HOWTO access the CBC Shared Drive

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The ‘shared drive’ is a place for accessing all policies, minutes and other documents of CBC in one place. This prevents the need to merge together different changes or ask ‘is this the latest version’ when looking at a document. It is also a key part of our Data Protection Policy. It is provided by Google and if you’ve ever used a Google Drive this is almost identical, except it has a little CBC logo in the top left, hopefully to avoid confusion.

Each folder and document has its own security settings (termed ‘Sharing’ settings by Google) but to avoid accidents we will generally create a folder for documents shared with the same people, so for example the Leadership Team Minutes are all in one folder since they are always shared with the same people. These are the key security settings in use:

  • You may find yourself sent a link that does not require any login: that would be appropriate for documents such as approved policies that ought to be open to everyone.
  • You may also find you need to login to access restricted documents (anything containing personal information or as yet unapproved)
  • Finally if you need to create your own document or want to browse or search for a particular thing you need to login.

Without further ado, here’s how to do it…

Accessing the drive

Either go to where you will be presented with a login screen (possibly you will have to click ‘Go to Google Drive’ to get past the advertsiing screen, this tends to be only on your first visit)

Or if you don’t remember that address go to the Corsham Baptists site ( and in the bottom right corner you will find a link labelled Shared Drive. Here too, you may have to navigate through the marketing screen.

Screeshot of Link to CBC shared drive

Logging in

If you have not received an account and need a secure place to keep CBC materials, especially if that includes personal data, please get in touch using this form.

Step 1: Email (Username)

Your username may be an existing email address in which case it will need to be linked to Google (unless it’s a Gmail account) or it may be a dedicated address.

Step 2: Password

Screenshot of Google Drive sign in - Password

Finding your way around

You should now see something a little like this:

Screenshot of Google Drive

Things you might like to explore include:

  1. Click ‘Shared with me’ to see documents produced by others ;
  2. Click ‘My Drive’ to see things you’ve created yourself ;
  3. If you can’t remember where something is Search for key words and you’ll see a list of suggestions ;
  4. Once you have more than a half dozen items on the screen you may well want to show a list rather than tiles.This is also useful to read files with longer names.