Daily message – 26 Feb 2020


If we can’t be patient longer than five seconds for a website to load, we are not likely to weather a lengthy trial or sustain a hard relationship very well. Our anger will be easily kindled every time we don’t get what we want when we want it. Amazon gets the package here the same day we order it. If we are not careful, we may begin to resent God’s lack of concern to offer goods and services according to our timetable. We may even question his goodness. We may overlook the possibility that the waiting itself could be the good and perfect gift, delivered right to our doorstep.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Daily message 25 Feb 2020


I know nothing more effective for quieting a Christian soul and getting contentment than this, setting your heart to work in the duties of the immediate circumstances that you are now in, and taking heed of your thoughts about other conditions as a mere temptation.

Jeremiah Burroughs, “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment”

Daily message – 24 Feb 2020


Occasionally we hear that some public event has been ‘cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.’ The fact is, however, all circumstances are beyond our control. We are absolutely dependent upon God for the carrying out of our plans. The person who fears God not only acknowledges this, but delights to do so. He or she finds great joy in realizing our dependence on the moment-by-moment care of our loving, sovereign heavenly Father.

Jerry Bridges, “The Fear of God”

Daily message – 23 Feb 2020


Whatever treasures we store up on earth will be left behind when we leave. Whatever treasures we store up in heaven will be waiting for us when we arrive.

Randy Alcorn, “The Treasure Principle”

Daily message – 22 Feb 2020


Why does evil exist? The answer is: God doesn’t tell us the answer. He purposefully does not tell us the answer. Our peace increases when we submit to God’s wisdom and rest in Him. The point is to seek God Himself rather than seeking the answer, and to rest in Him without knowing the answer.

Cliff Boone, “Christ Victorious”

Notices 23rd February 2020


Infant Dedication

At our 11:15am service today we would like to welcome the friends and family of Jonny and Amy Street as their infant son, Heath, is dedicated to the Lord.

Women’s Bible Study

The next women’s monthly bible study will be tomorrow, Monday 24th February at 7:30pm.  Study notes are available on the table at the back. If you would like more information about these meetings, or you would like to have a “study buddy”, please speak to Anne Holmes or one of the women who are part of the women’s ministry team – Vicky Kelly, Vicky Stephenson, Sharon Durant, Christine Coltman.

Holiday Club

Rhiannon Price would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Holiday Club such a success.  Our theme this year was Love and we were thrilled to share the love of Jesus with not only our “church children”, but children in the wider community!

Easter on the Farm

Following the huge success of “Born in a Barn”, our nativity on the farm Christmas 2018, we are very excited to announce that we will be having “Easter on the Farm” at the Prior’s farm in Castle Combe on Easter Saturday, 11th April.  More details to follow but put this date in your diaries, start mentioning it to friends and family and speak to Rhiannon about how you can be involved. We will need lots of willing volunteers to run this event so come and chat with Rhiannon.

Pledges to Support the Arnolds Mead Building Works

As was affirmed at the Church Meeting on 10th February 2020, we will be going ahead with the works at 16 Arnolds Mead with the aim of improving the facilities for our Youth Ministry. We are now close to appointing a builder, and we hope that work will start in May.  The Treasurer will shortly be writing to all those who have pledged financial support for this project, to set out the arrangements by which to redeem pledges. And of course, it is not too late to make a donation if you have not already made a pledge; please contact Roger Hammett (rogerhammett1950@yahoo.co.uk) if you would like to do this.

The Ark

For children up to the age of 7…another Ark is taking place this Saturday from 10am…puppets, songs and lots of fun learning about Jesus…   

Opportunities for Giving

As you may have heard at the recent Church Meeting or from the pulpit, CBC has grown in the number of people attending each week and also in the work that we support. However the giving has remained flat for several years. Consequently we will face some challenging decisions on what to prioritise in the year starting from September if circumstances remain the same. So if you consider this your home church please consider prayerfully what you should give.  If you would like to give to the work of the church on a regular basis, you may wish to consider setting up a monthly standing order through your bank. Alternatively, some people find it helpful to use our envelope giving schemes to make their offering. And of course, if you are a UK tax payer, then the value of your gift can be increased by 25%, at no extra cost to yourself, if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration. Do please speak to one of the Treasury Team: Paul Garcia (Church on the Green, Rudloe) Roger Hammett (Priory Street 11.15 Service); or Michael Prior (Priory Street 9.15 Service) if you would like to find out more.

