HOWTO stream a service

Going forward we plan to stream at least one service on a Sunday as well as having people in the building so this is a checklist of what is entailed. This is deliberately a summary rather than exhaustive instructions, if you would like to serve in this ministry please contact us and we’ll provide dedicated training.

We have found it works best to have 3 people to staff this activity

Sound tech

  1. Turn on a) PA switch b) Lights switch c) socket labelled PC
  2. Turn on Sound desk (large red button)
  3. Check all muted
  4. Check that any recorded components of the service can be played in the room as well as streaming (This is a function not only of the channels, mix and mute settings on the desk but also the recording format! Running recordings through YouTube transcoding gives the best chance for something that will work)
  5. Perform a sound check ahead of the service so you know if anything is particularly quiet or loud.
  6. During the service, adjust the gain and volume to try to keep all components roughly the same level.
  7. As the sermon starts, press record on the small handheld recorder (this is just a backup).
  8. Get further advice from someone who knows what needs to be checked!

Video tech

  1. Turn on PC (small button on rear of box) and monitor
  2. Login to PC and start OBS Studio and Firefox
  3. Sign in to YouTube using your manager account and navigate to ‘Your videos’
  4. Download all pre-recorded media (e.g. worship / prayer / communion videos, notices etc.) and in OBS select the appropriate Scene, then the Source and browse for the relevant file.
  5. Navigate to ‘Live’ tab where you should find 2 ‘upcoming’ streams, one production (Public) and one test (Unlisted)
  6. Click the ‘Options’ menu of the test stream and then ‘Get shareable link’. Post this link to chat group for those at home to provide feedback
  7. Open the test stream by clicking on the ‘Live control room (((-)))’ icon and copy the stream key
  8. Back in OBS paste this stream key into Settings > Stream > Key and then click ‘OK’
  9. In OBS click ‘Start streaming’, which will also activate ‘Start recording’.
  10. Then in YouTube click ‘Go live’ (top right). It can take a minute or so for YouTube to enable this after you start streaming from OBS
  11. Monitor the stream through own headphones on a second device
  12. TROUBLESHOOTING: For audio in the building there are several settings on the sound desk as well as on the PC. In OBS the key one is to right click in the graphic equaliser, choose Advanced Audio Properties and ensure ‘Monitor and Output’ is selected. Also ensure in the Windows tray that the Audio Output is set to ‘Speakers (USB Audio Codec)’
  13. In OBS, transition to each scene to check sound and video (esp. resolution) are all working
  14. Perform live camera lip-sync and sound check. If audio arrives before picture increase the number in Sync offset within Advanced Audio Properties
  15. Stop test stream, in both OBS and YouTube
  16. Connect live stream key to OBS and repeat as above.
  17. Turn on the projector
  18. Start the stream a few minutes before scheduled start time (T).
  19. Right click in the right-hand studio monitor and select Full screen projector > 27E1 to display the stream for the people in the room.
  20. Transition through each part of the service in turn providing warnings to the live person in the room when taking over from pre-recorded elements at 30sec, 10sec, 3,2,1 to any live components. Speak each of these loudly except the 1, which can be signed with a thumbs up or similar.
  21. At the end of each live component notify participants clearly when the stream has transitioned.
  22. At the end of the service, remember the stream lags by as much as a minute. Check it has displayed the post-screen for at least a few seconds before ending the stream.

Service co-ordinator

  1. Be responsible for Covid-secure procedures (see here for latest updates)
  2. Support and advise techs as appropriate to their experience and confidence
  3. Keep to time
    • T-60 minutes: open up
    • T-10 mins: pray for team and congregation
    • T-2 mins: start stream at ‘pre-live’ screen
    • T: start countdown
  4. Monitor chat group for feedback from the wider team
  5. Exude calm