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Lesley Grindrod, contributor for today’s blog post

Since we CBC ladies are studying the little book of Titus together soon, I thought it’d be a good idea to ‘flick through it’ quickly ahead of our first study. After all, it’s only got three short chapters – 10 minutes and I’d be done, right? Wrong!! Just a few seconds into reading, five small words in the middle of second verse stopped me in my tracks: “….God, who does not lie…” My mind immediately went to Hebrews 6:18 where Paul says it is impossible for God to lie!
Wow! Let that sink in for a moment – our Heavenly Father doesn’t ‘choose’ not to lie – He simply can’t! He is incapable of being a liar, a deceiver or a trickster. It’s contrary to His nature because He is TRUTH. His perspective is never skewed or obscured. He cannot be bribed or deceived. This is what makes the foundation of our relationship with Him so solid. He’s given us His Word, which cannot fail. If we’re ever presented with evidence contrary to what God says, we can be certain it’s not true.
Can man or woman lie? Oh, yes! We’ve all met people who have lied to us. Who say one thing yet do another, make promises they never intend to keep, tell lies, deceive, deal falsely, or trick or cheat us for their own advantage. Perhaps you’ve encountered some very painful experiences in your past where people – even ‘God’s people’ – deceived or tricked you. You may have entrusted your love and affection to those who were very deceitful – they spoke one way, but their hearts were against you. There’s no wound more painful than the wound of betrayal by someone you loved, respected, reached out to, laid down your life for, or entrusted as a dear friend.
And if we’re honest, there’ve probably been times when we’ve been guilty of lying to others too. The Good News is that “God is not a man that He should lie …”(Num 23:19). Contrary to what the New Age Movement says – Man is not God, and God is not a man. He is the Creator, the source of all life and the only unfailing source of all we need. There is no way we can avoid being hurt in human relationships. Yet even if we’ve been hurt by our earthly father, we shouldn’t be afraid to approach our Heavenly Father. He is the perfect One who cares about us more than we could ever imagine, and He will never, ever lie to us.
God cannot lieHow comforting it is to have someone like the Lord Jesus to entrust our lives to! What security is ours to know Him personally and to be walking in daily fellowship with Him. We can surely trust Him. He won’t ever deceive us or lie to us. He won’t break a promise. He isn’t fickle or whimsical. He won’t change His mind or take back His words. Oh, that this Truth would saturate our being and transform our lives!
Oh, that we would never, ever fear again, worry, be anxious, feel overwhelmed by our circumstances, or feel lonely and depressed. We can trust Jesus. If there is anyone who we can trust, it’s Him. He cannot and will not ever ‘lie’ to us.

Notice sheet for 16th September 2018

Tim Stephenson,
CBC Notices logo
@ Priory Street @ Rudloe, Church on the Green



Eddie Larkman

Eddie Larkman

“Gathered to Praise”

10:00am Rob Durant

The Littles’ Commissioning last week

Stuart, Lynne and Matthew Little would like to express their grateful thanks for the wonderful send off last Sunday at the tea and Commissioning Service.  We feel truly loved and supported. We are leaving for Dallas this Friday, 21st September (11:25 flight) to start our Mercy Ships training before travelling to Guinea at the end of October.  We are very thankful to Matt and Sue (of COTG) and Julie (of 11:15 service) who have agreed to be our advocates during our Mercy Ships service. [Any volunteers from 9:15? – Tim].  Please pick up one of our bookmarks for more details and how to stay in touch with us. With our love and thanks.


Please note, the funeral of Ted Killingback will take place at Priory Street on Friday 21st September at 2pm. Please speak to Eric for more details.

The Ark starts again on Saturday September 29th

The puppets have finished their Summer holidays (and the helpers too) and it’s time to start the Ark again.  Hooray. Do come along if you are 0-7ish (bring an adult to join in the fun too!) on Saturday September 29th at 10.00am at Priory Street.  We will be learning about Noah’s Ark with craft, songs, bible story and of course the puppets.  Finishing at 11.00am with drinks and cakes.  Invite your friends too and above all please pray for this new term.  Thank you.

