Talking of Sanga Sanga


Martin & Jo Sheringham
Martin & Jo Sheringham

Hi to you all!

It seems strange to say we will see you all soon but if all goes according to plan we will! Next weekend we fly, arriving back late on Sunday evening in the UK.
Our last week will be a tight one as we have a few more projects we want to complete however, to quote one of our favourite TV police chiefs ‘You can only do what you can do’ (answers on a postcard please).

Talking of police….Steve and Ruth – who were with us last night for a catch up/goodbye/meal – were amazed that during our time here, although we have been stopped by the police on numerous occasions we have never been fined. Martin’s honest ploy of opening the window, smiling and greeting them with a loud and British ‘Good morning!’ seems to amuse them and after a brief glance at our licences, we are waved on.

Talking of waving…that is also how he deals with them when we pass all the police checks, while I am sinking into my seat wondering why he must draw attention to us, and now they wave back – silly me, of course, waving works…

Talking of Steve and Ruth…they have said goodbye to the Oak Hall-ers and have a brief moment to catch their breath before heading off on Tuesday to a conference where Steve will be speaking, it’s been a pretty exhausting time for them both. The feedback from the holiday group though was very encouraging, so all their efforts have been worth it.

Talking of things that are worth it…whatever our efforts, whatever we manage to achieve, there is nothing more worth it than giving of ourselves to God. He is worth our all whatever the cost because He has already paid the highest price and somehow He thought we were worth it!

Last Sunday we joined the hoilday group to visit a tiny village church over the mountains and into, what felt like, the jungle. The caretaker/evangelist from Sanga Sanga, runs the church here, planted a few years ago, in a very hostile area where there is little other Christian influence around. We were delighted by their welcome and joined in with their worship – we hope it was as encouraging for them as it was for us!

Things we will miss…the entertaining antics on the road, the amazing shops – all tiny but crammed full with anything and everything, all the folks at Sanga Sanga, the ‘wheelbarrow bird’ (we will explain all), the home entertainment system – monkey treks through the garden, learning from Cath and Tony/Steve and Ruth about Tanzanian life, cheap ‘n’ fresh fruit ‘n’ veg sold at the gate…and so much more.

‘For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and His faithfulness continues to each generation.’

Psalm 100:5

See you soon,
Jo ‘n’ Martin