Preaching God’s Word is an extremely important ministry at Corsham Baptist Church. Our sermons aim to explain and apply the meaning of the Bible to our lives and expose the glorious news of the Gospel message to us all.

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A look at the calling of Levi in Mark 2
Speaking to those who have belived in him, Jesus says that we must 1) hold omn to his word. 2) Know the truth and 3) That the truith will liberate…

Hezekiah at prayer

January 12, 2009
Looking at Hezekiah at prayer in Isaiah 36 and Isaiah 37

I am the bread of life

November 30, 2008
As we read through John 6, we find Jesus becomes unpopular. What is going on? and What does he mean when he says "I am the bread of life?"
In Ruth 3 we see how Boaz goes beyond the requirements of the law because of his love for God and Ruth. In doing so he shows us how we…

Abide in the true vine

November 23, 2008
Why does Jesus call himself the true vine? What does it mean to abide in him? and What kind of fruit is God looking for?
Beginning a new evening series on the book of Ruth.
Responding to criticism for healing the man at the pool on the Sabbath, Jesus makes six remarkable claims which help us to understand who he is and what he has…
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