Cultural Issues: Resources

Resources for Cultural Issues

The following resources are those which we have found helpful in preparing the Cultural Issues sermon series preached at Church on the Green in Spring 2020.

It is not exhaustive, but we hope it will be helpful as a starting point in thinking about what it looks like to live a life of faithful discipleship for Christ in the UK at this time. We’ll update this list as we become aware of more helpful resources.

The resources are ordered by the topic to which they refer. Where the resources refer to more than one of the topics, they are repeated in each section.

Gender Identity

VIDEO: Gender Identity: Can a 5’9, White Guy Be a 6’5, Chinese Woman? Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington (on Youtube,

BOOK: God and the Transgender debate: What does the Bible actually say? Andrew T. Walker (at

BOOK: Talking Points: Transgender Vaughan Roberts (at

JOURNAL: True to form: Primer issue 3 Various (at

Same-sex Attraction

BOOK: What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? Kevin DeYoung (at

BOOK: A compassionate call to Counter Culture David Platt (at BookDepository)

BOOK: The Plausibility Problem Ed Shaw (at

BOOK: True Friendship Vaughan Roberts (at

BOOK: Is God anti-gay?: and other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction Sam Allberry (at

WEBSITE: (opens in new tab)


BOOK: Right to Die? Euthanasia, assisted suicide and end-of-life care John Wyatt (at

BOOK: Talking Points: Assisted Suicide Vaughan Roberts (at

BOOK: Understanding Suicide and Euthanasia D. Eryl Davies (at

BOOK: Finishing Our Course With Joy: Ageing with Hope J. I. Packer (at

WEBLINK: Evangelium Vitae (25 Mar 1995), Pope John Paul II (on Vatican website)