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woman w rucksack

…Let us throw off anything that hinders…” Hebrews 12:1b

Ed and I enjoy hiking. In our 9 years of marriage, we have walked parts of Brecon Beacons, Derbyshire, Cornwall, and of course, around our patch in the Cotswolds.
I remember one particular walk we did which circles around Castle Combe. We were on the last stretch walking uphill. It was about ¼ mile from our car. I came SO close to giving up; to ask Ed to go and get the car and pick me up! But I persevered uphill that last little bit. To reduce the weight off my back, Ed relieved me of the burden of my rucksack and carried it for me. This “hindrance” being taken away, I was able to persevere to the “finish line” to the car!

This visual picture reminds me of those things which might hinder us; those things we need to “throw off” in our race God has marked off for us. There may not be specific “sin”, but there may be lots of “stuff” in our lives which may be eclipsing or impeding our running the race. What might that look like? I would say it is anything that slowly pushes God to the periphery of our hearts and off His path. What instantly comes to my mind are: BUSYNESS. DISORDERED PRIORITIES.

I know that I have struggled with these at times throughout my race with the Lord. They took me off course. They got my heart and mind off of what really mattered. I began to major on the minors of life. My busyness came from disordered priorities which stemmed from self absorption and selfish interests. I was allowing my activities and my children’s activities to crowd out sitting at the feet of Jesus. My gospel foundation was being compromised and starting to deteriorate. My choices were becoming more like the world and less like a follower of Christ. My lips were saying Jesus is Lord, but my children saw the reality: that Kathy was Lord. And as the children grew older, my children began to follow my example. I didn’t understand why they were not interested in the things of the Lord until I looked in the mirror of my own busy, disordered life. Yikes.

I am NOT saying that activities, interests, and hobbies are wrong! Far from it! They are wonderful and God’s gift to us in bringing healthy outlet, enrichment and growth. It is when they become a hindrance to our race in Christ that He has marked out for us; when they push godly pursuits to the margins of our lives where God becomes a accessory or an afterthought of our week.  That is what I did in my earlier years. Please don’t do what I did.

Throwing off hindrances to our race is crucial, not only to maintaining our spiritual foundation, but in building it. Let’s take off those rucksacks that hinder us on the race God has marked out for us. Are you taking consistent time to sit at the feet of Jesus? Do your priorities reflect what you say you value the most as a follower of Christ? Can you discern God’s priorities in your life? If any of the answers to these questions is “no,” then it is time to address the hindrances of busyness and disordered priorities.

I will pray for you and please pray for me blog sister. May our Lord Jesus guard our hearts and minds of anything which might compromise our spiritual foundation; which might hinder us from running the race with godly perseverance!

Love, Kathy xo