In case you missed it … ‘Tanzania touchdown’

Tim Stephenson,

AIC-run children's camp making use of the facilities at Sanga Sanga

If you are visiting today, we're thrilled to have you with us. We come here to worship God by singing, preaching the Bible and praying together. God is the highest priority in our lives because through Jesus we have forgiveness from our sins and the hope of a new life spent with Him!

  • Please switch off your mobile phone when you come in to the hall.
  • Please remember to park in one of the town car parks; not along Priory St.
  • Please ensure your child/ren do not play on the stage, up in the balcony or in the graveyard either before or after the service.
  • We have large print bibles available for anyone who might need one. Please ask one of the ushers.

With lots happening over the Christmas period you may have missed Steve and Ruth’s arrival back at Sanga Sanga. Why not take a look now and bring their prayers for good talk preparation and accountants before our God?

Here it is: Tanzania-touch-down

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