Preaching God’s Word is an extremely important ministry at Corsham Baptist Church. Our sermons aim to explain and apply the meaning of the Bible to our lives and expose the glorious news of the Gospel message to us all.

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What is church?

May 23, 2010
What is it that is distinctive about church? What does a real church look like? What is the church charged to do? We look at a passage which begins to…
Sunday evening was a great opportunity to hear how God is working in another part of the world. Specifically, Austria, as the Austrian Bible Society's director came to talk to…
What is the writer of Genesis trying to tell us in this passage? Why go to all the trouble of such a complicated account if all he wants to say…
We look at what God said to Abraham, how Abraham responded, and ask the question: how should we respond in the light of Abraham and Christ?

Hebrews 3

April 11, 2010
We look at the sovereign remedy for all our discouragements - to fix our eyes and our hopes on Jesus. That is what builds our confidence in the greatness of…
We look at why Asaph doubted, and what the remedy was for him.

Matthew 18: Forgiveness

March 14, 2010
Jesus, in this chapter, says lots of things about forgiveness and reconciliation. We look at what it means for us, and how it might work in the Church today.
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