Missions and the Persecuted Church prayer meeting

This will take place tomorrow evening, Monday 17th September at 7:45pm.  Please chat to Vanessa or Wendy for more details of these monthly meetings.

Women’s Bible Study

The next women’s bible study will take place at Priory Street on Monday 24th September at 7:30pm. Study notes on Titus are on the table at the back of church.  Please take one in preparation of the meeting.

Open Meeting on Leadership Restructuring

There will be a second “open meeting” on the 30th September for anyone who would like to know more about, discuss or make comment on the proposed leadership restructure.  This will take place in the coffee hall at Priory Street at 4:30pm. Tim Stephenson, Operations’ Manager, will lead.

Mission Tea and Partner update

Straight after the open meeting on 30th Sept there will be tea and cake – any donations of cake will be grateful (contact Wendy) – Afterwards The Gathering will be another Mission Event because it’s the fifth Sunday. The focus will be on Mission organisations we are supporting such as Tearfund and BMS. Look forward to you joining us. Wendy – Mission Deacon

Church Office

Please note the Church Administrator is away until 11th Oct (back in the office 12th October).  Emails should still be sent to the church office and messages may be left on the church phone which will be checked regularly.  All other enquiries should be directed to the Operations Manager, Tim Stephenson, during this period. Thank you.

This week

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 10am; Missions and Prayer for the Persecuted church prayer, 7:45pm

Thursday: Toddler Group, 10am; Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 7:30pm

Friday: Corsham Money and Debt Advice Centre, 9:30am; Ted Killingback funeral, 2pm; Encounter, 3.45pm; Engage, 4:30pm; Energize, 5:30pm;

Looking ahead

21st September: The Littles leave for the USA for Mercy Ships’ training

24th September: Women’s bible study, 7:30pm

26th September: Midweek service, 2pm

29th September: The Ark, 10:00am

30th September: Second open meeting to discuss leadership restructure, 4:30pm

30th September: Mission tea followed by Mission presentations and updates, 5:30pm

1st October: Men’s fight night, 8pm

3rd October: Prayer for unsaved relatives 2.00pm to 3.00pm (note earlier date)

6th October: Craft Club, 10:00am

7th October: Harvest services

9th-17th October: Mission trip to Tanzania

10th October: Midweek service, 2pm

22nd October: Church Meeting, 8pm

24th October: Midweek service, 2pm

27th October: The Ark, 10:00am

29th October: Women’s bible study, 7:30pm

31st October: Light Party, 5-7pm


Still getting ready

Matthew Little,

Still getting ready

 and I leave (with my parents, Stuart and Lynne) in three weeks, to fly to Texas for the confusedly named  ‘On Boarding’, as we don’t actually get aboard the ship until we fly from Texas  to Conakry, Guinea in November.

We are all still getting ready, which, for me, means tidying-up my bedroom by throwing away useless tat (as my dad would probably call it) that are no longer useful to me or have been left on my desk or shelves for years underneath piles of slightly more useful stuff. Somewhat related, this has also meant buying more stuff. Stuff that I am going to take, that is. However, I both know what I want to take, but at the same time,  I don’t. For the things that I do know what I want to take with me is clothes. (Obviously. Clothes are essential, Clothes are basically the priority), and my few technological devices, which are, my Laptop, my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and my PS Vita (the Xbox is staying at home, but all four of my devices I am taking have the capability to play games. The fourth item being my phone) There are some books that I am yet to read, both fiction and not fiction. Or books that I want to restart, those being The Hobbit, which I think I have restarted twice, but never finished, and a biography on the Knights Templar. (The REAL Templars, not the fictitious Templars from Assassin’s Creed. They are vastly different).

As for the things I don’t know what I want to take are what clothes I want to bring. I have finally started practising packing, which has made my mother happy, which has given me some idea of what of my clothes I will bring. What makes it difficult is thinking about the climate that I will be living in for 10 months, and what will be suitable clothing items. Especially since my two favourite t-shirts are black.

