Daily message – 20 Mar 2020


Giving is the only antidote to materialism.

— Randy Alcorn, “The Treasure Principle”



colossiansTree[5971]Hi Sisters,

Just a reminder that our next bible study is on Monday, 30 March. Yay! Vicky Stephenson will be leading us.

Have you picked up your bible study at church or on the website? Still plenty of time to get with your study buddy!

Many blessings on you and yours as you grow in our Lord Jesus Christ through His Word.

Daily message – 19 Mar 2020


Pray daily for your children – you will never count that time wasted.

— Cliff Boone, “Christ Victorious”

In light of recent government announcements…

Tim Stephenson,

…the Leadership Team met tonight and have agreed that all CBC activities at Rudloe and at Priory Street need to be suspended with immediate effect.
This includes Sunday and Midweek services, all activities at either the Rudloe or Priory Street sites and small groups that meet in homes.
Here are few principles we agreed to follow at this difficult time:

  • We think it is important to continue to hear God’s word preached by our own pastors Eddie and Rob or their supporting team
  • We recognise worship, prayer and meeting together are also important even if it cannot be in person for a time and are exploring ways to do this
  • We need to care for one another physically and mentally as well as spiritually; and some have greater needs than others
  • We should seek to use the current difficulties to shine God’s light beyond the church into our local communities

Our immediate plans are:

  • To offer one single message / sermon each Sunday. On 22nd Rob will preach. Time to be confirmed. We plan to make this available ‘live’ online as well as via the usual recordings. We encourage you to gather in family groups to listen, discuss and pray. For any who are not able to access via computer or smart phone we will offer transcripts delivered to your house.
  • Sometimes we may add worship though it will only be a single instrument and vocal part
  • We are looking at ways to support interactive discussions too
  • Set up a regular ‘checking-in’ with one another via phone that will be organised by your existing congregational leaders.
  • Buy some cards or leaflets to put through people’s letter boxes (very possibly this one: https://www.mailings.tc/t/r-l-jhiuijjt-ukjyiisdu-o/)

It is our hope that a whole lot of creative new ways to build one another up will emerge over the coming weeks so please do think, discuss and share ideas. We plan to review in one month how this is working.

Finally, we want you to take the advice to minimise contact seriously but note that you are advised to go out regularly for walks – just keep your distance from other people.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office phone (Monday and Friday) or use our contact form below.

God bless you all

Daily message – 18 Mar 2020


Think of the person who is most likely to try your patience.

What wrong expectation [of yours] might be contributing to your lack of patience with him or her?

— Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message – 17 Mar 2020


LOVE IS being more committed to unity and understanding than you are to winning, accusing, or being right.

— (Paul Tripp, Weekly Devotional)

Daily message – 16 Mar 2020


We had an old carpet and we never cared what happened to it. The day we finally installed a new carpet, a match head fell off and burned a hole in the carpet. The day before we wouldn’t have cared. Now we were upset.

Were we better off with our nice new possession?

— Randy Alcorn, “The Treasure Principle”

Daily message – 15 Mar 2020


There is mystery in prayer, and theologians argue over how prayer fits within God’s sovereignty, but this I know – Jesus invites us to pray and promises that God will answer. … I am afraid, however, that a simple truth can be lost in the heat and smoke of our deliberations.

— Cliff Boone, “Christ Victorious”

Daily message – 14 Mar 2020


Sin and suffering have an expiration date. They are not eternal. Those who wait patiently for the return of Christ do so with the assurance that all things will be made new and with the conviction that every day until that day counts toward eternity.

— Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”



colossiansTree[5971]Hi sisters!
I imagine that, like me, you are now inundated with social media resources. This of course is a good thing, given our current crisis.

At the same time, I want to encourage you to proactively, intentionally, take time out from EVERYTHING and to talk to our Creator God everyday at some point….  I encourage you to sit quietly in the sunshine (those with children- while they are occupied or they are having a rest.) Enjoy the nature of birds, breeze, spring flowers. God in his kindness, has given us these days of beautiful temperature and sunshine to help us in our confinement.

Yes, this is a crazy time, but I believe that God is drawing us to Him like never before. This is the perfect time to pray continually for each other with what we have been studying in Colossians 2:6-7:

Our Lord God, 
and now as we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord, help us to continue to follow You. Cause our roots to grow down into You, and our lives to be built up only in You. You promised us that as we follow you in this way, that our faith will grow strong in the truth that we were taught and that we would overflow with thankfulness. Make it so dear Lord. You are God. We know that we can trust you and You are working out your purposes in our world, in our community, in our church, in our families, and each of us individually through this crisis. Help us to honour you and to reflect Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

If we pray this from our hearts to God for each other, He will answer as we cling to Him! He will fill us with His peace, His freedom, His enabling.

Know that you are loved and prayed for. Know that nothing is wasted in God’s economy! If you need us, our team is available to you for support and prayer. Contact us on this website.

Women’s Ministry Team at Corsham Baptist Churches