Seven day prayer guide

Silhouetted figure in prayer

For anyone at a loss to know what to pray at this time Gill B has put together this handy seven day guide. You can read below or download a printable version.


Pray for CBC, leaders and members. For both Church on the Green and Priory Street. Let’s focus on God and continue our fellowship. Deeper spiritual life as a result of the crisis. Outreach to our neighbours. For Gospel outreach in the UK and overseas. New and different opportunities especially as Easter approaches.


The government as they seek to respond to the crisis. Recovery for Boris J and Matt Hancock. Protection for Cabinet members and others, wisdom for the action they need to take. Increased openness to the Gospel in the govt. and a courageous testimony from Chrstian MPs at this time. Our MPs.


Frontline workers – NHS, carers, teachers and TAs, drivers, pharmacy, grocery industry, emergency services, etc etc. Include people that you know who are in these sectors, from family, CBC and others.


Those known to us who are sick or vulnerable – on cancer treatment, other major health issues, pregnant or new mums, elderly and frail.


Families now with children at home. Parents trying to work from home and care for families. Schooling at home, keeping kids safe and in a routine while getting them out for exercise in safe places. Marriages coping with this stress.


Those who have been affected economically who are known to us. Self-employed or employed in sectors that have been closed down. Pray for their mental health and trust in God at this time. Give thanks for the govt’s efforts to provide financial support and pray that it will work efficiently.


Our immediate and extended families. Adult children that we know, living and working in big cities such as London. New grandchildren that can’t be visited, those whose wedding plans have been wrecked. Unbelieving relatives, that they will reconsider their world view at this time and that we will be ready to share with them.