Other things that I have done to get ready are: Put a bunch of movies onto an external hard drive,  set up this blog, set up my YouTube channel to upload vlogs, (Check it out, I have put up a short film I made!) and shifted my payment methods for Playstation and Microsoft from my parents too me. And verified that I am adult with Microsoft. I am starting to think that these things probably shouldn’t have been my priority, but the only time I could really start packing is this week and next week, otherwise I would have been living out of a suitcase for a few weeks.

I guess all I can do now is to actually pack, wait till Friday (21st September) and leave.

(Note the time difference, this one post took three weeks to complete)

Outreach events at St Michael’s Stoke Gifford

Tim Stephenson,
Flyer for events in autumn 2018 at St Michael's Stoke Gifford. Details in the text of the page.

St Michael’s Stoke Gifford (200 mtrs from Parkway station) are launching a series of events designed to make full use of our new 500+seater auditorium.  We commence with Stuart Townsend on the 28th September (tickets down to the last 100 and expected to sell out soon so move quickly!).

The aim is to bring ministry and evangelism on a scale we cannot easily provide in our local churches. So why not think about whether you have friends for whom this might be a good introduction? They have placed a Christmas Comedians and Carols event just before Carol Service season for that reason and hopefully it will then be natural to invite them to a carol service afterwards. Other events include; Riding Lights, Steve Legg, John Archer, and Patrick Egan with more on the horizon.

The loction is a 2 minute walk from Parkway Railway station with easy access from the M32, M5 and M4.  Parking is free in the village after 2.00 pm and there is always the Parkway Station car park.

Telephone 0117 9692486, on Tuesday and Friday mornings in September to pay by card or see http://www.stmichaelsbristol.org/smcevents/.


Silhouetted women holding hands

Sharon Durant, lead teacher for this year’s bible study on Titus and today’s blog post contributor

The good life: Colourful cocktails? A deserted beach? Organic food? A TV series?

This year we’re going to be studying how God’s grace helps us to live the real good life – a life full of good works, done with a thankful, rejoicing, hopeful heart, confident of God’s love and walking in his light. This is the best way to live, the ultimate good life.

Why Titus? Because in the letter to Titus, Paul brings together the two essential ingredients of the good life – grace and good works.

These two might sound like opposites. Don’t we spend ages as Christians reminding ourselves that only God’s grace can save us? That all our good works won’t add anything to Jesus’ completed sacrifice on the cross? If grace is so amazing, why do we try to live a good life?

Well, as one preacher put it, “Jesus did what we can not do, so we could do what we can do.”

I’ve been so blessed by this truth. The grace of God poured on through Jesus did what I can’t do – it paid the price for me and freed me from my sin. But the purpose of this grace was so that I could do what I can – freed up to do good works, to live the good life.

We’re not set free so we can run riot like stray dogs; we’re set free to live purposeful lives that glorify God and bless others.

So, be ready, girls! Over the course of the year, it’s going to get painfully practical. In Titus, Paul applies grace thoroughly to our lives at home, church and in the world.

There’s a lot of momentum already, building on last year’s studies in God’s grace and the (now legendary) weekend away.

Plus this year there are going to be new faces and new voices speaking, sharing from God’s Word about grace for living the good life.

I’m excited. More than I usually am! Because this year the Holy Spirit is leading us forward in living the good life; we’re not being complacent and letting God’s grace go to waste.

I’m praying. I’m praying for you and your study buddy (Don’t have one? Talk to Anne Holmes ASAP so you don’t miss out on the full impact of Titus) that God would prepare your hearts and make you teachable by his grace.

I’m praying for our team of speakers this year as they study and prepare God’s Word.

Please pray with me – for each other, for those preparing the studies and talks… but most of all, please pray that more and more women in Corsham and the surrounding areas would be drawn into God’s grace, begin to live the good life, and study God’s Word together with us.

See you on 24th September!