Men’s Breakfast

We will be having a CBC Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 7th March, 9am start, provisionally at the Greenhouse Restaurant, The Pavilion, Wadswick Green, Corsham, SN13 9RD.  John Prior will be sharing with us on God’s Provision. Look forward to seeing you there. There will be a sign-up sheet at the back of the church or speak to one of the men on the men’s ministry team.

New-comers’ Lunch

This will take place after the 11:15am service on the 29th March in the coffee hall.  There is a sign up sheet at the back of the church…please come along if you are new to CBC!

Accommodation needed for WEC Summer Course

From 26th July to 6th August 2020, CBC will be hosting the MK Staff Training course for new mission workers going overseas. We need more accommodation for the participants – this involves providing bed and breakfast and evening meals for them.  Some will only be here until 1st August. A contribution is provided for their stay. If you can help even for a few days, please get in touch with Steve and Gill Bryant.

1-8 March: Week of Prayer: Praying for Church on the Green

Corsham Baptist Church’s Rudloe church plant “Church on the Green” is five years old, and doing well, but somewhat pot-bound – requiring more space if it is to continue to grow.  The leadership team as a whole believes seeking accommodation for Church on the Green is a current priority of CBC.

Over the week beginning Sunday 1st March and finishing with the evening prayer service on the 8th March, we will have various opportunities to pray that God would show us the next steps to see the congregation continue to grow in size and depth, and reach out even more effectively into the community.

In addition to personal prayer, we will be organising a variety of opportunities to pray together

  • Open building at Priory Street with prayer stations:

Monday 2nd March:    9am-3pm; 7pm-9pm

Tuesday 3rd March:    1pm-3pm       

Wednesday 4th March:    2pm-3pm

Thursday 5th March:   7pm-9pm

Friday 6th March:       9am-3pm

Saturday 7th March:  8:30am-9:30am; Prayer @ Durants 7:30pm-8:30pm

Sunday 8th March:    Evening prayer service

  • Prayer for gospel expansion (Saturday, 8.30-9.30am, Priory Street)
  • Prayer walks around Rudloe. (Wednesday 10-11am, Saturday 10-11am, 2-3pm, all starting from Crumpets Cafe at the top of Portal Avenue)
  • LIFE groups – as you meet, why not spend your prayer time praying for our mission in Rudloe.  Notes will be supplied to guide your prayer.
  • Who might you pray with?  Just get together to pray with one or more for our work in Rudloe. (Wouldn’t it be great if every person in the church were praying?!) 
  • Day of fasting: (Tuesday 3rd March)

There will be a box at the back of church into which you can put your feedback.

…This week…

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 10am; women’s bible study, 7:30pm

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am; Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 7:30pm

Friday: Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 9:30am; Souper Friday, 1pm; after-school children’s bible groups

Saturday: The Ark, 10am

Coming up…

1st March – Infant dedication, 11:15am

7th March – Men’s breakfast, Greenhouse, Wadswick Green, 9am

1st-8th March – prayer for Church on the Green

4th March – Midweek service, 2pm

7th March – Craft group, 10am

9th March – Fight night, 8pm

15th March – Ark Family Service, 3pm

29th March – Newcomers’ lunch

Daily message – 21 Feb 2020


We believe that the amount of time necessary for us to be made complete through suffering is much shorter than what God ordains.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”



Hi sisters! Praying your February bible study with your study buddy is going well….that there is rich insight and discussion.

The following is a quote by Paul Tripp to consider when looking towards the  24 February Group time of friendship and feeding on Colossians 2:9-23:


Daily message – 20 Feb 2020


We believe that the amount of time necessary for us to be made complete through suffering is much shorter than what God ordains.

