The latest Oasis post is in!

Neal and Emmanuel enjoying some Connect 4

As mentioned last time Neal and Lesley have had visitors hence the bumper post this week. Whilst the leaves are still falling back in Corsham, plans are already well underway for some Christmas joy to share with the refugees: Click to read about Weeks 5 & 6

A busy week…

A letter to Oasis from an Eastern-European lady

Catch up on some of the people Lesley introduced us to last week (sorry for no re-post on the CBC site, maybe you should read here before going on).

Then on to a big Wednesday when Neal gave an address in six-languages; and some dancing that was truly the oil of joy instead of mourning (Isaiah 61), a glimpse of the “day of the Lord’s favour” surely.

And that’s just half-way through the week, be sure to read (and watch) to the end:

Hitting the (Austrian) ground running …

Room full of people listening to Ali preach in Farsi and German with Russian translation by Leila

As most of you will know, we fare-welled Neal and Lesley recently as they returned to Austria after their trip last year to spend four months working with the Oasis Refugee Ministry in Traiskirchen, just south of Vienna.

It certainly sounds like they’re right back in the thick of it with powerful stories of love and tragedy already, but don’t take my word for it, read for yourself:

News from Austria, this time from 4 of our family

H's kiddies wanted me to try on her beautiful new scarf while we waited for her return from the health centre. I just love these innocent little ones, caught up in such turmoil, pain and heartache through no fault of their own. They're so very, very precious xx

If you haven’t heard, Joan and Louise visited Oasis last week; they’re back now so after you read their testimony in the blog why not ask them about their trip when you next see them?

Meanwhile, in this week’s update Neal and Lesley continue to ‘put themselves out there’ for God’s people. There is both joy and sadness in an update from H, who you will remember as the lady lost her son to drowning on the journey to Austria in a previous post. About of the photo accompanying this post Lesley explains:

“H’s kiddies wanted me to try on her beautiful new scarf while we waited for her return from the health centre. I just love these innocent little ones, caught up in such turmoil, pain and heartache through no fault of their own. They’re so very, very precious xx”

Here is the full story:

A bumper post from Austria

Notice board following the Jesus Film night discussions last Thursday night in multiple languages

I’ve got behind I’m afraid so many thanks to the person I heard had posted Neal and Lesley’s last blog to Facebook. Just in case you missed out, here are both the 23rd and 30th Aug links now. Hard to believe they’re already a month into their trip!

If you’ve been moved by their posts or would like to let them know they and their work are in your prayers you can comment or ‘like’ on Facebook. Or use the form below and I will pass it on.

    Notice sheet for 21st August 2016

    Calendar image for 21st of the month

    Week of Prayer

    Our annual week of prayer will commence on Sunday 11th September, with an evening prayer service, and run through to Friday 16th September. Details about the week and church opening times will be made available in due course.

    Neal and Lesley in Austria

    The Grindrods are now in Austria for their three month mission trip. Please follow them on their blog

    Midweek Service

    The next Midweek service will take place this Wednesday 24th August. Please speak to Eric Seager for further details.

    Missions and Persecuted Church Prayer Meeting

    This will take place on Monday 5th September at 7:45pm at Priory Street. Please speak to Wendy Rowe for more details of this prayer meeting.

    Another new youth group is starting!

    Engage is a youth group for Years 3 – 5 (ages 7-10) starting on Friday September 9th, 4.30-5.30pm to be held at Priory Street. Please pray for this new group.  Please continue to pray for Energise (years 6 and 7, ages 10 -12), the first term has been a real blessing with 16 different children attending at any one time, many that don’t attend CBC. 

    Prayer points for Energize

    • Thank God for all the children who have attended Energize;

    • Pray for the group to continue to bond together and for relationships to deepen with each other and with leaders;

    • Pray for the leaders to grow through this ministry;

    • Pray for the group members who are starting secondary school;

    • Pray for the children to have a desire to know God.

    If you want to know more about the groups, please speak to Rhiannon. Thank you.

    Grace Place

    A reminder to our women to check out the GRACE PLACE blog over the summer holidays! Anxiety and worry are addressed through the gospel lens of Philippians 4:6-7.

    New Treasurer

    Roger Hammett will be taking up his new role as Church Treasurer with effect from 1st September. Michael Prior is stepping down after a six year period. Thank you, Michael!

    …Over the next few months…

    3rd Sept: Craft Club, 10:00am

    4th Sept: Lancasters’ re-commissioning service

    4th Sept: Evening service – feedback from Sanga Sanga project

    5th Sept: Missions and persecuted church prayer meeting

    11th Sept: Evening prayer meeting, 6pm

    11th-16th Sept: Week of Prayer

    17th Sept: Safe to Grow training session @ Priory Street, 9am

    24th Sept: The Ark, 10am