A Prayer About Grace For Grumpiness

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This morning I needed to pray these words by Scotty Smith.

Heavenly Father, I’m waking up humbled and repentant. I need some of your manifold sufficient grace today – just like every day. Not only do I need your grace for owning and boasting in my weaknesses, but I need your grace so that I will stop despising weaknesses in others. I’ve had the attitude of a grumpy toddler, indulged my impatience, and been a serial killer in my heart. I need the gospel today.

Though I’d love to justify myself, there is no such justification. I’m a selfish man who would love for everything and everyone to make my life tolerable, predictable, and manageable. I assume the right to green lights at every intersection. I assume there will be an open cash register when I’m ready to check out …

Abba, Father, I’m so thankful that your love for me is steadfast and that I can count on new mercies every morning, including this morning, and all day long. I not only grieve my attitude, I do repent and abandon myself to the resources of the gospel.

Lord Jesus, I want and I need your power to rest on me and to settle my restless heart. I’ll not pray about next week or even tomorrow. Just give me the manna of gospel kindness for this one day. Help me to respond gently and not react rigidly to the weaknesses of others … Help me to love as you love me, for that is the bottom line and the top priority. I pray in your powerful name. Amen.