Preaching God’s Word is an extremely important ministry at Corsham Baptist Church. Our sermons aim to explain and apply the meaning of the Bible to our lives and expose the glorious news of the Gospel message to us all.

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Beginning a new evening series on the book of Ruth.
Responding to criticism for healing the man at the pool on the Sabbath, Jesus makes six remarkable claims which help us to understand who he is and what he has…

Jesus heals on the sabbath

November 2, 2008
A look at the events surrounding that day from the paralysed man's perspective.
How does James view the rich poor divide? When we understand this, we realise that James does not care about whether we are rich or poor, but instead where we…

The official’s son

October 26, 2008

The Shepherds and the folds

October 19, 2008
A look at the two allegories of the sheep fold which Jesus uses in this passage and the things that they have to tell us about who we choose to…

Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night only to be told he must be born again.
We doubt. But what are the effects of doubt in our life? We look at those effects, and then look at the specific case of doubt that James is talking…
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