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Christine Coltman

I am so excited for our meeting this Monday the 29th at 7.30pm on the zoom women’s Bible study! 

This year we’ve been looking at the story of God’s sovereignty in Genesis and how he is the faithful, covenant-keeping God. Last month Sharon brought us to Jacob, and his massive struggle with God. She told us that only way to win with God is to lose, and to give ourselves completely to him. 

The cast of characters that we are going to look on Monday are seemingly determined to lose, but not in terms of giving their lives to God, just in terms of making a horrific mess of things. We have the turmoil of Rachel and Leah’s relationship, the catastrophic response of Jacob’s sons to Dinah’s rape, and Judah and Tamar’s awful night-time encounter. These people try to live life their own way and they fail – spectacularly. But God remains true as we will see, and continues to uphold the loving covenant that he made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  

We’ll see the incredible path God traced through the lives of these real, sinful women (who are more like us than we perhaps want to admit), all the way to Jesus and his wonderful rescue mission, and all the way to us, his redeemed daughters.  

Praying for you all as we get ready to meet and learn even more about our faithful, incredible God.