Week of Prayer 2018 – Thursday

Tim Stephenson,

Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Team will reflect God’s love and everyone will feel welcome and cared for

  • God will be at work in people’s hearts and will use the Bible verses and songs to speak to them

  • The team will have wisdom and discernment when talking to the adults who attend

  • The children will be safe in their play and will have fun

  • People will want to go to the Ark and other Christian activities and that God will be drawing them to Himself

  • Praise God that He has provided enough helpers each week for the number of children and carers

  • Ask God to provide a new leader and to continue to provide enough helpers each week

  • Pray for the team – Kathy L, Heather C, Helen C, Vanessa N, Jean P, Margaret H, Zelda, Julie K, Claire K, Colin W, Ian R


  • Thank God for all those involved in running this ministry – Heather C, the puppeteers, those providing refreshments, those involved in craft, music, sound, lighting etc.

  • Thank God for the increasing number of regular families attending

  • For deepening relationships between church and non-church families

  • Pray for God’s continued blessing on this ministry

  • That the team would grow together in the unity of Christ

  • That God would reveal His will for the Ark and that His Kingdom would grow through it

  • Ask that God would provide everything needed for this work

  • That people would continue to come and that God would work in their hearts, drawing them to Himself

  • Pray for the “Ark on Sunday” starting in March – an opportunity to meet together for a family service – wisdom and guidance in running this service


  • Praise God for His continued blessing on this congregation

  • Praise God for the spiritual growth that has occurred in many attendees of this congregation – for new believers and baptisms and pray for more conversions and baptisms

  • Pray for those faithfully leading and running the service e.g. Eric S, David M, key-board players, tea and cake makers, lift givers

  • Pray for someone to replace Lynne L on the keyboard as she leaves to serve on Mercy Ships

  • Pray for the pastoral needs of the congregation


  • Thank God for His provision over the last year

  • Pray for the leaders and families – Rob D, Adrian P, Paul G – for wisdom and guidance as they seek to lead according to God’s will and for His glory

  • Pray for growth in the congregation both numerically and in fellowship with Christ and one another

  • Pray they would increasingly live, worship and serve for God’s glory

  • Gospel opportunities and the boldness, perseverance and courage to take them

  • Protection over the congregation

  • Junior church teachers to teach faithfully and clearly to the mixed age group of children

  • For the children and young people to have a real love for the Lord

  • Praise God for the regular coffee morning group consisting of the old Mums and Tots group – pray that relationships would continue to grow and God would give opportunities to share the gospel

  • Praise God for Heart4Rudloe (bi-monthly “messy church” style service run by Box parish church with COTG support) – real fruit has been seen through this opportunity to engage with the local community – pray for additional helpers

  • Praise God for the two Christianity Explored courses earlier this year and pray for a further course coming up soon

  • Pray for Discipleship Explored course starting later this year

  • The community of Rudloe and its representatives in government and local authorities

  • Pray for wisdom in reaching all three distinct communities in Rudloe

  • For the new housing estates – that other Christians might come to help proclaim the gospel – for wisdom in reaching these new areas

  • Pray for provision of a building to meet in as Crumpets Café is reaching capacity – future of Rudloe Community Centre is still being discussed by the council? The local school? New build? Pray for wisdom and guidance