News from Grace International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a school for mission children and has around 550 on roll from years 1-13 (US-system K-12) and around 60-70 being supported in home education. This was the school that Reinier and Hannah Spruijt, our members sent out by CBC worked at for the 2013/14 school year. After several years of legal action the final appeal in court was lost on 18/12/2015 and the school has lost ownership of the property that was bought about 15 years before from the sports club. Ownership had been contested by a group of local residents and affects the middle and high school building and land surrounding it. The elementary (primary) building and its playground are not affected by this ruling.

The school leadership is looking for ways to keep stability for the time being and hoped to rent back the property for the next few months at least. After that they plan to build on a new site about 6 miles from the current one. The land has been bought, but money is needed to build classroom space. The long-term aim is to relocate all the children there, but the essential first step is new classrooms for the approx 350 middle and high school students.  The school leadership are asking for prayer to consistently show a godly and gracious attitude to all concerned. They also would appreciate prayer as they plan for the huge challenge ahead of building and relocation.