Steve and Gill Bryant, WEC International

Steve and Gill worked in Senegal from 1990 to 2001, teaching missionaries’ children at Bourofaye Christian School. The West African state of Senegal is 95% Muslim. Since 2001 they have been based in the UK, serving as WEC’s International MK (Missionary Kid) Consultants. They are involved in preparing families for living abroad, addressing cultural issues, educational options and other challenges. Their job is to ensure that WEC stays up-to-date with relevant issues, such as university entrance and student residency status, home schooling and distance learning.

Steve also serves as WEC’s International Child Protection Officer.

WEC is very international, with an increasing number of families from East Asia and Latin America. Serving in ministry overseas is increasingly complex, especially for families from newer sending countries. WEC is fully committed to addressing the challenges they face.

Steve makes several trips overseas each year, visiting teams and MK schools, and speaking at conferences. However, much of the work is done from the UK: producing Educare, an e-magazine – (see the home page of for back copies) – skype meetings and correspondence.

They work in close co-operation with other mission agencies, especially in organising joint events via Global Connections. Steve is the chairman of the Global Connections TCK (third culture kids) Forum.

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