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Alistair Begg

Quote from Pastor and Author, Alistair Begg 

“Christians may be disregarded as naive or weird… but we are not to be dismissed because we are bad, intolerant, disrespectful or rebellious.”





Sharon Durant, an excerpt from Titus Notes

It’s ok for people to think we are weird. What we believe is foolish to them (1 Cor 1:18)! If someone who is not a Christian thinks you are weird for your beliefs, this probably means you are doing something right!!!If someone who is not a Christian thinks you are weird for being humble, for showing forgiveness, for doing good even when your boss wasn’t looking, or speaking encouragingly about your friend when she wasn’t there… If people think you’re weird, you are probably doing something right!! We are supposed to be salt and light in the world. The world is tasteless and dark, so salt and light are going to seem a little out of place, a little uncomfortable!

It’s OK to be persecuted for being naive and weird…. But not OK to tear down the Gospel by your behaviour. To bring the Gospel into disrepute. Not OK to suggest by how you live that God supports gossip. Or bitching. Or unkindness. Or pride.
We are not to be bad, intolerant, disrespectful or rebellious. We are to be ready to do good. Eager to do good!

Because of the grace given to us, we can pour it out onto others. We can be trained by the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus. Everyday we can read the Bible find out more about the Lord Jesus and how he has called us to die to ourselves, but to find our new life in Him.

titus 3