Steph Gryll’s Newsletter


This last year has been incredible, as any year there has been ups and downs. At the beginning of 2015 I asked God to send me on another mission trip. I loved going to Kenya in December 2013 and knew then that I was home. So God sent me on 3 trips. First to Uganda in June, then Bangladesh in September and finally Uganda again in December. Even in 1 year I can see how God has guided me. I wasn’t accepted into Uni in February and then got an email a month later saying I might be able to go on a Teafund ICS trip.​ ​I had ​to go for an interview and I was accepted and then 12 weeks later​ on ​20th September, I went off to Bangladesh for 3 months. I always thought God has called me to Africa so I didn’t know why ​I was going to Bangladesh but I had to trust Him and trust in Him I did. I am sure all of you know that I was called back to the UK by Tearfund early after IS were shooting Christians and foreigners. Returning from Bangladesh was a very difficult and sad time, it took time for me to recover and get back into normality. I started to think of this trip as a mission failure, ​and I listened to myself and not God. But during my time there I grew closer to Him and I learnt that I can trust in the ​B​ible and relate to it. Realising this made me feel a lot more positive and that going to Bangladesh wasn’t a waste of time or money and God had called me there.

A week or so after I came back from Bangladesh I was asked if I wanted to go Uganda. At first I declined the offer, I didn’t feel ready to let go of Bangladesh and then after someone talked some sense into me I decided to go and suddenly became all excited​ yet ​nervous in case something bad would happen. I left for Uganda in beginning of December and returned​ on the​ 18th. Uganda was AMAZING! My highlight of the year…and w​h​ere God spoke to me the most.​ ​God was testing me in Uganda. I kept missing ​seeing any births ​b​y minu​te​s. I felt down and ​thought ​that maybe this was God showing me that midwifery wasn’t for me. Then my friend said that she thinks that this is God testing me and telling me not to give up. We missed a couple more births and I just felt ​deflated then the next evening at 9:30pm we decided to go hospital and not even 5 minutes after we arrived we were called into the Labour room and I saw a deliver​y​. WOW, I loved it, there and then I knew that God ha​s called me to midwifery. Later that night my friend was reading her book and the​ B​ible verse the book gave her was James 1:24 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” God will provide and show the way. Not only did this bible verse relate to me in Uganda with missing births but also last February when I wasn’t accepted into Uni I came a cross this picture.


And through out this year God has really tested me with relying on him to close doors. And he has tested me over and over again and will do until I am ‘mature and complete’.

I can see how God has used every situation I have been in​,​ for his glory. If ​I​ had got into uni, ​I​ wouldn’t have gone to Uganda or Bangladesh. If ​I wasn’t sent home from Bangladesh​, I​ wouldn’t have gone to Uganda. It is amazing how God works.

This year I am going to apply for University, I know the odds are not in my favour since I only have just over 1 week to write a personal statement. There will be 1500 applicants and they will get that down to 200 just on their personal statements and then after an interview and Maths and English test then there will only 70 spaces on the course. So I would appreciate your prayers in this area. I am also trying to find a Job so I can save and support myself while I am at Uni. But I am trusting that God has a plan and I know His is always better than mine.

God Bless
Stephanie 🙂