Jen Wilkin, “In His Image”

Bizarre Birds, Balancing the Books, and Jars of Clay

Steve and Ruth Lancaster,

Shoebill Sighted!  
Although they now seem like a distant memory, we very much enjoyed our Christmas hols in Uganda, hosted by our friends the Swansons & the Kinsellas.  We picnicked in Entebbe Botanical Gardens on Christmas Eve, got within touching distance of a southern white rhino in the conservation park, and sat down for lunch on the shores of Lake Victoria as a swarm of lake flies passed through!  Looking across the lake we thought we’d seen huge plumes of smoke rising from the water, only to discover that they were in fact millions of lake flies!  Thankfully they don’t bite, but it’s a good idea to check your sandwich before taking a mouthful!  The birders amongst you will also remember that our birding mission was to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Shoebill with its fat hooked beak.  Our boating trip into Mabamba Swamp did not disappoint, and we had some great views of this weird and wonderful bird, also known as the ‘whalehead’! All in all, a great Christmas break, although there’s still a ‘strangeness’ about celebrating Christmas 
in Africa.    

“From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise” (Psalm 8:2). I often travel to see 
various missionaries, and am privileged to get a glimpse of what Christ is doing through them in 
their ministries.  You may remember in our last newsletter, I mentioned that an AIM TIMO team had 
established a nursery school in the rural village where they live, and that 25 children had made it 
through their first year of education. That team is only two months away from finishing and I want to 
refer to an article produced by AIM recently, highlighting the way in which God has used the team to 
reach out to the children of the village with the gospel. 

One of the team members shares the following: “Our village leader, Mwenyekiti, is a force to be 
reckoned with.  She is well respected in the village and is full of wisdom.  She is also adamantly 
opposed to hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many of the members of our team have 
shared the gospel with her countless times but she usually responds with a polite, “Maybe another 
day” or “That’s great for you but I’ll stick with my religion.”  She has made it pretty clear that Jesus is 
not for her.  Nonetheless, her youngest son and four of her grandchildren are students at our nursery, 
an openly Christian school.  A few weeks back, Mwenyekiti mentioned that she was fairly certain her 
son was ready to profess Christ as his Saviour.  We were thrilled to hear this, of course!  The 
conversation went on and Mwenyekiti casually continued, “I expect this next generation to all be Christians because of the school.  They won’t be Muslim anymore.”  Yes! Praise Jesus! This is our prayer.”  This has not been an easy three years for the team, so it’s great that they are now 
beginning to see a few seedlings growing in what has been a very tough soil to cultivate.  For the full 
article click on the following: https://eu.aimint.org/ziguafeb2020/ 

Gardens being planted at the conference centre
Day-to-Day stuff!  
When we’re at home in Morogoro, it’s pretty much routine and humdrum stuff!  The power surges continue, the water supply is intermittent, the sugar ants run riot in the house, the often-repaired potholes grow deeper…. and the traffic police still circle like vultures waiting to pounce!  Ruth has spent a lot of time over the last few months at Sanga, beavering away at getting the accounts up-to-date, tracking down payment vouchers and receipts.  At the moment she’s working on end-of-year financial reports for AIM, but by the end of the month, she’s hoping to have signed-off 
on ‘the money’, and will then turn her attention to fundraising and marketing.  This has been
a huge undertaking for Ruth, and her diligence and persistence is definitely winning through.  

In terms of teaching material for this year’s conferences, I’ve chosen to look at the Gospel of Mark, focussing on Jesus as the suffering servant.  It’s the shortest Gospel, the earliest Gospel, and 
probably the liveliest with everything happening at a quick pace.  You’ll find that every preacher has 
a favourite word, and Mark’s is definitely ‘immediately’ or ‘straightaway’.  He uses it over forty times!  “Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat.  Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit what 
they were thinking.  Immediately blind Bartimaeus received his sight.”  It’s a gospel full of action and 
you are hurried from one scene to the next. Mark manages to pack a lot into his Gospel, although if 
you add up all the events that he portrays, they only come to a period of three weeks in the life of 
Jesus.  Ironically, at my current pace, it’s going to take me three months to prepare eleven teaching sessions!  

