Nurturing small groups where we receive little feedback, equipping people to facilitate others, which don’t give us any credit, investing in other leaders, which is more likely to profile them, are all skills we weren’t trained for, or anticipated needing. But during the Covid-19 season, need them we do and so does the church.

As many people have commented, it was as if God pressed the ‘pause’ button back in March. I believe he’s now asking us to do what we can do: press ‘re-set’. If we truly believe we are called to make disciples, then maybe we will take time to slow down and observe how Jesus went about it. Mark 3 is a graphic reminder how Jesus more typically withdrew from the ‘crowd’ and opted to invest his best time and energy in twelve people through whom he changed the world.


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