Week of Prayer 2018 – Saturday

Tim Stephenson,
Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Steve and Ruth in Tanzania – with AIM

  • Gill and Steve in UK – with WEC

  • Praise God for the time Neal and Lesley spent in Austria with Oasis and pray for them as they prepare to return there in February

  • Compassion and the children sponsored by church members

  • The Bible Society – Sue W, Alan K and Esther K who work there

  • Short term mission – trip to Tanzania in October

  • The Littles on Mercy Ships

  • Persecuted Christians around the world


  • Pray for those involved in this ministry – Brenda, John G, Colin W, Alan C and Alan S as he leads the ministry

  • Keep the ministry rooted in prayer and gospel centred

  • Clients – their financial situations and opportunities to speak the gospel to them


  • For all those involved in assisting our church in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and giving God all the glory e.g. those who design and distribute flyers, those who produce banners, those who provide information about our church and our ministries

  • Pray for Louise as she processes and uploads the morning sermons at Priory Street and COTG

  • Pray for Tim S as he works on the web site

  • Pray that God would be glorified and that all our communications would always point to Him, not us!


  • Praise God for a good health and safety record within our congregations

  • Thank God for the opportunities that have been taken to improve Health and Safety

  • Tim M as he oversees this ministry

  • Raise up others with the necessary gifts to serve in this ministry


  • Praise God for His blessing on this group

  • Pray that whilst sharing craft ideas and techniques, they would be building deeper relationships with one another

  • Pray that the church ladies would be bold in inviting their non-church friends

  • Pray for opportunities to speak of Jesus to these friends

  • Pray for Pam M and Hazel H as they lead this group


  • Christianity and Discipleship Explored groups, walking groups, one-to-ones etc.

  • Pray that in all our activities we would seek to point others to Jesus, to share the gospel with unbelievers, to encourage and disciple one another and to give all the glory to God


Stuart & Lynne Little,

Umm – this is our first blog post – ever!  We hope it is okay.

Well, in two weeks time we, and Matthew our 18 year old son, will be in Dallas about to start our training before heading to Guinea on 28th October.

It has been four and half years coming and six months since we were officially accepted and our ‘to-do lists’ are nearly done!  We’ve had a myriad of vaccinations, completed and signed many forms and policies, completed personality profiles, rationalised our bank accounts, sorted out mobiles, got our International Driving Permits, cleared and de-cluttered our house, revamped our garden to hopefully stop future flooding(!), bought luggage that will fit in our cabin (we hope!), checked our wardrobe complies with the Guinea dress code (very strict), spent £340 on Malarone (anti-malarials) for a three months supply for the three of us, booked our flights to Dallas, nearly booked a shuttle from Dallas to Mercy Ships HQ (must actually do that!), sold two cars, bought a new laptop, set up a VPN (what on earth is that?!), had a couple of short camping breaks on the Gower, a quick trip to Pembroke, had a fundraising tea and cakes afternoon, spoke at our church on a few occasions, went to the Mercy Ships End of Field Service celebration, set up a blog (what?), told people about Mercy Ships, had some get-togethers and tried to keep in touch with friends and family.  

Intertwined with all this we have had some significant family life events:   

Hannah’s graduation

Hannah (our oldest) graduated with a Masters in Civil Engineering after five years at Cardiff University

Matthew (our youngest who is also going to serving on Mercy Ships) passed his A Levels (hooray!) Matthew is on the left of the picture above looking very smart.  (He has set up his own blog: matthewswestafricanadventure.blogspot.com )

Zoe and Seth

and Zoë (the middle child, as she keeps telling us) married Seth on 25th August.  

Some fabulous family days!

Due to these events, our household has doubled in size recently with six of us now living in our house and the contents of two, or maybe three, university accommodations and wedding presents coming into the house too!

Oh, and we both finished our (paid) work – Lynne at the end of June (she had a party) and Stuart’s self employment in July (couldn’t have a party as he had no colleagues so he had one later with some previous work colleagues from his MOD days.)


Haven’t quite mastered the art of positioning pictures! Hmm!

