I AM the Resurrection and the Life (Session 5) – Study Buddy Questions by Hannah S on John 11:1-44

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‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’
Study Buddy Questions on John 11:1-44

Death entered the world when Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden for their rebellion and disobedience at the very beginning of mankind’s existence.  Since that time, “Death is man’s last enemy” as Wiersbe said, and it will come to us all.  A gloomy way to start a study, but there is a bright beacon of hope in this chapter!

Read John 11:1-16

The life and light being offered by Jesus amid death and darkness is becoming clear. Jesus was always seeking to strengthen the faith of his disciples, whose words and actions often demonstrated their weakness or confusion.

  1. Why were the disciples afraid of going back to Judea when Jesus finally decides to respond to Mary and Martha’s messenger?  Read John 10:31-33 and 39 and also Thomas’ response in v16.

Read John 11:17-32

  • Mary and Martha both questioned Jesus’ decision to stay away (v21 and 32). What does the narrative tell us about why Jesus does not come straight away and why he allowed Lazarus to die? Specifically look at v4, v5-6, v42 and 45.
  • Sometimes what we hope for in prayer does not happen. How does this passage give you comfort for those times?  

Despite Martha’s confusion, her faith is admirable.

  • How do Martha’s responses to Jesus in verses 22, 24 and 27 show she has grown since her encounter with Jesus in Luke 10:38-42?  In what ways is she the same?
  • Discuss with your study buddy how you can both grow in your faith and ways you can encourage one another in this.  

Read John 11:33-44

  • Read Mark 5:35-43 and Luke 7:11-17.  How is the resurrection of Lazarus different to the other two accounts of Jesus resurrecting people? Why is this one so significant?
  • John emphasises that we have a God who cares deeply about us. Identify all the emotions Jesus displays in this chapter.  How does this help you understand the nature of our God?
  • There is anxiety about death in all those who are like sheep without a shepherd.  Can you answer like Martha did when Jesus posed the question to her “Do you believe this?”
    In what way does the power of Jesus give you strength as you face up to your own mortality? Hebrews 2:14-15 is encouraging.

Pray Together

Anxiety and fear of death can be very real and frightening.  Spend some time now praying for one another, especially if this is an area that you struggle with.  Praise God that He has the power over sin and death, and that because Jesus lives, you will also live!