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In this study we meet Abram(Abraham); a man of faith but also marked with repeated failures. This study will consider God’s call to Abram. This sets the stage for Abram’s descendants-the origins of the nation of Israel. We will also consider how our patient God deals with Abram’s failures and his messy, dysfunctional family to redeem humanity in His chosen way! (Keep in mind while you study: Who is God? Who are we? Where is Christ in all of this?)

You still have lots of time to get with your study buddy by phone, zoom, Whatsapp, or your favourite way to connect. You are in for a feast with Abraham, so don’t miss meeting with your friend.

Our zoom meeting will be on 30 November at 7:30pm. Watch this space and FB Captivated for information as it becomes available.

We are praying for you and cheering you on as we stand shoulder to shoulder through this lockdown,

Women’s Ministry Team