Three Cliffs Bay

Slade Bay

The parents selfie attempt

Sunset at Rhossili

So, what’s left to do?

We have our commissioning service tomorrow at Corsham Baptist Church and a final leaving party next Saturday.  The realisation of goodbye is getting harder!  

And, of course, we have to pack.  Lynne really doesn’t like packing and tends to keep packing until there is no more room!  However, we have to make sure the cases fit in the car that Zoë will drive to take us to the airport.  Had a test run this afternoon and we think six large bags, cabin luggage, Stuart’s guitar and Matthew’s ukulele will (just about) fit in Zoë’s Honda Jazz!   Oh, and final hair cuts as we don’t know when we will get the next one!

We are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives with excitement and some nervous anticipation as we really are stepping into the unknown.  How will we react to living on a ship with 400 other people from many different nationalities and living in a country so unlike England and where poverty is an everyday reality for so many and access to surgery that we would take for granted is non existent?  We go with determination and a motivation to serve the people of Guinea as we believe we are going to where God wants us at this time.  We so appreciate, and will continue to need, the love, support, encouragement and prayers of our family, church family and friends.

We will finish with the bible verse that has inspired us:  ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’ Micah 6:8

Thank you for reading.

Everything communicated here strictly reflects our personal opinions and is neither reviewed nor endorsed by Mercy Ships. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercy Ships.

Week of Prayer 2018 – Friday

Tim Stephenson,
Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Praise God for the many services we have

  • Pray for the many people involved in serving before, during and after our services e.g.

    • The Welcome Team on the door
    • Those who prepare and clear away Communion
    • Those involved with taking up the offering and counting it afterwards
    • Those who serve teas and coffees
    • Those involved in prayer, leading worship, the overhead, the sound desk, preaching………..
    • The duty elders and deacons


  • Pray for the sound system operators and Ben Ross who leads this ministry

  • Wisdom in maintaining and improving the system

  • Patience for everyone, particularly between the two morning services which can be tricky


  • Praise God for the many gifted musicians and worship leaders He has given us

  • Pray that they would all grow in their walk with God as they serve in this ministry

  • Ask God to raise up others gifted to serve in this way

  • Pray for David M as he oversees the 11.15 worship teams and Joey P as he oversees the 9.15 worship teams

  • Pray that we would all grow in worshipping God in spirit and truth


  • Praise God that there are so many Life Groups but pray that more people would join groups and grow through the fellowship of being together

  • Praise God for the many Formation Groups and ask that God would use these groups to transform us by the renewing of our minds

  • Pray for the leaders of all the groups that they would grow in wisdom and strength

  • Ask God to raise up more leaders

  • A growing balance within the groups across all four areas in the LIFE principles i.e. Loving God, Individually known, Fellowship and Evangelism


  • Pray that God would help us all to reflect His love in caring for our brothers and sisters

  • Pray for the sick and housebound and those who visit them

  • For Joan C as she seeks to oversee and meet the growing pastoral needs of the fellowship

  • Those organising, preparing and distributing meals


  • Praise God for the many opportunities to meet together to pray

  • The Prayer Chain – many answered prayers – those who administer it and those who pray

  • Those who lead us in intercessory prayer and those who pray with us after services

  • Pray that God would give us all the desire to draw closer to Him in prayer


Silhouetted women holding hands

everyday prayers scotty smith“Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.” 1 John 5:21 NIV

Gracious Father, how I long for the day when I will no longer be temptable, deceivable, or capable of worshiping any other god but you. I so look forward to an eternity of giving you the adoration, affection, attention, and allegiance of which you alone are worthy. No one redeems us like you. No one loves us like you do. No one cares for us like you. No one understands us like you. There is no God but you.

In Jesus, you’ve already given us a new heart and have placed your Spirit inside us. In Jesus, you’ve already turned our heart of stone into a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:25-27). In Jesus, you’ve already given us a heart to know and love you (Jeremiah 24:7). In Jesus, you’ve already written your law upon our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33).

