Week of Prayer 2018 – Wednesday

Tim Stephenson,

Week of prayer 2018

Welcome to our Week of Prayer!

To help you get started, we have some prayer stations set up in the church and I have prepared some prayer points some of which are requests from those involved in the ministries and some of which are suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, so please don’t be constrained by it but pray as the Spirit leads you. You may like to begin by reading a psalm of praise and praising God for all He is and has done for us in Christ. (Some suggestions – Psalm 8, 96, 103, 145, 146.)

Our vision is to be a “gospel-centred church”, aiming to make disciples, reach out to the local community with the love and truth of God and to play our part in taking the gospel to the “ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8) With this in mind, let’s lift the ministries of our church to God in prayer!

I’ve split the notes up so there will be a daily update but if you want to get them all now click here.


  • Thank God for the many children and young people connected to the church

  • Pray that they would all come to know Jesus and gain a solid faith in the Lord

  • Pray for Dan, Rhiannon and the many teachers and helpers involved in this ministry

  • Junior Church – that the teachers, helpers and children will continue to learn about God and grow in faith and love for Him

  • That God would work in people’s hearts to bring forward the right people to fill the gaps in the Junior Church rotas across the congregations, and that people will see this as an amazing opportunity to serve God by sharing Him with the children in our church

  • That God would deepen relationships between leaders and children

  • Friday evening groups – Encounter (ages 5-7), Engage (ages 7-10) and Energize (ages 10-12) – thank God for the number of children regularly attending – more helpers – good relationships between the children and that they would learn about God and find Him for themselves

  • Opportunities in the Primary Schools:

    • Praise God that Rhiannon continues to take the Bible Society’s “Open the Book” material into St. Patrick’s School and is now teaching Bible stories to years 1-6 – pray that the children’s desire and excitement to hear Bible stories would grow

    • Pray for opportunities to witness in the other local primary schools

  • The Youth vision is to REACH non-believing young people, to CONNECT them with other believers, to help them to GROW in their faith, challenging them to DISCOVER their ministry and HONOUR God with their lives – pray that all that is done in the youth work would help facilitate this vision

  • Give Dan and his team wisdom to tailor programmes accordingly and courage to change and, if necessary, end any programmes that are failing to achieve their purpose

  • Praise God for the opportunities to witness in Corsham School

  • Christian Union in the school – that God would use this group to draw young people to Himself and encourage those who have already put their trust in Him

  • The young people themselves as they stand up for Jesus in their schools

  • Those young people leaving home for university and elsewhere

  • Cornerstone: evangelistic youth café held in Springfield community campus – for the young people to be active in inviting their friends and that God would draw young people to it so they can hear the message of Jesus

  • Impact: Sunday night youth group – that God would use this to foster deeper relationships between young people and a deeper relationship with Himself

  • Corsham Youth Zone: a community youth group

    • That Dan would be intentional in witnessing in word and deed with the other leaders and young people who attend

    • That God would help Dan to make the most of every opportunity to bear witness to Jesus

  • Friendship Evangelism: pray that God would give the young people a clearer understanding of the message of Jesus and the courage to share the “hope that they have” with their peers

  • For all the other opportunities that the young people have to meet together, study God’s word, pray, encourage one another etc.

  • Enable them to discover and grow in the gifts God has given them

  • Thank God for the fruitfulness of their summer trip to Soul Survivor

  • For wisdom in what to invest their efforts into once Soul Survivor finishes in 2019

  • Pray for Dan and Adam Beaumont (Lacock vicar) going into Lackham College’s Freshers’ Fayre in September

  • Re-starting a chaplaincy drop-in at Lackham from 19th September

    • Pray for them as they seek to get alongside and support students

    • As they navigate the best way forward in being a Christian presence in that place

  • Pray that all our children and young people would desire to know God and that they would continue to learn about Him and grow in faith and love for Him