Treasure in Jars of Clay  
Some of you know that poor sleep has been an issue for me over recent years and this has often been accompanied by other 
health complaints (stomach, headaches, etc).  These past few 
months have been quite tough for me in terms of general health.  
Last year whilst on home assignment I was encouraged to 
consider counselling, to explore whether these symptoms could 
have a physiological basis.  This led to a diagnosis of ‘generalised 
anxiety disorder’.  It would seem that I’ve had this for many years 
and that living and working in Tanzania has exacerbated things, causing it to bubble to the surface.  I won’t go into detail but 
having trouble sleeping is just one of the symptoms of this 
disorder!  I’ve also been aware that I’m not tolerating the stress of 
cross-cultural living as well as I once did, and this has been accompanied by the feeling that there’s not much left in the tank.  

A few weeks ago, following advice from a few folks, I travelled to Nairobi for a medical and for further counselling with AIM’s dedicated counselling service.  What 
came out of those sessions was a further diagnosis of burnout and mild depression, resulting from 
stress and anxiety which hasn’t been managed well. It was a lightbulb moment for me because I 
found that I was experiencing many of the symptoms listed under ‘burnout’: no emotional energy left, digestive problems, increased irritability, reduced ability to concentrate, poor sleep, aching joints/
muscles, and mental exhaustion.  It’s no wonder that the tank feels empty!  

As a result, we’ve made a number of decisions that we hope will reduce certain stressors and may 
enable us to finish our work here in a timely way.  I will be heading back to UK on Tues 25th February 
for a month’s medical leave, based in Cumbria with my parents, whilst Ruth will stay to continue the 
work at Sanga.  We’ve also been advised to finish here in Morogoro sooner rather than later, and so, although we were planning for this to be our last term, we’ll now aim to finish at the end of November 
this year, rather than November 2021.  We realise that a month’s medical leave is not going to turn 
me into Superman and clear up all the issues!  However, we hope that it will provide some 
recuperation, whilst giving medication the chance to do its work, so that on my return I’ll be able to 
finish the conference season, work towards a good handover, and that Ruth will be able to train up a Tanzanian accountant at Sanga.  We’re committing our way to the Lord in this and praying that our 
plans will succeed (Prov 16:3) – but we’re also well aware that, “in his heart a man plans his course, 
but the Lord determines his steps” (Prov 16:9)!  If we need to finish earlier, then we will do so, but we 
want to try and handover in the best possible way. 

Note from Ruth: It’s fair to say that the last few weeks have been challenging for me as I’ve ploughed 
much time and energy into sorting out Sanga Sanga’s accounts and at the same time tried to be a 
patient and sympathetic wife to Steve!  I know that many of you have been lifting us up in prayer.  I 
am certain that your prayers for me have been answered and I’m praising God that He has given me 
the needed strength and ability to persevere when ordinarily I might have retreated to a dark room for 
an indefinite lie down!  My grateful thanks to you for your prayers.

Praise & Prayer Points: 

– Pray for Ruth as she ties up last year’s accounts and reports to AIM by the end of Feb. 
– Please pray for Steve as he heads home to UK for medical leave, that there would be some healing 
and a renewed energy to finish this task.
– Pray for Ruth in terms of safety and security as she stays in Tanzania. The longest we’ve been 
apart in 11 years is 13 days!  Pray that there won’t be any emergencies or problems to sort out at 
home or at Sanga Sanga.
– In a few days we’ll be advertising for the position of an accountant/book-keeper at Sanga.  This is a 
key position at IBM so please pray that we’d have some godly and gifted applicants to choose from.
– Please pray for the Zigua team as they prepare to finish up, and for the children who are hearing 
the gospel; that these seedlings will spring up and produce a good crop!  Pray also for the Tanzanian 
couple (the Kimoyo’s) who are staying on to continue the work. 


25th February            Steve flies to UK for medical leave
22nd March               Steve returns to Tanzania
8th April                     Ruth & Steve fly to UK.  Ruth spending time with her parents
9th-18th April             Steve leading Oak Hall Israel trip (DV)
20th April                   S&R fly back to Tz
Children at a recent AICT kids’ camp at Sanga Sanga.  Looks
like most of them are having fun!