Church Meeting on 16th July 2018

Our July Church Meeting will be held on the coming Monday evening at 8pm in Priory Street. Alan Christie will be in the chair.

This is the agenda, with a short introduction to each point:

  1. Open in worship (AP)
  2. Welcome and apologies (AC)
  3. Previous minutes (NF): An opportunity for those who were there to correct and affirm the minutes as a true and accurate record.
  4. Matters arising (AC): An opportunity to raise items in the life of the church for future consideration or in unusual cases consideration on the night.
  5. Leadership restructure (TS): As you are hopefully aware we are midway through a 6 month consultation on the structure that can best serve the church now that we are four distinct congregations. We will recap the thinking so far and steps towards a complete proposal with the current expectation that the Leadership Team will approve and recommend it to the October Church Meeting.
  6. The Gathering Weekend feedback (AP): Just over a week on I expect this will be preliminary feedback but if you’ve not yet filled your feedback form or written to Rob or Adrian please consider this a reminder.
  7. Mission updates (WR): Recent news from our mission partners
  8. Finance (RH): The inimitable update from Roger, possibly with assistance from Ebenezer McDuck
  9. Membership: Several people have asked to join the church and will be recommended by their sponsors
  10. Update from congregate: time permitting
  11. Close in prayer (AP)

Read draft minutes from the last meeting in April