Preaching God’s Word is an extremely important ministry at Corsham Baptist Church. Our sermons aim to expain and apply the meaning of the Bible to our lives and expose the glorious news of the Gospel message to us all.

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Paul finishes his letter to the Jewish Galatian church by showing them the dangers of putting personal preference above gospel truth.
Psalm 78 reminds us how easily God's people forget God's good deeds. It also shows a strategy for making sure that doesn''t happen.

What you think, you are

24 August 2008
A look at Philippians 4:1-9, we should fill our minds with the gospel. How?
What is a church. What do you have to do to be church? What must you not give up doing to be a church?
When was the last time you walked down a street and immediately categorised the people you passed into a series of boxes, deciding whether they were worthy of your time…
What will heaven be like? What about hell? Should we belive in a real heaven and hell?
Some object that we can become too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use. Are they right? Why should we set our minds and hearts on heaven?
What world view issues are raised by Pauls statement in Romans 8:20 that the creation was subjected to frustration?
What do we do with our doubts? What does Matthew 14:22-33 have to teach us about doubt, faith and how we grow in faith?
Is the Bible basically about me, in which case the question is answers is 'What I must do?' or is the Bible basically about God, in which case the question…

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