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Sharon Durant, contributor for today’s blog

Excerpts from Sharon Durant Titus 3 Notes

…The world is watching us Christians. And we are presenting the Gospel to them. Christian behaviour is important for sharing the Good News about Jesus. The way Christians behave is linked to the impact the Gospel makes in the world around.

If I am claiming to be a Christian, but my life is exactly the same as people who do not, then the watching world says, “There’s nothing to this Christianity lark! There’s no power in the Gospel! What’s the difference? Why follow Christ?”
And yes, since I am a sinner, I am the same as my friends who are not Christians.
BUT I believe that God’s grace has saved me. And that God’s grace is training me to be like Jesus, not like my human great-great-great-great-grandfather Adam.
And my behaviour is therefore different. I’m in a different family now.

That was true in Crete, for people living in a hostile Roman, pagan world, and it’s true now for us living in a hostile, British, secular world. Those who have trusted in God devote themselves to doing good, just as we have been taught.
It’s all over the letter in Titus (2:5, 2:8, 2:10, 2:14…)
and it should be all over our lives, too…

…Because of the grace given to us, we can pour it out onto others. We can be trained by the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus. Everyday we can read the Bible find out more about the Lord Jesus and how he has called us to die to ourselves, but to find our new life in Him.

titus 3These 6 things from Titus 3:1-2, glorify God because they show God’s character to the world. They are counter-cultural, unexpected ways to live — which are the ways that Jesus lived.

How can my good life make the Gospel attractive and glorify God?

– when it reflects God’s character to the watching world
– when it points to how great God is, not how great I am…

(To read the entirety of these notes, click under the heading of 2018-2019 Bible Study-Titus: The Good Life, 5)