Indeed, Father, you’ve already given me a perfectly forgiven heart-yet it is far from being a fully perfected heart. The battle for my heart’s worship continues, daily and relentlessly. This conflict will persist until the day Jesus returns to finish making all things new. Thus the warning to keep myself from idols is not going away.

Father, there are some idols I run from like the plague, but others I don’t even recognize as idols. It’s easier to see the idols outside of me, but help me to discern the ‘idols of the heart’ (see Ezekiel 14:4) Help me to know when I’ve made a good thing an ultimate thing. When I don’t think you are ‘enough,’ where do I take the trust and worship you deserve-where do I go for life, deliverance, and salvation?

I praise you for the assurance that I am already one of your ‘beloved children.’ You cannot love me more than you already do, and you will never love me less. Surely the gospel, this gospel, will win the day, my heart, and the entire cosmos. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Week of Prayer 2018 – Thursday

Tim Stephenson,
Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Team will reflect God’s love and everyone will feel welcome and cared for

  • God will be at work in people’s hearts and will use the Bible verses and songs to speak to them

  • The team will have wisdom and discernment when talking to the adults who attend

  • The children will be safe in their play and will have fun

  • People will want to go to the Ark and other Christian activities and that God will be drawing them to Himself

  • Praise God that He has provided enough helpers each week for the number of children and carers

  • Ask God to provide a new leader and to continue to provide enough helpers each week

  • Pray for the team – Kathy L, Heather C, Helen C, Vanessa N, Jean P, Margaret H, Zelda, Julie K, Claire K, Colin W, Ian R


  • Thank God for all those involved in running this ministry – Heather C, the puppeteers, those providing refreshments, those involved in craft, music, sound, lighting etc.

  • Thank God for the increasing number of regular families attending

  • For deepening relationships between church and non-church families

  • Pray for God’s continued blessing on this ministry

  • That the team would grow together in the unity of Christ

  • That God would reveal His will for the Ark and that His Kingdom would grow through it

  • Ask that God would provide everything needed for this work

  • That people would continue to come and that God would work in their hearts, drawing them to Himself

  • Pray for the “Ark on Sunday” starting in March – an opportunity to meet together for a family service – wisdom and guidance in running this service


  • Praise God for His continued blessing on this congregation

  • Praise God for the spiritual growth that has occurred in many attendees of this congregation – for new believers and baptisms and pray for more conversions and baptisms

  • Pray for those faithfully leading and running the service e.g. Eric S, David M, key-board players, tea and cake makers, lift givers

  • Pray for someone to replace Lynne L on the keyboard as she leaves to serve on Mercy Ships

  • Pray for the pastoral needs of the congregation


  • Thank God for His provision over the last year

  • Pray for the leaders and families – Rob D, Adrian P, Paul G – for wisdom and guidance as they seek to lead according to God’s will and for His glory

  • Pray for growth in the congregation both numerically and in fellowship with Christ and one another

  • Pray they would increasingly live, worship and serve for God’s glory

  • Gospel opportunities and the boldness, perseverance and courage to take them

  • Protection over the congregation

  • Junior church teachers to teach faithfully and clearly to the mixed age group of children

  • For the children and young people to have a real love for the Lord

  • Praise God for the regular coffee morning group consisting of the old Mums and Tots group – pray that relationships would continue to grow and God would give opportunities to share the gospel

  • Praise God for Heart4Rudloe (bi-monthly “messy church” style service run by Box parish church with COTG support) – real fruit has been seen through this opportunity to engage with the local community – pray for additional helpers

  • Praise God for the two Christianity Explored courses earlier this year and pray for a further course coming up soon

  • Pray for Discipleship Explored course starting later this year

  • The community of Rudloe and its representatives in government and local authorities

  • Pray for wisdom in reaching all three distinct communities in Rudloe

  • For the new housing estates – that other Christians might come to help proclaim the gospel – for wisdom in reaching these new areas

  • Pray for provision of a building to meet in as Crumpets Café is reaching capacity – future of Rudloe Community Centre is still being discussed by the council? The local school? New build? Pray for wisdom and guidance