I AM HE (Session 8) – Study Buddy Questions by Christine C on John 4

This post by christinecoltman was originally published at GRACE PLACE

In this session we are looking at Jesus’s greatest ‘I AM’ statement: ‘I AM HE’ which is his great ‘reveal’ of who he truly is… God Himself, the Saviour of the World.

Jesus makes this statement three times in John’s gospel – in chapter 4, chapter 8 and chapter 18. We are going to look at Chapter 4 in our study buddy groups and the final two chapters when we meet in June.

Introduction       John 4 v 1-6

For a little bit of background, Jesus is now leaving Judea for Galilee as the Pharisees are stirring up trouble. The Samarians were actually a remnant of the people of Israel who were left when the northern kingdom was taken into exile in 729BC by Assyria. They intermarried with the locals and built their own place of worship. Their knowledge of God was limited, and they hated the Jews just as the Jews despised them. It is in Samaria of all places, that Jesus offers this great I AM statement…

The Woman        John 4 v 7-9

It is noon, the hottest time of the day. Most women would have collected the water for their household in the cool of the morning. But there is one woman who must go in the blazing heat, when no one else is around. At this same well is Jesus. He is hot, sweaty, and thirsty, yet he loves this woman and takes the time to speak with her. This is in fact the single longest interaction that he has with anyone in the Bible!

  • What social norms does Jesus willingly ignore to share the gospel with this woman? (v 9)
  • Are there ways in which you discriminate against who you think the gospel is for?

Living Water       John 4 v 10-14

The woman’s reluctance to interact with Jesus is clear. There is nothing about Jesus that is apparently prepossessing. She doesn’t want to know him and had no idea what this stranger could do for her.

  • What does he offer her? (v 10) How does she respond? (v 11-12)
  • What exactly is ‘living water’, and what does it become within those who accept it? (v 13-14)
  • How is Jesus going to become living water for this woman, and for us? (John 19 v 28-30)

The Heart of the Matter John 4 v 15-18

The woman does not understand what Jesus is saying. She still thinks he is talking about physical water, but Jesus does not give up and reveals what is going on in her heart.

  • Where has she been seeking her soul satisfaction? (v 17-18 and Jeremiah 2 v 13)
  • Are there areas of your life where you are seeking soul satisfaction somewhere other than Jesus?

The Great Reveal               John 4 v 19-30

Now that the discussion has moved too close to home, the woman introduces a general topic of theological controversy, hoping that Jesus will forget the point: the age-old debate about whether it was OK for to worship in Samaria (which is much more comfortable for her than talking about her sex life).

  • How does Jesus respond to this shift in the conversation? Is he frustrated by the curveball or patient with her? (v 21-24)
  • What does he say that God is looking for, above all else? (v 23)

Like the Jews, the Samaritans studied the Torah and were also waiting for the arrival of the Messiah.

  • How does Jesus’s use of the divine name (‘I AM’) make the revelation of who he really is very clear to her? (v 26 and see Exodus 3 v14)
  • What is her reaction to this announcement? (v 28-30; 39-41)
  • What does she leave behind her – and why is this so meaningful? (v 28)
  • The announcement that Jesus was her long-awaited Messiah changed this woman’s life completely. Does Jesus’s true identity as your Saviour still thrill you?


Adoration: Praise God that Jesus is the Saviour that we so desperately need, and that he accomplished this once and forever on the cross for us.

Confession: Confess times when, like the Samaritan woman, you have put up defences against Jesus to protect the sin in your life.

Thanksgiving: Thank God that seeks us out and willingly gives us his living water that quenches the thirst of our soul, forever.

Supplication: Ask God to pour his living water into our hearts so that we might become the worshippers he desires, and that his love would flow out to those around us.