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Corsham Baptist Church’s women’s ministry has recently launched a new website named Grace PlaceBelow is an excerpt from their site describing the purpose of the site.

Links to the most recent few posts are also available on our home page.


Grace Place’, a blog created for the women of CBC (Corsham Baptist Church) communities and beyond. Our passion is to help women to authentically grow and mature in their journey with God in Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the one true foundation with which can transform our ordinary, everyday, messy lives!

The gospel is founded on God’s amazing love and grace which then extends to us for friendship with one another.  Thus the name ‘Grace Place’ is born. We come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and life’s experiences. We are here because we are created to do life together! Women need other women. So no matter where you are on your journey, you are not on your own. We hope that Grace Place will be a place where you can be lovingly transparent with the not-so-great stuff mixed in with the gracious goodness of God.

In addition, this blog is a link to connect with you and to bring continuity to our existing monthly studies.   We are here to share laughter and tears, sorrows and joys, heartaches and victories.  We hope you will be inspired, challenged, encouraged,feel accepted, and loved.  Our aim is to be biblically faithful, pastorally sensitive,and culturally relevant.  We want you to feel at home; as family should. There will be a weekly addition so feel free to ask questions and make relevant comments along the way.

So if you love Jesus even just a little but long to love Him more, plug in! Grab a cuppa and see what the Lord gets up to as we walk together!

Steve’s October Trip

On Wednesday 7th, Steve will travel to Thailand to take part in Asiacon, a conference for WEC’s team leaders in Asia. He will stay in Thailand for a few days afterwards to meet team members there, and will be back home on 29th.

Just before Asiacon starts, he will run a two day concentrated course of training for team leaders, to equip them to respond to safeguarding issues in their branch. He will also do several presentations during Asiacon.

He leaves on Weds 7th and flies to Chiang Mai, Thailand via Beijing, arriving on Thursday 8th. Asiacon is from Tues 13th to Thurs 22nd. Then there will be meetings with WEC team members in Chiang Mai. He will travel home on Weds 28th, arriving on Thursday 29th.

Seeking extra help with our online sermon ministry

Weekly we publish our sermons online here on our website to share the Gospel message with our congregation and people from across the globe.

We have a team who currently share the job of uploading our sermons each week, but we would really like to bolster these numbers by a few more. If you are a member of Corsham Baptist Church and think you could help, we would love to have you join the team. Please drop us an email (see the contact page for details) or speak to Adrian Pillinger to find out what is involved (training will be provided).

Report on Steve Bryant’s visit to Central Asia

Steve’s most recent visit was to two very different countries in Central Asia, both blessed with spectacular mountain scenery. After some difficulties with travel on past visits to this region, everything went very smoothly with all flights on time and travel to and from the airports and between cities working to plan.

The challenges faced by all of our workers there are renewing and keeping visas to allow them to stay, rising prosperity making many people more materialistic and less open to talk about spiritual issues, and suspicion of anything that isn’t Islam or the Russian Orthodox Church.

For our families there is the additional challenge of the children’s education. Away from the main cities with their international schools, the only realistic options are home-based education or the Russian-language schools with a strong emphasis on rote learning and heavy use of public shaming as a discipline method; shaming that extends to the parents of under-performing children

There were several seminars with both parents and older children on internet safety and positive internet use. In one town he taught a series on returning to the passport country to a group of senior children who will all be facing that experience soon to study at college or university. For almost all children growing up in another culture this “return” is one of the biggest challenges they face as it is much more like moving to a foreign country. He led other sessions during an education conference on living in restrictive societies, and including local Central Asian studies in the curriculum. Added to that were school visits and many discussions with parents and older students about their higher education study plans.

Many thanks to those who prayed while he was away.

Aid for Nepal



This Sunday we will be taking up an offering to help provide aid to those suffering in Nepal following the devastation of the recent major earthquake.

Please pray for the people in Nepal and for how you might support them.

