Week of prayer 2018 – Tuesday

Tim Stephenson,

Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Praise God for His continued blessing on this ministry

  • Pray for Renton who has faithfully shared his testimony and encouraged the men in their walk with God

  • Men in our fellowship that God would increase in them the desire to know Him and to love Him more each day

  • Those who lead alongside Ian H – Paul K,Tom B, Mike P and Tim H – for God’s guidance in seeking someone in his early twenties to join them

  • Pray for the preparations for three focused Bible studies in September, October and November – “Jesus as King”, “Jesus as Priest”, “Jesus as Prophet”

  • For Eddie as he trains ten men to help deliver these studies and for the men themselves

  • For God’s guidance on a possible weekend away


  • Those involved in leading Christianity Explored, Discipleship Explored, preaching and leading services

  • Prison guards and prisoners


  • Thank God for His blessing on this ministry

  • Thank God for an amazing weekend retreat last April

  • Pray for the women in our fellowship that God would increase in them the desire to know Him and to love Him more each day

  • That God would help them to keep on “one anothering” and to continue to live out God’s grace in their lives

  • Pray for the preparations for this year’s Bible study on Titus

  • Particularly for those who will be involved in leading and teaching – Sharon, Kathy L, Anne H, Vicky S, Victoria K, Christine, Esther K, Hannah S and Jill H

  • Pray for those who prepare and serve refreshments, contribute to the blog etc.

  • Pray for the preparations for the Ladies’ Day in June