Grace Place – A Blog for CBC Women and Beyond…

Corsham Baptist Church’s women’s ministry has recently launched a new website named Grace PlaceBelow is an excerpt from their site describing the purpose of the site.

Links to the most recent few posts are also available on our home page.


Grace Place’, a blog created for the women of CBC (Corsham Baptist Church) communities and beyond. Our passion is to help women to authentically grow and mature in their journey with God in Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the one true foundation with which can transform our ordinary, everyday, messy lives!

The gospel is founded on God’s amazing love and grace which then extends to us for friendship with one another.  Thus the name ‘Grace Place’ is born. We come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and life’s experiences. We are here because we are created to do life together! Women need other women. So no matter where you are on your journey, you are not on your own. We hope that Grace Place will be a place where you can be lovingly transparent with the not-so-great stuff mixed in with the gracious goodness of God.

In addition, this blog is a link to connect with you and to bring continuity to our existing monthly studies.   We are here to share laughter and tears, sorrows and joys, heartaches and victories.  We hope you will be inspired, challenged, encouraged,feel accepted, and loved.  Our aim is to be biblically faithful, pastorally sensitive,and culturally relevant.  We want you to feel at home; as family should. There will be a weekly addition so feel free to ask questions and make relevant comments along the way.

So if you love Jesus even just a little but long to love Him more, plug in! Grab a cuppa and see what the Lord gets up to as we walk together!