The offering made at our Sunday services (both at Rudloe and Priory Street) will be passed on to  the International Nepal Fellowship who will distribute the money appropriately according to the need in Nepal.

Let us be united as a church in Christ and in compassion for those suffering in Nepal.

Steve’s visit to Central Asia, 7th to 24th April 2015

Please pray for our missionaries Steve and Gill. Listed below are some prayer points.

  • Good travel there and back and within Central Asia. Road travel within this region can be challenging.

Travel dates:
7th-8th April, fly to T via Istanbul.
19th April fly to K.
24th-25th April fly back home via Istanbul.

  • Planning for sessions with children – approximately 8 hours with senior school children on “re-entry” (return to the passport country), and around 3 hours with junior age children. This is all in a small cooperative school where several families have joined together to share in teaching their children.
  • Planning for 4 or 5 seminars and a devotional talk for an adult audience, in T. Three seminars at the SHARE Educational Services conference in one city and the others for a team of foreign workers in another city.
  • Remaining planning for a programme from 19th – 24th April in K.
  • Encouraging and effective communication in all of the lessons, seminars and devotionals.
  • For Gill and the family, protection and blessing while Steve is away.

Middle East Let’s Pray 21st March

To download the event flyer click here. Scroll down for the full programme.
WEC Prayer Day Flyer

Below is the event programme. If you can’t come for long, why not drop in on one of the sessions highlighted in bold.


10:00 Tea, Coffee & Refreshments
10:30 Welcome + Worship with Nancy
10:45 Intro to WEC (James)
10:55 Devotional (David Frampton)
11:15 A Personal Perspective on Mission (David & Sue) + Prayer for the Middle East
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Song (Joan) + Challenges faced by MKs and families in missions(Steve)
13:50 More on the Middle East (David & Sue) + The Challenges Ahead
14:45 Up-Date from the Region (James)
15:00 Tea, Coffee & Refreshments

Heart 4 Rudloe, Sunday 11th January, 4-6pm.

Our friends from the Box Anglican Church organise a ‘fun family church’ twice a month at Crumpets Cafe on Portal Avenue, Rudloe.

The afternoon is full of crafts, worship, stories, prayer, and food. All ages welcome, but children please bring an adult!

January 11th marks the first Heart4Rudloe meeting this year and it will be all the more exciting if you can be there!

More details can be found at their Facebook webpage.

Steve Bryant’s visit to Senegal January 2015

On 2nd January Steve will be travelling to Senegal, where he and Gill lived and worked from 1990 to 2001 at the WEC run school for missionaries’ children. While there he will participate in the team conference, which is held every year at this time. WEC Senegal has several teams working in different parts of the country, doing both urban and rural evangelism and church planting among several people groups. Other team members are involved in running an orphanage for street children, teaching English, youth work, sports ministry, administration, guest house management and leadership responsibilities. Steve is very much looking forward to renewing fellowship with the members of WEC Senegal.

The conference will be held at Bourofaye Christian School, where Steve and Gill used to teach. In the photo you can see the children, missionary staff and local African staff.

Bourofaye Christian School

Steve will teach seminars on child protection, and also do one of the devotional talks.  After the conference he will stay on at the school to spend time with the staff and children, participating in the various activities going on, and also assisting them in addressing any issues where help is sought.

Please pray for Steve as he prepares for this visit.  We know from our time overseas that a visitor can bring enormous encouragement.  Pray also for the following points:

  • That the seminars he gives will be effective, well understood and useful for all ministries and situations involving children.
  • For his devotional talk, for the Holy Spirit to enable him as he prepares and delivers this.
  • That his presence will be a help and an encouragement, both to colleagues that he has know for many years, and for those he has not met before.
  • For wisdom in areas where he needs to give advice.
  • For good health and safe travel.  We praise the Lord that there is no Ebola in Senegal at this time.
  • For Gill as she holds the fort at home.

Thank you!